Safranbolu © Izzet KeribarDAY 1 FRI Board your overnight flight toTurkey from USA.DAY 2 SAT Arrival to AnkaraUpon arrival,...
DAY 9 SAT Kahta > Mount Nemrut >Gobeklitepe > Urfa (150 mi)Early morning, ascend Mount Nemrut toexplore the site where Kin...
Xanthos © Izzet KeribarDAY 14 THU Pamukkale > Aphrodisias >Sagalassos > Antalya (256 mi)Tour Aphrodisias, the ancient site...
DEPARTURE DATESON BELOW FRIDAYSPricesLANDonlyPricesAIR & LANDfrom New York$2.610 $3.702$2.610 $3.702$2.610 $3.827$2.610 $3...
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Cultural Heritage TurkeyVision 2013 Tour


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TurkeyVision Cultural Heritage Tour captures the essence of Turkish culture and heritage - a delectable blend of art, tradition, and history.

TurkeyVision Cultural Heritage Tour is the only tour which visits all 11 of Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

UNESCO’s Natural and Cultural Heritage properties in Turkey

Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage properties in Turkey
Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği
Historic Areas of Istanbul
Hattusha: the Hittite Capital
Nemrut Dağ
City of Safranbolu
Archaeological Site of Troy
Selimiye Mosque and its Social Complex
Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük

Your Advantages
o Group size is limited to 18 guests,
o Only tour visiting all 11 of Turkey's UNESCO
World Heritage Sites,
o An expert guide-lecturer,
o A comprehensive and well designed itinerary,
o Possibility of tasting local food,
o Lectures on Turkey's diverse cultures,
o After the tour, possibility of extending your
stay in Istanbul.

22 Nights,
Departure Day : Saturday
Start City : Ankara
End City : Istanbul

Visits include
Ankara-Safranbolu-Amasya-Hattusa-Cappadocia-Sivas-Divrigi-Nemrut Dag-Gobeklitepe-Harran-Zeugma-Antioch-Tarsus-Catalhoyuk-Konya-Pamukkale-Aphrodisias-Sagalassos-Antalya-Xanthos-Fethiye-Caunos-Ephesus-Sardis-Pergamum-Assos-Troy-Edirne-Istanbul

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Cultural Heritage TurkeyVision 2013 Tour

  1. 1. Safranbolu © Izzet KeribarDAY 1 FRI Board your overnight flight toTurkey from USA.DAY 2 SAT Arrival to AnkaraUpon arrival, meet TurkeyVision representativeand transfer to your hotel. Attend briefing aboutyour journey before the group dinner.Overnight. • MEAL DDAY 3 SUN Ankara > Safranbolu (143 mi)Explore Ankara, the nation’s capital since 1923.Visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations withits rich collection from the Hittite, Greek,Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottomanperiods; Arslanhane Mosque from 13th century;Ankara Citadel with its narrow streets; and theMausoleum of Ataturk, the father of modernTurkey. In the afternoon, drive to Safranbolu.Dinner and overnight. • MEALS BLDDAY 4 MON Safranbolu > Amasya (236 mi)From the 13th century to the advent of therailway in the early 20th century, Safranboluwas an important caravan station on themain East–West trade route. The OldMosque, Old Bath and Süleyman PashaMedrese were built in 1322. During itsapogee in the 17th century, Safranbolusarchitecture influenced urban developmentthroughout much of the Ottoman Empire.Stroll this museum town to discover theCinci Caravanserai, Kaymakamlar Kiosk,Izzet Pasha Mosque, Clock Tower, andKazdaglioglu Mosque, as well as bazaars(blacksmiths and shoemakers). Lunch atHattusha: the Hittite CapitalCultural Heritage34 F O R M O R E U P - T O - D A T E I N F O R M A T I O N P L E A S E V I S I T W W W . T U R K E Y V I S I O N . C O Mthe village Yoruk famous for its old houses.Drive to Amasya to see its impressiveremains. Appreciate the specialarchitectural features of old mansions(konak). Marvel at the Ancient Castle, thePontic Kings’ tombs, and Gok Medrese, aswell as Torumtay Turbesi (Seljukmausoleum with Mongol mummies). Visitthe medieval mental hospital IlhanliBimarhane, and the beautifully landscapedSultan Beyazit Mosque. Dinner andovernight.• MEALS BLDDAY 5 TUE Amasya > Hattusa >Cappadocia (266 mi) Drive to Bogazkoy.After lunch, visit Hattusa, Hittite capital inthe second millennium BC. Discover thecity’s Lion Gate, Great Temple, Walls, RoyalGate, and Tunnel. Continue to Yazilikaya, arock sanctuary decorated with reliefs ofdeities of the Hittite pantheon. Continue toCappadocia. Dinner and overnight.• MEALS BLDGreat Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi, SivasThis tour captures the essenceof Turkish culture and heritage- a delectable blend of art,tradition, and history.It is the only tour which visitsall 11 of Turkey’s UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites.Karanlik Church, Cappadocia
  2. 2. DAY 9 SAT Kahta > Mount Nemrut >Gobeklitepe > Urfa (150 mi)Early morning, ascend Mount Nemrut toexplore the site where King Antiochus I ofCommagene erected a sanctuary of hugestatues in the first century BC. Return toKahta for lunch. In the afternoon, drive toUrfa, the ancient city where Abrahamallegedly spent several years. On the road,make a stop at Gobeklitepe to investigatethe recent discovery of the oldest temple inthe world. Dinner and overnight.• MEALS BLDDAY 10 SUN Urfa > Harran> Gaziantep (146 mi) In Urfa, visitAbrahams Caves and Balikli Gol, a largecarp-filled pool reflecting mosques. Driveto Harran to see beehive houses with cone-shaped roofs. Return to Urfa for lunch. Inthe afternoon, drive to Gaziantep. On theroad, we’ll make a picture stop for theancient city of Zeugma, partially covered bythe dam water. Dinner and overnight.• MEALS BLDDAY 11 MON Gaziantep > Tarsus> Adana (233 mi) In the morning, discoverthe old quarters of Gaziantep and visit theMosaic Museum to admire magnificentmosaics from Roman era discovered atZeugma. Lunch and depart to Tarsus,birthplace of St. Paul. Visit St Pauls Well,St Paul Church, Ulu Cami Mosque, as wellas the Gate of Cleopatra.(Note that Mark Anthony allied withCleopatra VII in Tarsus.) In the evening,arrive in Adana for dinner and overnight.• MEALS BLDF O R M O R E U P - T O - D A T E I N F O R M A T I O N P L E A S E C A L L 8 5 5 - 3 3 5 - 6 9 0 0DAY 6 WED Cappadocia (40 mi)Take a full day to discover Cappadocia. Visitthe Goreme Valley, an open-air museumwith rock-hewn churches (7th-13th c.)adorned with biblical frescoes. Marvel atthe cave dwellings and fairy chimneys. At ahandicraft center, learn about the arts ofrural Turkey and watch a demonstration ofrug weaving. Tour an Underground City, amulti-level labyrinth for protection duringinvasions. Take photos at Uchisar andAvcilar, magnificent vista points. Admirethe impressive rock formations at sunset.Dinner and overnight. • MEALS BLDDAY 7 THU Cappadocia > Kayseri > Sivas(170 mi) Drive to Kayseri, ancient Caesarea,capital of Cappadocia region. Visit HonatHatun Mosque from Seljuk period andmake a picture stop in front of SelcukKumbets, funerary monuments from the13th century. Continue to Sivas, animportant trade city in medieval Anatolia.In this old Seljuk city, see the BuruciyeMedresesi; the Ulu Mosque; Kursunlu Han;Tas Han; and the intricately carved façadeof the Sifaiye Medresesi. Dinner andovernight.• MEALS BLDDAY 8 FRI Sivas > Divrigi > Kahta(Nemrut) (277 mi) Drive to Divrigi to see thecomplex built in the 13th c. by Emir AhmetShah, ruler of the Seljuk Mengucek Emirate(Beylik). Admire the exquisite geometricand floral reliefs of the Great Ulu Mosqueand its hospital, a UNESCO World HeritageSite. Continue to Kahta in the afternoon.Dinner and overnight. • MEALS BLDMount Nemrut © Izzet Keribar Pamukkale, HierapolisCatalhoyukThe only tour visitingall 11 of Turkey’s UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites.35DAY 12 TUE Adana > Silifke > Konya (261 mi)Drive to Silifke. En route, visit the Roman-Byzantine city of Kanlidivane with its enormousred-walled chasm. Stop at Kizkalesi, see the"Fortress of the Beauty" built on an island off inthe distance. Drive high (3,700 ft.) in the TaurusMountains to admire Alahan Monastery, anexcellent example of early Byzantinearchitecture. Discover Catalhoyuk (a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site), which was the oldestcultural center in the Near East dates back to6750 BC. Travel to the holy city of Konya, capitalof the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum (11th-13th c.).Dinner and overnight. • MEALS BLDDAY 13 WED Konya > Pamukkale (252 mi)Visit the Museum of Mevlana honoring thefamous mystic poet who founded the Sufi Orderof the Whirling Dervishes; Alaaddin Mosquefrom 13th century; and Karatay Medresa, todaya tile museum. Drive to Pamukkale to admirethe unreal landscape at the "Cotton Castle"with its white terraces of limestone depositedby thermal waters through the ages. See theancient spa still used today at Hierapolis.Discover the necropolis, one of the largestcemeteries of the ancient world. Dinner andovernight. • MEALS BLD> >Escorted tour 24 daysGUARANTEED DEPARTURES FRIDAYOperates with a minimum of 2 passengers
  3. 3. Xanthos © Izzet KeribarDAY 14 THU Pamukkale > Aphrodisias >Sagalassos > Antalya (256 mi)Tour Aphrodisias, the ancient site dedicated tothe goddess of beauty, love, and fertility.Appreciate Anatolia’s best-preserved stadium.At this site which drew artisans to its famousschool of sculpture, enjoy the Temple ofAphrodite, the Tetrapylon, the Theater, and theMuseum. After lunch, continue to Sagalassos tovisit the remains of this Greco-Roman cityrecently discovered. The site is exceptional forits natural beauty. Drive to Antalya. Dinner andovernight. • MEALS BLDDAY 15 FRI Antalya > Aspendos > Perge >Antalya (60 mi) Drive to Aspendos, a treasurewith the world’s best-preserved RomanTheater still used today for festivals andconcerts. Tour Perge, a spectacular Greco-Roman city. Return to Antalya to stroll throughthe picturesque streets of the old town, Kaleici.Dinner and overnight. • MEALS BLDDAY 16 SAT Antalya > Myra > Xanthos >Fethiye (185 mi) Drive to ancient Myra to seestunning Lycian rock tombs in the cliff abovethe Roman Theater. At Demre, visit the Churchof St. Nicholas. Take a boat ride over thesunken city of Kekova (weather permitting).After lunch, drive to Xanthos, known for itstypical funerary monuments. Visit Letoon, thereligious center of the Lycian League. Dinnerand overnight. • MEALS BLDDAY 17 SUN Fethiye > Caunos (Dalyan) >Selcuk (185 mi) Drive to small city of Dalyan.From there you will take a boat ride followingthe Dalyan River to Caunos ancient city, all theway to Iztuzu Beach. After lunch, continueto Selcuk (Ephesus). Dinner and overnight.• MEALS BLDDAY 18 MON Ephesus (20 mi)Visit the fascinating city of Ephesus.Explore the Marble Street, Agora, Odeon,and Theater, as well as the Fountain ofTrajan, the Temple of Hadrian, and theLibrary of Celsius. View the remains of theTemple of Artemis, one of the SevenWonders of the Ancient World. Visit alsoEphesus Museum where you will discoverstatues of Artemis. Dinner and overnight. •MEALS BLDDAY 19 TUE Selcuk > Sardis >Pergamum > Kucukkuyu (275 mi)Drive to Sardis, capital of the Kingdom ofLydia. In this Pactolus Valley city famous forits wealthy King Croesus and the inventionof coinage, visit the Bath - GymnasiumDalyan © Izzet Keribar Selimiye Mosque, Edirne © Izzet KeribarCultural Heritage36 F O R M O R E U P - T O - D A T E I N F O R M A T I O N P L E A S E V I S I T W W W . T U R K E Y V I S I O N . C O MComplex, the marble-paved Synagogue (3rdc. AD), and the Temple of Artemis.After lunch, continue to Pergamum, theancient capital of the Attalid dynasty and theplace where parchment was invented. Ride acable car to the upper city to take in theruins of the Acropolis. In the lower city, visitthe Asclepion, a sanctuary and a healingcenter dedicated to the god of healing,Asclepius. Dinner and overnight atKucukkuyu. • MEALS BLDDAY 20 WED Kucukkuyu > Assos > Troy> Canakkale (80 mi) In the morning, departfor Assos to see the Temple of Athenaoverlooking the sea from the highest spot onthe acropolis. Explore the site of the ancientcity of Troy, whose 3,400-year history spansnine superimposed settlements (Troy I toTroy IX). Deepen your understanding ofHomers epic poem, The Iliad, whichimmortalized King Priams glorious citythrough the stories of Helen, Menelaus,Paris, Agamemnon, Achilles, and Hector.Pose at a reconstruction of the legendaryTrojan Wooden Horse at the entrance to thesite. Continue to Canakkale. Dinner andovernight in Canakkale. • MEALS BLDDAY 21 THU Canakkale > Edirne >Istanbul (288 mi) Ferry across theDardanelles Strait and drive to Edirne, theOttoman summer capital. Visit SelimiyeMosque and its Kulliye (complex withhospital, school, library, and baths); EskiCami Mosque; Uc Serefeli Mosque; and OldBazaar (Bedesten). Drive to Istanbul in theafternoon. Overnight. • MEALS BLDSardis> >
  4. 4. DEPARTURE DATESON BELOW FRIDAYSPricesLANDonlyPricesAIR & LANDfrom New York$2.610 $3.702$2.610 $3.702$2.610 $3.827$2.610 $3.827May 10August 02September 06October 04RATES Land only rates do not include international or domesticflights. Air & Land rates are based on the Turkish Airlines tariff ofOctober 2012 and are subject to change. Airport taxes are includedin our Air & Land rates.NOT INCLUDED Visits and services not mentioned in program.Insurance. Personal expenses and all beverages. Gratuities to theguide and driver. Visa fee. International & domestic flights (exceptAir & land rates).FLIGHTS Please call us for more information about flight rates,airport taxes, business class upgrade, add-on rates from most U.S.cities and more.Single Supplement $870PRICES per person in double roomNO HIDDEN COSTSIGHTSEEING INCLUDED PER ITINERARY$119Land only $2,610Air & Land $3,702per nightfromLand only fromINCLUDED• Arrival and departure transfers.• Transportation by comfortable,air-conditioned vehicles.• Accommodation in double room in specifiedhotels or similar.• Entrance fees according to the itinerary.• 22 breakfasts, 20 lunches, and 20 dinners.YOUR ADVANTAGES• A comprehensive and well designed itinerary• Group size is limited to 18 guests• Only tour visiting all 11 of Turkey’s UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites• Escort by an expert guide-lecturer• Possibility of tasting local food,• Lectures on Turkey’s diverse culturesDAY 24 SUN Departure Transfer to theairport for your return flight. • MEALS BHOTELSAnkara Ickale 4* or similarSafranbolu Kadioglu Konaklari SC or similarAmasya The Apple Palace 4* or similarCappadocia Mustafa 4* or similarSivas Buyuk 4* or similarKahta Nemrud 2000 SC or similarUrfa Harran 4* or similarGaziantep Ravanda 4* or similarAdana Surmeli Cukurova 5* or similarKonya Ozkaymak 4* or similarPamukkale Tripolis 4* or similarAntalya Grida City 4* or similarFethiye Atapark 4* or similarSelcuk Kalehan SC or similarKucukkuyu Gure Saruhan 4* or similarCanakkale Akol 4* or similarIstanbul: Grand Yavuz 4* or similarF O R M O R E U P - T O - D A T E I N F O R M A T I O N P L E A S E C A L L 8 5 5 - 3 3 5 - 6 9 0 0DAY 22 FRI IstanbulExplore Istanbul for a full day. In themorning, visit the Blue Mosque,recognizable by its six minarets. Builtbetween 1609 and 1616 for Sultan Ahmet I,the interior is decorated with some 21,000blue Iznik tiles. Visit the Hippodrome,where political, cultural, and athleticactivities took place during Roman,Byzantine, and Ottoman times. Visit theimposing Hagia Sophia, which marked theapogee of Byzantine Emperor Justiniansreign. After lunch, visit treasure-filledTopkapi Palace (residence of the Ottomansultans from the 15th to the 19th century)with its terraces overlooking the MarmaraSea, the Bosphorus, and the Golden Horn.End the day at the historic Grand Bazaar.Dinner is on your own. Overnight.• MEALS BLDDAY 23 SAT Istanbul In the morning, visitSuleymaniye Mosque; RustempasaMosque; and the Spice Market. Cruise onthe Bosphorus, separating Asia fromEurope and connecting the Marmara Sea tothe Black Sea. Relish the best views of thecity and its historic monuments. Discoverbeautiful marble palaces (Dolmabahce andBeylerbeyi), wooden Ottoman villas (yalis),and medieval fortresses. Lunch at aseafood restaurant along the Bosphorus.In the afternoon, visit St. Savior in Chorawhose mosaics and frescoes are among themost beautiful in the Byzantine World.Also visit Eyup Mosque and its cemeteries.Dinner is on your own. Overnight.• MEALS BLDTopkapi Palace, Istanbul © Izzet KeribarEscorted tour 24 daysGUARANTEED DEPARTURES FRIDAYOperates with a minimum of 2 passengers37Hagia Sophia, IstanbulSpice Market, Istanbul