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3 c cluster presentation rh_27052020

  1. Networking with impact
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  3. 27.5.2020 3 PRESENTING THE 3C CLUSTER, 27th May 2020, 10.00 – 11.30 a.m. 10.00-10.15 Overview of the 3C Cluster Reeta Huhtinen, Senior Advisor, Turku Science Park Ltd 10.15-10.45 Nordkalk Ltd as the front-runner company in the 3C Cluster and case examples from the circular economy Mathias Snåre, Director of Research and Development, Nordkalk and Thomas Nyberg, Application Manager, Nordkalk 10.45-11.00 Earthworks and the challenges presented by circular economy Tiia Isotalo, Aggregates Manager, TerraWise 11.00-11.15 The next steps for the 3C Cluster 11.15-11.30 Q & A
  4. Webinar rules Please keep the microphone closed when you are not speaking. We recommend to use headphones. The questions are reviewed after each presentation. If you want to ask questions you can write them in the chat or open the microphone. If you encounter technical challenges, please let us know via the chat. 27.5.2020 4
  5. Circular materials and solutions for construction – 3C Cluster Reeta Huhtinen, Senior advisor 27.5.2020
  6. 27.5.20206 NORDKALK FRONT RUNNER COMPANY AND TURKU SCIENCE PARK COORDINATES THE 3C CLUSTER The C3 Cluster brings together companies, universities, educational institutes and public players. The C3 Cluster is an activity within the CleanTurku spearhead at Turku Science Park Ltd. CleanTurku promotes the growth of companies in the fields of cleantech, circular economy and bioeconomy.
  7. 27.5.20207 50 % of the Erath’s raw materials are used for construction 40 % of the energy consumption is used during the service life of buildings 30 % of the generated waste is originated from construction and demolition SOME NUMBERS FROM CONSRTUCTION INDUSTRY
  8. 27.5.20208 To boost the transition of the companies and industry from linear to circular economy through innovation and collaboration VISION OF THE 3C CLUSTER
  9. 5/27/2020 9 Energy and combustion solutions Building materials from secondary raw materials Industrial side streams and ”productification” of them Secondary raw-materials Inorganic chemistry Reduction of CO2 emissions and CCS and CCU technologies Utilization of deposited materials Utilization of ash and slag Mineral based high value added products Circular materials for infrastructure construction Circular 3C Cluster New business models
  10. 3C CLUSTER: CIRCULAR MATERIALS AND SOLUTIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION CLUSTER LEADERS WHAT KIND OF CLUSTER? Nordkalk Turku Science Park National competence network CLUSTER DRIVERS Company needs From linear to circular Mega trends Need for new business models Building up the cluster Branding of the cluster Facilitating the cluster actions CLUSTER ACTORS Companies Universities Public sector Cities
  11. THE START OF THE 3C-CLUSTER IN TURKU BUSINESS REGION National competence network Parainen Construction industry Åbo Akademi Turku University of applied Sciences University of Turku International competence network C O M P A N I E S U N I V E R S I T I E S P U B L I C S E C T O R The growth of the C3 Cluster
  12. 27.5.202012 BUILDING UP 3C-CLUSTER Universities Companies Public sectorsActors Piloting & testing Co-development & innovation Actions Offices and laboratories R&D equipment's Piloting facilities Possibility to share premises Building up the cluster and branding
  13. 27.5.202013 INPUT OUTCOME Need or challange from a company New circular product or service New Business model Workshops Hackathons Meetings Events Companies Universities IDEA Financing Pilotingandtesting SCHEMATIC OPERATING MODEL OF 3C CLUSTER Co-Creation Innovation
  14. Reeta Huhtinen, Senior advisor 27.5.2020 Circular materials and solutions for construction – 3C Cluster Next Steps
  15. 5 TIME SCHEDULE 2019-2020 FOR 3C CLUSTER June 2019 – April 2020 Initial discussions on circular businesses with companies April 2020 Press release of the set up of the cluster by TScP and Nordkalk as cluster driver company. The name 3C was taken in use. May 2020 3C Opening Webinar. August-September 2020 Challenging the companies to bring up cases and topics for the actions within the 3C-cluster. • First 3C Workshop in Parainen June 2020 => Feed back from the 3C webinar. Looking for new cases from the companies. Marketing of the 3C- cluster. November 2020 => 3C Co-creation, testing, piloting and innovation.
  16. 27.5.202016 CO2 as raw material EnergyCircular materials Ashes and slags Workshops on cases, meetings, events… Regulation Building materials from secondary raw materials Mineral based high value added products MORE CASES FROM COMPANIES NEEDED Utilization of side streams Company needs Co-creation & Innovation Piloting and testing Public sector Companies Universities New circular product or service New Business models
  17. 27.5.202017 After this webinar we will send the questioner to all participants, with the enquiry on how they would like to be involved in 3C- Cluster. Do you have a specific case in mind that you would like to share with the 3C Cluster in order to find a new solution? QUESTIONER VIA LYYTI
  18. 27.5.202018 MORE INFORMATION OF THE 3C CLUSTER Reeta Huhtinen, CleanTurku Senior Advisor Turku Science Park tel. +358 40 0832488, Olof Malmström, CleanTurku Network Manager Turku Science Park tel. +358 50 5566517,olof.malmströ
  19. Networking with impact