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Nih presentation march 2017


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Nordic Innovation House by Thuong Tan

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Nih presentation march 2017

  1. 1. Welcome to Nordic Innovation House Paula Salomaa, Community Manager we are nordic innovation house
  2. 2. Nordic Collaboration Five Countries- One Mission we are nordic innovation house
  3. 3. Nordic Collaboration - A destination for visitors we are nordic innovation house
  4. 4. Nordic Collaboration in Silicon Valley • Supports Nordic Innovation’s mission to stimulate value added activities and promote Nordic excellence across the Nordic countries • Launched in 2011 as a Norwegian initiative • Since September 2014 a Nordic collaborative project we are nordic innovation house
  5. 5. What we offer: we are nordic innovation house A soft landing space: 1 desk $750/Month Virtual desk $110/Month Access to the Silicon Valley ecosystem Networking events Office hours from service providers: banking, taxes, HR etc. Deskspace in San Francisco: Galvanize Opportunity to participate in different trade shows in the US: CES, SXSW
  6. 6. NIH Members • 160 members (145 virtual office) v 47% from Norway v 27% from Sweden v 17% from Finland v 7% from Iceland v 1% from Denmark Facts and figures we are nordic innovation house
  7. 7. NIH Members Represent all different tech fields we are nordic innovation house
  8. 8. NIH Members Entire community: startups, investors, corporations. we are nordic innovation house
  9. 9. Nordic Strongholds • Prioritized areas where we believe the Nordic solutions have a particularly good fit with the needs in the market and an unrealized potential. Our strongholds are areas where we direct our common forces to put the Nordics on the map. we are nordic innovation house Health Tech Industrial IoT Clean Tech
  10. 10. TINC Silicon Valley • The program is designed to validate your business model and product-market fit for global scale with reduced risk, time and cost. • 2 days kick off in Norway – 4 weeks in Palo Alto • Runs two times/year • Get matched with experienced local mentors, clients, partners, investors etc. • Next program starting in April. 4-week accelerator program for Nordic tech startups we are nordic innovation house
  11. 11. REACH • Boosting Nordic research based tech projects that have international ambitions and potential. • 6-month program runs once a year, 2+2 weeks in Palo Alto • Identify, validate and realize your technology’s commercial potential, expand your professional network, and improve your selling arguments and pitch. Transforming research into business we are nordic innovation house
  12. 12. Silicon Valley • Be clear about your goals and be prepared • Prepare your pitch • Line up your meetings – but be available • Check upcoming events and visit Nordic Innovation House • Pay it forward “It’s a mindset – not a location” we are nordic innovation house
  13. 13. Thank you – keep paying it forward! Paula Salomaa, we are nordic innovation house