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Cut Through the Noise: The 3Es of Brand Storytelling

  1. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Cut Through the Noise The 3Es of Brand Storytelling: Emotion, Engagement, and Experience
  2. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 The gridirons of real life and digital media are saturated with content.
  3. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Media is no longer a “thing.” Media technology is now: • Part of human culture • Hero enabling • Conduit to personal, social, & global change • Tool for economic and professional growth • Barrier breaking
  4. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 “A cyborg is not Terminator or Robocop, but the experience of everyday life that's been altered by technology. Everyone that uses technology is a superhuman.” Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist “It's not so strange anymore because it's the norm -- most everyone else around us is also a superhuman. The only time we notice it is when our devices run out of power. We're all super humans until our devices lose energy.”
  5. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Media psychology is an applied research method which seeks to understand and interpret the human experience in context to our usage and meaning associated with media and technology.
  6. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 ~Tunisha Singleton, Ph.D. The Need for Story “If technology is the car, let story be the driver. The car isn’t going anywhere without something behind the wheel driving it right. Let story enable the technology, making it relevant, practical, and complementary to the human experience.”
  7. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 The acceleration of content is no longer enough for brand or product sustainability
  8. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 By nature we are... Innate Storytellers o Contagious o Community building o Fostering empathy and connections
  9. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 do you make your project stand out?
  10. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 1) Emotion 2) Engagement 3) Experience Sculpt your story with the 3Es:
  11. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 1) Emotion  Strategically use technology to build emotionally-binding content.  Understanding the human drivers of behavior with research will tap into your audience’s needs.  Storytelling with data will enable you to create a content marketing strategy built on retention and growth.  Fuel for brand loyalty.
  12. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Emotion in Immersive Media Photo: Adam Mason  360 and VR experiences entering the non-profit sector  Cause marketing + social advocacy efforts  Build empathy to turn users into donors 
  13. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Emotional Components of Commitment Affective Continuance Normative Want Need Should
  14. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 2) Engagement  Ignite our social and digital media landscape with activity.  Invite opportunities to engage and see their experience come to fruition.
  15. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Transmedia Storytelling and Participatory Culture  Being honest, authentic, and true to your brand’s identity will open doors for interaction.  “Participation creates loyalty as a byproduct of ownership.” - Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Media Psychologist
  16. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Engagement in Sports Media (Synergy Sponsorship research) Insatiable Social Animals: • 78% of sports fans state that ease of access and immediacy of information are key drivers for social media use
  17. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 3) Experience  Products and services come and go...but breakthrough experiences have no expiration date.  Assess, strategize, implement, and evaluate different research methods and metrics to gather insight relevant to your marketing initiatives.  Hone your voice to own your brand experience.  Turn precious moments into valuable assets for your customers.
  18. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 “Companies should realize that they must make memories (and not goods) and create the stage for generating greater economic value (and not deliver services). Goods and services are no long enough. Customers now want experiences and they’re willing to pay admission for them.” Experience Economy, - B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, cofounders Strategic Horizons LLP.
  19. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Women empowerment brand experience Reebok Campaigns  2015 #BeMoreHuman  2016 #PerfectNever
  20. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Remodeling Reebok Through Core Values Challenges Authenticity Equality  Pure performer products  Style trendsetting swag  Restoring nostalgic products “Pumps”  Les Mills Group X classes  UFC affiliation  Ronda Rousey lead spokeswoman
  21. Tunisha Singleton, PhD © 2017 Experience is Undefeated. Feel it. Remember it. Share it .