Jerry Bennett's Days of Uncertainty and Dread


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This is a presentation about the experience of civilians in Gettysburg, PA during the campaign June 15th-30th, the battle on July 1, 2, 3, 1863 and the days following the battle.

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Jerry Bennett's Days of Uncertainty and Dread

  1. 1. Days ofUncertaintyand DreadJerry BennettThe Ordeal Endured byCitizens at Gettysburg
  2. 2. James Gettys
  3. 3. GettysburgEconomicDiversityAdvancedinfrastructure& servicesGeographic locationIncorporated in 1800Population Diversity
  4. 4. Chambersburg St.
  5. 5. York St.
  6. 6. Baltimore St.
  7. 7. Carlisle St.
  8. 8. LutheranTheologicalSeminary
  9. 9. Pennsylvania CollegeN. Washington St.
  10. 10. June 15-30“Unmistakable signs” Early warnings of ConfederateInvasion The town takes action to protect itself The first Confederate occupation ofGettysburg An emotional seesaw precedes thearrival of contending armies
  11. 11. Early warnings ofConfederate Invasion June 12- Gov. Curtin issued a statewide warning of possible invasion June 15- Curtin calls for volunteers June 16- First alarms of “Rebels arecoming”
  12. 12. Sallie Myers“The town was in a perfectuproar. The excitementwas intense for awhile butgradually subsided whenthe alarm proved false.”
  13. 13. Fannie Buehler“When the Rebs did notcome we lost faith intheir coming… We triedto make ourselvesbelieve that they wouldnever come.”
  14. 14. The towntakes action toprotect itself
  15. 15. Chambersburg PikeLooking west from McPherson’s Ridge
  16. 16. Chambersburg PikeConfederate’s First View of Gettysburg
  17. 17. Pandemonium!
  18. 18. Chambersburg Street at BufordRebels enter Gettysburg
  19. 19. Catherine Foster“The suspense grewintolerable to whichthe battle proved arelief.”
  20. 20. Confederate InfantryArrives on Seminary Ridge
  21. 21. SouthWashingtonStreetBuford’s Entryinto Gettysburg
  22. 22. Albertus McCreary“…Not anyone evendreamed that a greatbattle would be foughtnear us.”
  23. 23. July 1“An Awful Reality” A normal day turned upside down The wounded and the humanitarianresponse by Gettysburg’s women Varied behavior among many citizens Violent fighting in Gettysburg’s streets Union soldiers hidden at great risk bycitizens
  24. 24. Scott/McAllister House - 1st Block Chambersburg St. #43-45
  25. 25. ChristLutheran1st blockChambersburg St.1st Church openedfor a hospital
  26. 26. John Burns
  27. 27. Violent fighting inthe streets ofGettysburg
  28. 28. North EndWashington Street1st Corps Retreat
  29. 29. Baltimore StreetLooking north from Cemetery Hill11th Corps retreat route
  30. 30. Home of Professor Jacobs
  31. 31. Union soldiershidden at greatrisk by citizens
  32. 32. Catherine GarlachAlex Schimmelfennig
  33. 33. Garlach woodshed
  34. 34. Alice Powers“At night all was quietbut the tramp of guardsreminded the town thatits citizens wereprisoners.”
  35. 35. July 2nd“O’ How I DreadTomorrow” Life under enemy occupation Citizens’ mobility in Gettysburg,not evenly accessible Living in a combat zone No one is safe from errant artillery A rare night battle spoils sleep for the town
  36. 36. Baltimore St. from Jennie Wade
  37. 37. Union Skirmish LineIntersection of Baltimore Street. & Steinwehr Ave.
  38. 38. Jennie Wade
  39. 39. July 3rd“The Heavens and EarthWere Crashing Together” A putrid atmosphere “Putting forth all their might” The Confederates were“sullen and gloomy”
  40. 40. Sarah Broadhead“We knew that with everyexplosion human beings werehurried through excruciatingpain into another world andmany more were mangled andlying in torment worse thandeath. The thought made mevery sad. We knew that theConfederates were putting forthall their might and it was adreadful thought that theymight succeed.”
  41. 41. The Confederateswere “sullen andgloomy”
  42. 42. StoeverHouse
  43. 43. July 4th“Resurrected From An Untold Ordeal” “…I knew we were now safe…” Serious dangers still prevailed “…a dreadfully long day…”
  44. 44. Serious dangers still prevailed
  45. 45. “A dreadfully long day…”“Day is ended and allis quiet, and for thefirst time in a week Ishall go to bed feelingsafe…”-Sarah Broadhead
  46. 46. July 5th“The People Of GettysburgAssisted In Everyway” A second invasion Debilitating conditions Aftermath
  47. 47. A second invasion
  48. 48. “…tis not the same quiet old place as it was.”