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Resumen S.Lumley


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Resumen S.Lumley

  1. 1. QUALITY, DESIGN and NEW INSTALLATIONS. THERMAL ARCHITECTURE.About Schletterer - Short Overview: Services and Benefits of Schletterer - Services (KHES Presentation; Benefits: About us)Economic Trends - Content of KHESThermal Tourism in The Middle East 1. Why is thermal tourism important to the Middle east? a. Worldwide demand for Thermal Spas - 8,000,000 visitors to thermal springs annually - Oldest and most basic use of geothermal energy - More than 60 countries offer thermal spas - Many cultures realized the benefit to mind and body o North and South America (teepees culture, Detoxification and cleansing rituals of the Native Americans in North America, healing rituals of the Aztec people,) o Europeans (Roman bathing culture, Kneipp culture, Northern European Sauna culture, Russian Banja, etc.) o Asian (Japanese Onsen baths, Healing treatments, bathing ceremonies, Thai therapy, Shaolin world, Mental care with Tai Chi, Qi Gang etc.) o Australia (rituals of the Aborigines, bathing rituals of the islanders) o Africa (Old Egyptian bathing ceremonies, Oriental rituals like Hammam and Serial, natural treatments) Thermal experiences – among top 10 spa trends 2010 b. Why is thermal tourism important?
  2. 2. - Important part of a holistic spa concept - Increase of the attractiveness and quality of the hotel - Enhancement of the target group - Thermal tourism increase in popularity c. Importance of thermal spa culture – islam - Roman-type baths were continued and /or re-established in Islamic countries - the medieval and renaissance periods bathing was endorsed by Islamic writers - The Hammam was a major feature of Islamic culture, and preserved the roman traditions of cleaning the body first, then soaking and socializing - Due to the Islamic religious requirements for frequent washing , baths and washing equipment remained popular2. Marketing Opportunities and trends in thermal tourism in the Middle east a. Economic growth in Middle east Impact on consumerism - Increasing demand of luxury items and well-being experiences - Open to international trends - Modern generation sets value on healthcare, beauty, fitness and wellness - High disposable income b. Facts - Spa industry in middle east & north africa region is estimated to generate US$ 631 million p.a. - Leading facilities (212 spas) generate almost US$ 268 million p.a.  Growth rate of 34% p.a. - With spa becoming a vital element in the Middle East hotel industry http://
  3. 3. c. Traveler Profile to the Middle East - Young professionals (business trip: business-focused but looking for a daily relaxation) - Young professionals (short term holiday trip: looking for a holistic spa concept) - The expectations are increasing - People are more focused on fitness and health - Less time for holidays results in a combination of many travel motives: Recreation, Experience, medical attendance, etc.d. Tourism grows in the middle east - Driven by sophistication of the Middle East lifestyle - Consumer are interessted in middle east culture - Expectations are growing - Number of hotel guests in Dubai increase 6 % from 2009 to 2010 - Visitor numbers are forecast to grow to 150 million - Investment - US$390 billion+ of new investment is planned until 2020e. What makes an ideal travel destination for thermal tourism? - High level of services - High quality thermal and natural resources - Well trained staff
  4. 4. - Strategic location - Tourist attractions - Safe environment - High level of language skills f. Opportunities for thermal tourism - Positioning as the top quality full-service provider in thermal tourism - Maximising the profitability - a holistic concept – well-being, health and experience - Differentation - to stand out in the service delivery - Local thermal characteristics convey an important piece of culture. Unique opportunity for the guests to experience foreign cultures with all senses.Existing projects in the Region: (May change) The Meridian Abu Dhabi One and Only Oriental Hammam Dubai Zabeel Saray The Ritz- Carlton Bahrain Royal Amwaj OceanaSchletterer thermal projects : (May change) Kempinski Marsa Malaz, Salalah Movenpick
  5. 5. Dubai Pearl Dead Sea Jordan Al Reem Mediterana Tropical IslandConclusion Pay attention to the thermal tourism in the Middle east. It is a market with high potential. In this time you don´t find a high competitiveness in this area. An untapped market.  Use this chance as new impulsion for your hotel.  Understanding the needs of the consumer and providing individual spa experiences.  Providing high quality and excellent customer service.  Innovations to ensure a continuous high profile.