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Turks & Caicos Islands ~ Travel Guide


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Travel Guide by TripAdvisor

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Turks & Caicos Islands ~ Travel Guide

  1. 1. TURKS &  AICOS C SPRING & SUMMER GUIDE 2010 The best places to eat, sleep and play in Turks & Caicos this spring and summer With more than 30 million reviews and opinions, TripAdvisor makes travel planning a snap for the 32 million travelers visiting our site each month. Think before you print. And if you do print, print double-sided.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TripAdvisor, the most trusted source for where to eat, sleep and play in thousands of destinations around the world, has collected the best insider tips from its 32 million monthly visitors to produce a unique series of travel guides. In addition to the best hotels, restaurants and attractions for every type of traveler, you’ll get great advice about what to pack, how to get around and where to find the best views. Be sure to check out the guides at www.tripadvisor.com. You’ll find reviews for more than 479,000 Inside TURKS  CAICOS &  hotels, 93,000 attractions and 580,000 restaurants on TripAdvisor.com. Learn from other travelers what to expect before you make your plans. The beautiful islands of the Turks and Caicos are just east of the Bahamas and north of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Although its neighbors are in Caribbean waters, Turks and Caicos actually calls the Atlantic Ocean home. But, don’t PACKING TIPS worry, its islands offer the best of the Caribbean, like one of 1. “On arrival in the Turks and Caicos the longest coral reefs in the world, 230 miles of white sandy Islands, you must show a valid  passport. You must also have a beaches and crystal clear waters. With temperatures ranging valid onward or return ticket.”— between 80 and 95ºF throughout the seasons, Turks and TripAdvisor Member, Toronto, Ontario Caicos is a year-round destination, although hurricane season 2. “Buy a couple of inexpensive plastic  (July to October) can bring severe weather. rafts and pack them. Leave them for someone else when you leave.”— Turks and Caicos is comprised of eight major islands: Salt Cay, TripAdvisor Member Grand Turk, South Caicos, East Caicos, Middle Caicos, North 3. “I highly recommend bringing your own  snorkel gear—you know it fits well Caicos, West Caicos and Providenciales (nicknamed “Provo”). and you know who’s used it. Better safe The islands are relatively flat but, depending on the island, the than sorry!”—TripAdvisor Member, terrain varies from sand dunes to lush green vegetation. The New York people on the islands are known for their friendliness, although 4. “We always a pack a fairly extensive first-aid kit. Bug spray may be East Caicos and West Caicos are uninhabited. Whichever necessary. Another good thing to take island you choose, you’ll be far from the madding crowd, amid is LOTS of small bills for tips.”— tranquility instead of glitz. TripAdvisor Member tripadvisor.com 2
  3. 3. Top VIEWS TURKS & CAICOS BEST VIEWS Take in the “truly remarkable” sights at West  “The south part of Providenciales faces the Take in the view from below the water at Harbor, “which really isn’t much of a harbor Caicos Bank, a shallow, pale turquoise sea French Cay: “The visibility was almost 100 at all, but a small rock beach from which and is partly composed of swamp and tidal feet at times. We saw nurse and reef sharks, the best sunset in the world can be seen.”— flats, filled with an abundance of conch and turtles, spotted eagle rays, crabs, lobsters, TripAdvisor Member, New York, N.Y. lobster.”—TripAdvisor Member, New Jersey big groupers and dolphins.”—TripAdvisor West Harbor, Providenciales Caicos Bank, Providenciales Member, Payson, Arizona PLAY French Cay Where to TOP 10 Attractions 1. SNUBA Turks and Caicos, Windsong Resort, Stubbs Road, Providenciales, 6. Grace Bay, Providenciales 649 332 7333 7. Caicos Dream Tours, Alexandra Resort and Spa, Providenciales, 2. Flamingo Divers, Venetian Road, Southside Marina, Providenciales, 649 231 7274 649 946 4193 8. Blue Water Divers, Front Street, Grand Turk, 649 946 2432 3. Big Blue Unlimited, Providenciales, 649 946 5034 9. Dive Provo, Providenciales, 649 946 5029 4. Grand Turk Diving, Duke and James Streets, Grand Turk, 649 946 1559 10. Provo Ponies, Long Bay, Providenciales, 649 946 5252 5. The Beluga, Providenciales, 649 946 4396 FAMILIES “I highly recommend SNUBA for both “Our 7- and 3-year-old boys loved their visit “This island has every single type of beach children and adults. We got to see gorgeous to Little Water Cay (a.k.a. Iguana Island). you could want. If you want super clear reefs, many different tropical fish, as well Iguanas were on the beach to greet us when water, go to Coral Gardens. I saw as sea turtles, a sting ray, squid... The child our boat arrived, and a stingray was in the stingrays, turtles, tons of fish and JoJo the in our group had no problem adjusting and water beside the boat. We took the short dolphin. The turtles feed off to the left in tour, walking on a raised wooden walkway enjoying the dive.”—TripAdvisor Member, the grassy area if you want to find them.”— to see the iguanas in trees, walking around, Massachussetts eating, etc. The guide called some of the TripAdvisor Member, New York SNUBA Turks and Caicos, Windsong  iguanas by name and they came running. A fun Coral Gardens Reef, Grand Turk Resort, Stubbs Road, Grace Bay Beach,  stop for kids and adults alike.”—TripAdvisor Providenciales, 649 332 7333 Member, Toronto, Ontario “...an excellent place to  Little Water Cay, Providenciales view sunsets.” ROMANCE “We asked locals to point us towards the best Sail around Chalk Sound, “the inland body With its shallow, calm waters, Sapodilla Bay adventure for our 29th anniversary. The  of water that is the brightest shade of blue “is an excellent place to view sunsets, paddle Beluga was the only suggestion. We were not you have ever seen.”—TripAdvisor Member, around in the sea and have a few cold ones.”— disappointed. We set sail around 9 A.M. and Turks and Caicos TripAdvisor Member, Tbilisi, Georgia were immediately thrilled with our experience. The captain KNOWS the islands and the Chalk Sound, Providenciales Sapodilla Bay Beach, Providenciales waters in that area of the Caribbean and has many a story to add to the folklore. I highly encourage anyone to take advantage of this “The Beluga was the only suggestion.  charter.”—TripAdvisor Member, St. Louis, Mo. We were not disappointed.” The Beluga, Providenciales, 649 946 4396 Call an Expedia Travel Specialist now 877 633 3716 tripadvisor.com 3
  4. 4. PLAY Where to BUDGET “We LOVED Malcolm’s Beach. It was Bight Reef is the “best … reef … ever! If you are looking for rest and revitalization, an adventure, as we drove to the middle There are tons of fish—some were a water activities, hiking, napping and beach of nowhere and made it out to this semi- really cool blue, others reminded us of combing, then come to Salt Cay. “The secluded beach. The snorkeling was great, bumblebees. There are little info tiles along north beach is gorgeous and you can walk and we brought some snacks with us.”— the way. The water is so clear you can read for miles and see only your own foot prints. TripAdvisor Member, Greenville, N.C. them perfectly.”—TripAdvisor Member, The south beach is like a treasure hunt and Malcolm’s Beach, Northwest Point Beach,  Pasadena, Md. we found lots of beach glass. This beach Providenciales Bight Reef, Providenciales gets the stuff that comes off ships and such and rides the currents of the ocean.”— TripAdvisor Member, California “…walk for miles and see  Salt Cay only your own foot prints.” ADVENTURE “Art Pickering’s Provo Turtle Divers rocks! “We took off down the beach on the old Take your adventurous spirit to Gibbs  The captains were all entertaining and very Crossing Place Trail, which goes for miles Cay, an uninhabited island with beaches informative about the dive sites and had these along unpopulated beach. We were gone for and exceptional diving. “The stingrays! I wonderful maps before every dive. The fresh three hours and never saw anyone else. It’s cannot say enough about the experience.”— fruit and snacks were like having a feast! We a great place for photography, bird watching TripAdvisor Member, Lino Lakes, Mo. saw sharks, eagle rays, turtles and one day we and beachcombing.”—TripAdvisor Member Gibbs Cay, Grand Turk snorkeled with a pod of dolphins. There were Crossing Place Trail, Middle Caicos also tons of small things like shrimps, conch, blennies and flamingo tongues everywhere.”— TripAdvisor Member, Virginia TripAdvisor members have posted more than 3,000,000 photos on the site. Art Pickering’s Provo Turtle Divers, Turtle  The good, the bad and the very candid. Cove Marina, Providenciales, 649 946 4232 It’s almost like being there! EDUCATIONAL/HISTORICAL “Learn the historical significance” of Turks “The Conch Bar Caves are unusual in “I am in love with Dive Provo and and Caicos at the National Museum. that they were formed by salt water. They everyone who works there. We have “You’ll learn of the oldest known Caribbean have few actively growing stalactites but been there twice and had an awesome shipwreck and see remnants of it at lots of columns and lots of stalagmites. experience both times. A staff member this museum. Definitely a good visit Two unusual features are the tree roots was exceptionally passionate about the life between sun bathing, diving and dining.”— penetrating into the cave from above and below and went out of his way to find rare TripAdvisor Member, Columbus, Ohio the vertical stove pipe cavities in the ceiling. animals for us to see. He also knew how to Turks & Caicos National Museum, Front  Very interesting!”—TripAdvisor Member, crinkle a water bottle to attract sharks. We Street, Guinep House, Grand Turk,   Toronto, Ontario saw a great hammerhead!”—TripAdvisor 649 946 2160 Conch Bar Caves National Park, Middle  Member, Knoxville, Ky. Caicos Island Dive Provo, Ports of Call Shopping  Complex, Providenciales, 649 946 5029 RELAXATION Go whale-watching at Grace Bay. “It’s “The lakes and generally tight tee shots Northwest Point Beach is “a lovely, stunning; pictures don’t do it justice. The at Provo Golf Club make for a constant empty stretch of beach with good walking water in the summer months is lovely and challenge. And the course always provides and certainly no hordes of other tourists.”— warm.”—TripAdvisor Member, Haywards a cool and green respite from the beach.”— TripAdvisor Member, Texas Heath, U.K. TripAdvisor Member, United Kingdom Northwest Point Beach, Providenciales Grace Bay, Princess Alexandra National  Provo Golf Club, Grace Bay Road,  Park, Providenciales Providenciales, 649 946 5591 Call an Expedia Travel Specialist now 877 633 3716 tripadvisor.com 4
  5. 5. TOUR What’s the How to Get Around “One of the highlights of our trip was a “There are many methods of getting around “To get between islands, use one of the kayak eco-tour with Big Blue Unlimited. the Turks and Caicos Islands. Rent a car; ferry services or take a plane. Domestic It was a great introduction to the islands. anyone with a license from the United air service from Sky King is available on a We received an excellent education on the States, Canada, the United Kingdom or daily basis.”—TripAdvisor Member island make-up and wildlife. It made the Caribbean countries may drive for up to rest of the week so much more enjoyable three months. (Keep in mind that cars drive as we understood more of what we were on the left side of the road.) Taxis are also looking at. They definitely seemed like the available and generally charge around $2 most environmentally aware tour operator per mile. Anyone over the age of 18 can around and everything they did was in small rent a scooter and bicycles are available as groups.”—TripAdvisor Member well.”—TripAdvisor Member Big Blue Unlimited, Leeward Marina,  Providenciales, 649 946 5034 Want more information on Turks & Caicos? TripAdvisor.com offers free weekly e-mail updates filled with new deals, reviews and WHERE articles for Turks & Caicos or any other to destination you choose. eat FAMILIES With everything from Popcorn Chicken “After trying a few other restaurants on the “Mango Reef at The Royal West Indies Nuggets to The Caribbeaner pizza, “Tiki  island, I found myself returning often to has a huge range on their menu from Hut Cabana Bar & Grill is an island Jimmy’s for the reasonable prices and large burgers and wraps, to delicate soups, sushi institution. It’s very casual.”—TripAdvisor portions. The burrito was awesome! The and steak. It isn’t on the ocean but it always Member shrimp fajitas were great, and the burger was gets a nice breeze. They do some very good Tiki Hut Cabana Bar & Grill, Dockside at  huge.”—TripAdvisor Member, New York dinner specials here at certain times.”— Turtle Cove Marina, Providenciales,   Jimmy’s Dive Bar, Ports of Call, 649 946 5282 TripAdvisor Member 649 941 5341  Mango Reef at The Royal West Indies,  Royal West Indies Resort, Grace Bay Road,  Providenciales, 649 946 8200 “…an island institution.” ROMANCE “Dinner at Simba is an entirely different “Overlooking Turtle Cove Marina, Magnolia ‘My girlfriend and I were very impressed and good experience. It’s buzzing at night is an upscale restaurant that’s casual and by the food, the ambiance and the service and seemed to be a local favorite among friendly, too. It’s owned and run by a couple at Coco Bistro. Of all the places we dined the islanders. The chef even came out that came here on their honeymoon about on the island, this was the best overall and greeted us one night.”—TripAdvisor 15 years ago. Get there just before sunset experience. Make a reservation, because it Member, Westport, Conn. and have a cocktail overlooking the whole fills up!”—TripAdvisor Member Simba, The Turks and Caicos Club, Lower  bay.”—TripAdvisor Member Coco Bistro, Grace Bay Road,  Bight Road, Providenciales, 649 946 5588 Magnolia, Miramar Resort, Turtle Cove,  Providenciales, 649 946 5369 Providenciales, 649 941 5108 Call an Expedia Travel Specialist now 877 633 3716 tripadvisor.com 5
  6. 6. WHERE to eat BUDGET Serving fresh and unique items for breakfast, “If you’re looking for casual dining with Serving big bites, like Fresh Caicos Lobster lunch and dinner, “Hemingway’s is very good food at a reasonable price, then and small bites, like Hammerhead Hot Dog good value for money and is right up by the Somewhere Cafe is the place. Good food, Jr., “The Sharkbite Bar & Grill is a long- ocean.”—TripAdvisor Member service and, most importantly, the people time casual favorite.”—TripAdvisor Member Hemingway’s, The Sands at Grace Bay,  made it a memorable part of our stay.”— The Sharkbite Bar & Grill, Turtle Cove,  Providenciales, 649 946 5199 TripAdvisor Member, Fleetwood, Penn. Providenciales, 649 941 5090 Somewhere Cafe, Grace Bay Beach,  Providenciales, 649 941 8260 Have questions about Turks & Caicos? Get insider advice from local experts in our forums. The majority of questions are answered within 24 hours. HEALTH-CONSCIOUS “Top of The Cove Deli is a popular spot for Grace’s Cottage at Point Grace’s menu “From the minute the host greeted us, the breakfast as well as sandwiches for lunch.”— changes seasonally with an emphasis on entire meal at The Lemon Cafe was a TripAdvisor Member fresh, full-flavored regional ingredients, fabulous experience. We loved the fact that Top of The Cove Deli, Next to Napa on  including mangos, coconut, Kaffir lime and they use as many locally grown fresh foods Leeward Highway, Providenciales,   sweet yams. “Great upscale food in an as possible. Two of the members in our 649 946 4694  oriental garden type setting.”—TripAdvisor party were vegetarians and found plenty Member of fabulous food to eat.”—TripAdvisor Grace’s Cottage at Point Grace, Point Grace,  Member, Eliot, Maine Providenciales, 649 946 5096 The Lemon Cafe, The Village at Grace Bay,  Providenciales, 649 941 4059 “Conch straight out  of the ocean.” HIDDEN GEMS Go where the locals go: Da Conch Shack. Coyaba Restaurant is “a lovely place to “Calico Jacks Restaurant & Bar is a casual Feast on “conch straight out of the ocean. dine, inside the charming restaurant or eatery with live music to dance the night Have the local fish of the day with peas and outside nestled amongst the palm trees. away under the stars every Friday night.”— rice. Have a pitcher of our local beer, Turks Wonderful food, charming amuse-bouche TripAdvisor Member Head, to go with it.”—TripAdvisor Member, and palate cleansers, and over-the-top Calico Jacks Restaurant & Bar, Upstairs at  Turks and Caicos desserts. Absolutely worth the trip!”— Ports of Call, Grace Bay, Providenciales,   Da Conch Shack, Blue Hills Road,   TripAdvisor Member, Boston, Mass. 649 946 5129 649 946 8877, Providenciales Coyaba Restaurant, Coral Gardens, Penns  Road, Providenciales, 649 946 5186 SPECIAL EVENTS Call an Expedia Travel Specialist now 877 633 3716 tripadvisor.com 6
  7. 7. STAY Where to FAMILIES “Our one-bedroom condo at Northwest  “Our family of three thought Alexandra  “My family and I recently returned from Point Resort was very comfortable, cozy, Resort & Spa was perfect. It’s located our stay at The Regent Grand on Grace quiet, clean and roomy, with a wonderful on the most beautiful stretch of Grace Bay Bay. The resort is beautiful and inviting. The view of the sea. It was so nice and relaxing beach and is completely uncrowded. The rooms are well-appointed, with top-of- having breakfast on our balcony and just studio unit was great! My husband is an avid the-line fixtures and appliances. In addition listening to the waves. I miss it already.”— scuba diver and he was impressed with to the resort amenities, the staff was TripAdvisor Member, Austria the dive sites and the marine life. Our only friendly and accommodating.”—TripAdvisor Northwest Point Resort, Northwest Point  disappointment was that we had to return Member, Pittsburgh, Pa. Beach, Providenciales, 649 941 8961 home.”—TripAdvisor Member, Chicago, Ill. The Regent Grand, Regent Street, Grace  Alexandra Resort & Spa, Princess Dr.,   Bay, Providenciales, 649 941 7770 Grace Bay, Providenciales, 649 946 5807 ROMANCE “Le Vele is exclusive, with only 22 rooms. “The personal service at Harbour Club Villas  “Point Grace Resort was a beautiful quiet Want a romantic getaway? This is it! Take & Marina began from the first call and did not place on Grace Bay Beach. I would highly the kids elsewhere! There’s nothing end until they dropped us off at the airport recommend this place for a couple seeking between your view of the ocean and your for our return. Our villa was immaculate and an intimate small resort. Our oceanfront balcony. It’s MODERN design at its finest.”— met all of our expectations. Off the beaten suite was incredibly stunning with amazing TripAdvisor Member, New York, N.Y. track, Harbour Club Villas offers a beautiful views from the porch. (The beach was just Le Vele, Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales,   setting. It helped make our honeymoon a trip steps away!) The resort is on the best part of 649 941 8800  we will never forget.”—TripAdvisor Member, the beach with limited crowds. Service was Chicago, Ill. very good with most of the staff keeping to Harbour Club Villas & Marina, Venetian  themselves unless asked for something.”— “Take the kids elsewhere!” Way, Providenciales, 649 941 5748 TripAdvisor Member, Washington D.C. Point Grace Resort, Grace Bay,  Providenciales, 649 946 5096 BUDGET “Caribbean Paradise Inn is a quiet place “Although Sibonne Beach Hotel is not the “I felt instantly welcomed and like family at where you can relax. The rooms are nice most luxurious when compared to some of the Manta House. The rooms are very relaxing, and clean, and everyone has a veranda or others, it was absolutely everything we wanted and beds are very comfortable. A simple week- a balcony. The owner is very polite and and needed. It’s right on the beach, has a great long dive vacation turned into a month-long ready to help if you need it.”—TripAdvisor restaurant on the premises and is in close adventure of a lifetime!”—Toronto, Ontario Member, Firenze, Italy walking distance to great snorkeling and other Manta House, Duke Street, Grand Turk,   water sports. Excellent value for the money.”— 649 946 1111 Caribbean Paradise Inn, Grace Bay,  Providenciales, 649 946 5020 TripAdvisor Member, Greensboro, N.C. Sibonne Beach Hotel, Grace Bay Beach,  “Our biggest decision each  Providenciales, 649 946 5547 day was deciding what frozen  cocktail to order” LUXURY “When we arrived at Villa Renaissance, we “The Gansevoort has the perfect balance “What can I say … Amanyara was over the were told to leave everything because, as of five-star service offered within a chic, hip top FABULOUS! As only two of maybe eight of that moment, we were on holiday! Our environment. The overall interior design, as other guests, we were spoiled beyond belief. guest cottage was set on the beautifully well as the pool, is stunning. If you’re looking Our room was to die for. Our biggest decision landscaped grounds mere footsteps from for somewhere to relax, kick back and enjoy each day was deciding what frozen cocktail the most spectacular pool we have ever the beautiful, crystal clear island water, this to order and where we wanted to follow the seen. And the staff members were some is the place for you!”—TripAdvisor Member, sun. There was a pathway leading to our own of the nicest people we have ever met.”— Toronto, Ontario private beach. We snorkeled right from the TripAdvisor Member, Montreal, Quebec Gansevoort Turks + Caicos, Grace Bay  beach.”—TripAdvisor Member, Oklahoma Villa Renaissance, Grace Bay, Providenciales,  Beach, Providenciales, 649 941 7555 Amanyara, Northwest Point, Providenciales,  649 941 5300  649 941 8133 Call an Expedia Travel Specialist now 877 633 3716 tripadvisor.com 7
  8. 8. STAY Where to HIDDEN GEMS “We spent 12 idyllic days at Turtlewatch “Turks and Caicos Club is magnificently “We stayed at the Royal West Indies Resort guest house and it was perfect! If your idea designed and sits on a quiet, secluded beach. for a week and loved it! The beach is quiet, of paradise is a quiet spot on a Caribbean Our Oceanfront Suite was very spacious and peaceful and just plain gorgeous. The staff were island, a beautiful cottage with a perfectly well appointed. The property grounds are all super friendly and the grounds were beautiful. appointed deck to watch spectacular sunrises beautifully kept and we had the pool area to There were not many people there when we and sunsets, a quiet stretch of white sand ourselves whenever we used it. The beach was went, so it was very relaxing. It was a great just three minutes walk away and four great virtually empty. Service is low-key, but if you value compared to other upscale hotels and restaurants within a 5-minute walk, then this needed anything, they were happy to help. The we wouldn’t stay anywhere else in Provo. WE is definitely the place for you! In short, this quiet intimacy is the charm of this place. If you LOVED IT!”—TripAdvisor Member, New Jersey place is wonderful—I almost didn’t want want a restorative, secluded getaway, this is Royal West Indies Resort, Grace Bay,  to post a review to keep it our secret.”— it!”—TripAdvisor Member, Toronto, Ontario Providenciales, 649 946 5004 TripAdvisor Member, London, England Turks and Caicos Club, West Grace Bay  Turtlewatch, Coconut Road, Providenciales,   Beach, Providenciales, 649 946 5800 649 941 5458  About TRIPADVISOR TripAdvisor is the largest travel community in the world with 32 million monthly visitors and featuring more than 30 million reviews and opinions of 572,000 hotels and attractions. TripAdvisor.com is the most trusted source for travel recommendations about where to go, where to stay and how to play for 72,000 destinations around the world. TripAdvisor.com also provides easy access to the major online travel sites to make booking your next vacation, your best vacation, easier than ever. Edited/compiled by Kristyn Lak Miller and Sheila Koenig This brochure and its contents are copyright © 2010, TripAdvisor, Inc., all rights reserved. TRIPADVISOR, the owl logo and all other marks displayed herein are registered and/or common law trademarks of TripAdvisor and/or third parties. Representations made in this brochure are current as of its publication date. This brochure contains reviews, comments, photographs and other content regarding destinations, accommodations, airlines and other travel products and services submitted by users of tripadvisor.com. Reviews and ratings represent the opinions of such users. TripAdvisor does not sponsor or endorse any user content and therefore is not liable for any statements, representations or other information contained in such user content. Further, reference to any products, services, processes or other information of any third party does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of or affiliation with, such third party by TripAdvisor. Such third parties are owned and operated by independent retailers or service providers, and TripAdvisor cannot ensure that you will be satisfied with their products, services, business practices or provided information. TripAdvisor recommends that you pursue any and all investigation you feel necessary or appropriate before transacting with any third party. Call an Expedia Travel Specialist now 877 633 3716 tripadvisor.com 8