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Soil scout us experience 16052017


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Case Soil Scout by Mikko Maljanen, Soil Scout

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Soil scout us experience 16052017

  1. 1. GAIN A DEEPER VIEW SOIL SCOUT © Soil Scout 2016
  2. 2. THE SOIL SCOUT SOLUTION The Only Truly Wireless Sensor Platform for Insight Below Ground • Truly Wireless Measuring • Integrated Moisture, Temperature & Salinity sensors • Transmits from up to 4 metres / 12 feet below ground • Broadcasts through soil, turf, sand, clay, ice, snow and even concrete • Nothing on field to interfere with machinery, animals or crop growth • Continuous Monitoring • Broadcasts every hour for up to 20 years • Unaffected by weather, temperature extremes or seasons • No need for maintenance or human intervention • Enables detailed profile to be established continuously over time
  3. 3. Analytics Cloud SOIL SCOUT SOLUTION Scouts Repeater Base Station Temperature Moisture Salinity
  4. 4. CURRENT SALES SETUP • Channel Sales Strategy – growth via local partners • Current Channel Partners in: UK, France, Finland, Czech, Benelux, Spain, UAE & Australia • High-end Sports Stadiums through SubAir (global) cooperation – has brought major references from US • US currently via direct sales, looking for partner setup there Existing Distribution and Partners Totalsur SL
  5. 5. US LEARNINGS – BUSINESS SETUP • Building credibility and (brand) awareness TAKES TIME – more than you expect and more than in other markets • Pick & choose 2-3 most potential States – try, learn & leverage • In Ag and Golf, references and testimonials are key, especially with a new brand / technology • Dealers & Distributors want to see local success before true interest in picking you up • Customer Support is absolutely crucial - for any company, but especially for those early customers that take on new company's offering • Speak Imperial
  6. 6. US LEARNINGS – BUSINESS CULTURE • Most people will be nice to you and say all the right things, but not necessarily a true gauge of real interest • Getting appointments and selling F2F is much easier than email / least in our sectors. They like to see someone and look you in the eye • Need local time zone presence - only so much can do from Europe or infrequent travel. Whether outsourced, an agent or setup local company • Nothing happens after Thanksgiving...
  7. 7. US LEARNINGS – TECHNICAL & PRACTICAL • Banking system not as developed as Europe: a lot of people want to pay by cheque or bank draft, rather than transfer. Credit Card also OK. Increasingly using PayPal – expensive when fewer monthly transactions • Setting up local entity in US not overly expensive (a few thousand to do it proper with all the documentation, resolutions etc), but big cost is the parallel legal and accounting fees. • Critical that set up the right structure to protect IP, especially if looking at investment from US players • Use a reputable delivery company. We've had shipments ping pong between different states multiple times when chose wrong carrier
  8. 8. SOIL SCOUT: GAIN A DEEPER VIEW! Mikko Maljanen Business Development Director skype: soilscout_sales © Soil Scout 2016