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2017 05-18 sme2 go - entry to silicon valley - case vaadin


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Case Vaadin by Jurka Rahikkala

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2017 05-18 sme2 go - entry to silicon valley - case vaadin

  1. 1. Entry to Silicon Valley Case Vaadin May 18, 2017 Jurka Rahikkala, SME2GO
  2. 2. Vaadin in a nutshell • Founded 2000 • Turnover 10M€ (2016) • 140 Employees • Headquarters in Turku • Other offices in San Jose (2012) and Berlin (2012) • 50% of sales from US • 90% of sales from export 2
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  4. 4. Why Silicon Valley? • Incredibly expensive • Hostile labour market • What is your reason to go there? • Would some other location suit you better? • You need to travel anyway, the US is BIG 4
  5. 5. What are the first steps? • Sell, setup, deliver or something else? • Make sure that the first persons are able to do, what is expected from them • It’s very easy to get lost in practicalities 5
  6. 6. The practicalities • Try to find a good VISA lawyer • Get a good accountant • Consider, if you need a lawyer • Find a good insurance broker 6
  7. 7. The VISA • Try to find a good VISA lawyer • Prepare for lengthy, repeating and regular application processes - it’s ok to get a VISA by winning in a lottery • Preferably you guy is a Ph.D., CEO, possesses unique skills etc. - and if not, make sure that they look like one! • Shipping experts from Finland may still be easier and cheaper that hiring locally • May be stressing process for the applicants - e.g. you may not know, if you need to move out in a month 7
  8. 8. Out of Office • If everything works at home, it’s easier to focus on work • Find apartments, day cares, schools etc. before moving • Pay enough that your guy in the US can afford eating • Consider spouse’s social network - being alone when the other is working long days isn’t nice 8
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