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Episode 3 Turn Cupcakes into Cash, Websites


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The transcription of video Episode 3 Turn Cupcakes into Cash, Websites, featuring the websites of bakers from around the world.

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Episode 3 Turn Cupcakes into Cash, Websites

  1. 1. Episode ##3Jack Finn: And hello, welcome once again to another episode of Series 1 for Turning Cupcakes intoCash. Your host right here Jack Finn, how are you doing? And of course, if you haven’t visited thewebsite yet, you’ve got to click on to, put your name in there, putin your email and you get your own exclusive interviews and of course, one hour free trainingcourtesy of the experts, that’s right. And of course again, if you’re planning to start off your owncupcake business this is the podcast, this is the show for you, that’s right! And of course in thisepisode, you might want to think what is the best marketing tool to use to make your businesspopular?Now there’s a lot of ways. Some people think radio or TV is too expensive, maybe print, but someare really in marketing, using websites. You know, you’ve got your own website. How they got thewebsites and how it’s working for them? That’s what this episode is about. Let’s listen to the expertsright now:Interviewer: The website that you have is really cool so that’s what you just said you got an awardfor doing that. Shannon: I just did, I just was voted best website of North Central Massachusetts. There was an actual award ceremony on November 12th that they invited me to. I won best desserts and best website, yeah! Interviewer: Wow, that’s like two completely unrelated things, that’s awesome. Shannon: Yeah it was just weird becausethank God, I designed my own website. It’s not like I hired somebody to do it and so it was kind of aplug for my web design business and it’s a plug for my cupcake shop. They did a mail in poll from anewspaper that serves North Central Massachusetts, everybody had to vote. So yeah, they justdropped that bomb on me yesterday. It’s awesome, it’s my first awards I’ve ever won for the shop.Interviewer: Well congrats.Shannon: Thanks.John: Okay well my website:, it’s how to start a bakery with hyphensbetween each word. And that one I produced from Wordpress with some instruction from acompany which I believe now is no longer in the market, an internet company. That cost me quite a
  2. 2. large sum of money to learn about that one. So that’s where my website is right now. It’s still up onthe internet. It will be up on the internet as long as I’m alive at the moment. I’ll be making somemore changes to it.Jack Finn: Hey, if you’ve just logged in and just tuned in, this is the podcast of Episode 2 for Series 1,Turning Cupcakes into Cash with your host Jack Finn and this episode you’re listening to the expertstalking about how useful and utilising their company websites in making their cupcake businessessuccessful. As a matter of fact, it’s mentioned a lot of times right here that a lot of our cupcakebusinesses are actually making money out of the websites, that’s right. And of course, to make yourcupcake businesses credible you’ve got to have your own website. So if you don’t have one of yourown yet, go and get one, okay.So here is a short link for you. It’s okay. I wantto offer you a gift though, to check out John’s site. All you have to do is go and enter your name and email to get our freeexclusive 30 minute audio of Jim and some other experts sharing their advice on building a website,building a cupcake business and growing a cupcake business. That’ Check it out.Jack Finn: Was it hard to make this website or design it?Alex: I’m actually a graphic designer so I did the website itself just using i-web on my Mac so I justbasically did that and I wanted to keep it simple. I could have gone for the whole flash website thingor I could have gone for any type of Buy a Cupcake Online but really I wanted to just keep ittraditional and simple. And because a lot of our clientele are older, a little bit older I wanted to makeit simple for them as well. So getting it all set up and started yeah, it was easy for me but it’s just amatter of making it nice and simple.Leanne: But Jack, the trouble with having a graphic designer son is that he wants to change the webpage. I’ve got six different types of webpage and we’re really happy with, what we have now suitsour shop. When I started and it was the Cake Charmer or when we first opened up the shop we werelooking more at pinks and what everyone else is doing, more candy sort of. And now we’re a veryelegant Parisian type dessert bar, so that’s what the webpage reflects. Alex has captured that in thedesign.
  3. 3. Alex: If you see our wallpaper on the website and then you walk into our shop, you actually see thegolds and the browns and all of that.Leanne: Yeah, he’s matched it well. So we’ve had many changes. We’ve sort of, I always say we’vegrown up. But we started as a little pink and blue cupcake smiling face type page and now we’re verymuch an elegant webpage, so we’ve grown up.Jack Finn: Yeah, it’s very elegant. It’s nice that you have the consistency of the wallpaper and allthat. That’s very nice. Of course, it’s user friendly as well. There’s a thing here, the first thing I saw onyour website is the Groupon voucher.Leanne: Yeah that’s what we were talking about before, the high tea, the afternoon tea voucher.That’s been part of our marketing strategy.Alex: The only reason the Groupon voucher is listed at the top, I had to put a warning, not a warning,a sort of a cautionary thing where people can contact us, because the first thing people do whenthey buy a voucher from these companies is they’ll immediately go on our website. So people arealways sending us emails or leaving messages on the machine and it’s really hard to keep up with 50people who have sent you a message, when during the day you could have answered the phone andbooked out all of those days. So the whole back and forth communication of emails just doesn’tseem to work very well, that’s my…Leanne: With that particular thing.Alex: For any cupcake orders and that, it’s just making orders through email because we only get toanswer that when we get home, so yeah.Leanne: And we bring the booking book home with us so to answer someone whether we can fitthem in on a Sunday at this particular time, we’ve got some downtime too.Jack Finn: And so if you want to master your website marketing, then I invite you to watch a video ofStuart Ross, a successful entrepreneur’s website advisor. And what is the best way to make moneytoday, not yesterday, but to make money today? Here’s a view of what Stuart Ross is about. Listen.Stuart Ross: Making money in 2012 and beyond isn’t about following a system in my opinion. It’sabout being an entrepreneur. It’s about learning new skills and applying them. And the mostamazing thing is if you learn to make money the new way using the internet, leveraging tools intechnology, automating parts of the process, not only can you write your own pay cheque, you cando it without having to work all the hours that you would be used to doing in your job.I can run my business typically, unless I’m working on a project, I can run mybusiness on a normal days, working two, maybe three hours at theabsolute most. Many days, I won’t work at all. Other days I’ll put in morehours. But the point is I have that decision. At the start of the video yousaw my working environment. I go there when I want to work. When Ileave I leave my work behind and I live my life like life should be lived,whether that would be out in the cars, whether that would be out in the sun,whether that would be spending time with my girlfriend, whether that would
  4. 4. be with the family, whether that would be travelling the world, whether that would be meeting upwith my students, mentoring, the point is I have the choice and I’m in a position to make a decisionevery single day, what am I going to do today? And that in my opinion is how life should be lived.Now the point that I want to make and the point that I’m doing in this video is that I showed youwhere I was stood on the stairs over there, if you can see it. I haven’t got a clue if you can see itbecause I’m doing this video completely off the cuff, but the point being is that I was in a situationwhere I had to make a decision and I believe that if you’re looking at learning and building an onlinebusiness you too are in that situation regardless of what your circumstances are right now, whetheryou’re already successful and you just want more freedom and flexibility or whether you’restruggling like I was and you need to make change, you’re in a situation where you have the optionto make a decision.Now the decision that I made, and this is what I want to stress, was to get a mentor. That was thedecision, you know that was the decision. Yes I’m sure there were many different people that I couldlearn from but the point being is that I had to make a decision and that decision ultimately camedown to getting a mentor.Jack Finn: He will show you how to grow your cupcake business exclusively online so you don’t needa cost of a physical retail store and if you have a store how you can leverage your website to getmore people into your store, into your website store and selling them cupcakes and more. But hey,it’s not just cupcakes, it’s information. Yes, information, I know. People want to make your cupcakesat home, they want to know your recipes. There’s a lot of value in that. And you know what, theymay learn your recipes and pay you $20/$30 even $50 for learning your recipes. But it doesn’t meanthat they won’t buy cupcakes from your online store, they will. They will share it with their friends,their colleagues at work and so much more.So I want to give my free audio guide worth $39 which will show you how to benefit from havingyour own website, how to sell your recipes and so much more and how to use YouTube, Facebook,Twitter, Groupon, Living Social and Foursquare. All you have to do to get this audio training, is go right here of Series 1 Turning Cupcakes into Cash and that winds up our episode for today ortonight whatever the case may be, whatever time zone you belong to. This has been Jack Finn forSeries 1 Turning Cupcakes into Cash.Websites: that’s the topic that we talked about. You can actually have your own, you know. Andagain, if you want to get more details, just log on or click on Okaywe’ll take care of you, we’ll send you what you need and of course, you get one hour free trainingthat is, one hour free training. So what are you waiting for? Finn, for another episode of Series 1,thank you for joining me. Don’t forget, if you’ve got what it takes, then go for it!