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Sc sme2 go_18052017 slides for sharing


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Smart & Clean by Ville Miettinen

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Sc sme2 go_18052017 slides for sharing

  1. 1. SMART & CLEAN Creating home market references – Case study on air quality ecosystem Smart City Export Training in Helsinki 18.5.2017
  2. 2. Smart & Clean project drives the change Cities are the platform for and enabler of change Cities and citizens to permanently act in a more sustainable way Proven and scalable solutions to be adopted globally Unique co-creation between cities, businesses, research organisations, the state and citizens
  3. 3. The world’s smartest urban energy The world’s leading circular economy city The world’s most sustainable built environment The world’s most resource wise citizen The world’s most attractive zero-emission mobility Helsinki Metropolitan is the best test bed in the world for smart and clean solutions
  4. 4. • Co-creation with cities, citizens, businesses and r&d organizations • Step change to new climate positive operating models • Shared objectives and targets • Early market dialogue • Cross sector collaboration and beneficial ecosystems Unique cooperation leads to scalable ground-breaking export solutions State Organisations Tekes, Sitra, LVM, TEM, YM Cities Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen, Lhati Vantaa Businesses Fortum, Caverion, Gasum, Helen, KONE, L&T, Neste, Ramirent, Siemens, St1, YIT, Vaisala Research Organisations Aalto, Helsinki University, LUT, VTT
  5. 5. Case HAQT – Helsinki Air Quality Test Bed
  6. 6. Helsinki Air Quality Test Bed • World’s first city wide supplementary air quality monitoring network • More detailed information on local air quality • Over double the amount of air quality censors compared to today • Significantly cheaper technology with more flexibility in installation • Predictive forecasting model New services and business • Open air quality data • New applications for citizens, cities, authorities and companies • Actions to improve air quality and mitigate their impact • Export opportunities Partners Finnish Meteorological Institute, Vaisala, University of Helsinki, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY, Pegasor, Smart & Clean Foundation
  7. 7. 2017 2018 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Project ramp-up Sensor network assembly System integration Sensor equipment benchmark Complimentary air quality sensor network proof-of-concept Application development New data available Project continues until 4/2019 Up next
  8. 8. Key S&C home market reference building blocks Idea S&C criteria:  S&C theme(s)  Emissions reduction and resource efficiency  Social impact and sustainable daily life  International reference value  Business and export potential  Collaboration across boundaries Owner Stakeholder(s)  Cities  Companies  R&D  State  S&C  Others FundingMarketing & comms. Plan for next steps
  9. 9. Thank you! Ville Miettinen 040 536 1890 @SmartClean_Fi #smartcleanähö-406b746