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Tung Truong

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Tung Truong

  1. 1. Tung Truong 2555 Victor Ave Glenview, IL 60025 Apt 209 941-587-2566 EDUCATION Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Doctor of Pharmacy Graduated: June 2016 University of South Florida Biochemistry Major Last Attended August 2012 State College of Florida Associate of Arts Graduated: June 2011 LICENSE & CERTIFICATION Illinois State Board of Pharmacy, Pharmacist License December 2016 License number: Pending Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery Certificate Program June 2016 American Pharmacist Association ADVANCE PHARMACY PRACTICE EXPERIENCES (APPE) HOSPITAL PHARMACY EXPERIENCE Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) Sarasota, Fl Oct-Feb 2016 Acute Care Rotation  Provided thorough medication reconciliation services for newly admitted patients  Participated in weekly case conference with hospital pharmacy residents  Provided drug information for multiple chemotherapeutic agents for pharmacy residents  Collaborated with doctors and nurses to provide answers regarding drug inquiries  Successfully managed over 150 post-op patients that were on patient-controlled analgesia (PCA)  Participated in pain rounds to discuss pain management for post-op patients with the pain team  Monitored over 200 patients that were initiated on antibiotic therapy using pharmacokinetic data  Monitored and adjusted INR for patients on warfarin therapy  Managed appropriate level of aPTT for patients on heparin therapy  Formulated multiple orders of total parental nutrition for NPO patients  Provide cost effective treatment by identifying patients that will benefit from IV to PO conversion of antibiotics
  2. 2. Psychiatry Elective Rotation  Monitored psychiatric patients on clozapine, lithium and other psychiatric medications  Rounded with psychiatrists and provided answers to drug information questions  Educated patients on their newly prescribed psychiatric medication  Covered an in depth knowledge with preceptor on major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and psychosis Medication Safety Rotation  Monitored over 300 patient care general orders to prevent medication errors  Created graphs from MedMarx to identify, analyzed, and report medication errors to pharmacy staff  Discussed with hospital staff members on med errors and strategies to prevent future occurrence  Identified medication errors by auditing over 300 drugs on the pharmacy shelves Projects Involved  Created a new template for the Master Formulation Record that follows USP 795 standards  Researched updated information on 84 compounded products for the Master Formulation Record  Provided a 20 minutes PowerPoint on the Master Formulation Record to pharmacy staff members  Provided an official drug monograph on finafloxacin (Xtoro) for the P&T Committee Presentations Given  Delivered a 45 minute case presentation on infective endocarditis  Delivered a 45 minute case presentation on management of major depressive disorder  Provided a 30 minute group presentation for hospital pharmacists on the new USP 800 standards AMBULATORY CARE EXPERIENCE Bradenton, FL One Stop Clinic Sept-Oct 2015  Provided quality affordable care for members of the disadvantage community  Enrolled patients in prescription affordable plan  Collaborated with medical students to answer drug related questions  Utilized electronic health record system to document and monitor patient care  Provided SOAP notes for every patient encounter  Presented 2 journal club articles for the medical team  Demonstrated proper inhalation technique for asthma and COPD patients  Provided blood pressure/sugar/INR testing for patients  Called retail pharmacies to provide drug refill authorization for patients  Provided chronic disease management & consultation for patients with: - Type 1&2 diabetes Mellitus - Hyperlipidemia - Hypertension - Asthma & COPD - Anticoagulation therapy -Tobacco use RETAIL PHARMACY WORK EXPERIENCE
  3. 3. CVS Pharmacy Venice, FL  Processed prescriptions and insurance claims to determine eligibility for patients April-Sept 2016  Processed daily medication orders and managed the pharmacy inventory  Provided pharmacy customer service  Provided recommendation for affordable and effective OTC medication for patients  Provided patient care calls to increase patient adherence to medication  Called doctor’s offices to provide notice for upcoming prescription renewal  Provided patient counseling on prescriptions and OTC products  Provided drive-through customer service  Processed return to stock medications  Performed prescription drug utilization review and verification  Assisted in all transfer in and out prescriptions RETAIL PHARMACY INTERN EXPERIENCE (APPE) Walgreens (Community Pharmacy) Bradenton, FL  Performed Drug Utilization Review April-May 2016  Provided recommendation on effective OTC medication for patients  Provided assistance for pharmacists with all prescription transfers  Made calls to remind patients on upcoming refills to increase medication adherences  Provided answers to drug related questions for patients  Provided quick and precise data entry  Received refill authorization from doctors office  Provided prescription verification Publix (Community Pharmacy) Sarasota, FL  Performed data entry Feb-March 2016 &  Performed Pre-verification/Verification Aug-Sept 2015  Resolved adjudications  Processed prescriptions for patient at drop-off station  Counseled patients on their prescriptions  Assisted patients with choosing appropriate OTC medications  Provided cashier services  Provided all transfer of prescriptions  Assisted pharmacist with all phone in prescription  Faxed doctor’s offices for refill authorization  Reconstitute and add flavorings for antibiotic medication  Provided an oral monograph presentation on Trulicity  Covered top 200 drugs weekly INTRODUCTORY PHARMACY PRACTICE EXPERIENCES (IPPE) Hospital Pharmacy Experience Sarasota, FL Sarasota Memorial Hospital Aug-Sept 2013  Learned medication tracking process
  4. 4.  Presented a 25 minute presentation on the medication tracking process to staff pharmacists  Delivered medications and IV bags to the Pyxis machine  Operated on the Pyxis machine to load new medications  Stocked medications on pharmacy shelves  Practiced sterile techniques in the IV room  Practiced to obtain a thorough medication history of patients in the ER Walmart (Community Pharmacy) Sarasota, FL Pharmacy Intern July- Aug 2013  Learned how to input prescriptions  Filled and procured prescriptions  Assisted patients in choosing the appropriate OTC products  Stocked meds and determine expiration date  Learned how drugs are ordered in a retail setting  Called doctor’s offices to verify prescriptions PHARMACY VOLUNTEERING SERVICES Medication Adherence at CVS (KΨ) Bradenton, FL  Provided blood glucose testing for patient February 2014  Consulted patients on blood glucose control  Provided consultation for medication adherence  Provided blood pressure testing for patients Generation Rx Bradenton, FL Volunteer February 2014  Raised awareness of drug abuse and potential drug over dose  Provided tips for adolescents in creating a professional resume for work  Provided strategies to adolescents on effective interviewing skills Blood Pressure Monitoring (FSHP) Bradenton, FL Volunteer February 2014  Monitored Blood Pressure for patients  Raised awareness on medication adherence  Raised awareness on acetaminophen overdose Script Your Future (KΨ) Bradenton, FL Volunteer February 2014  Advised Children and adults on bacterial infection prevention practices  Advised Children and adults on the safety of storing medication  Promoted medication adherence Target Operation Immunization (APhA) Sarasota, FL Volunteer October 2014  Promoted vaccination services  Raised awareness on the importance of vaccination  Educated patients on different types of vaccines Generation Rx (APhA) Bradenton, FL Volunteer February 2013  Educated adolescents on the effects of caffeine
  5. 5.  Assessed career choices for youth  Covered risks of improper medication management Operation Self Care (APhA) Bradenton, FL Volunteer April 2013  Consulted with patients on the prevention and treatment of heartburn  Educated patients on the differences between cold and flu SCHOOL RELATED SERVICES Disease Awareness (KΨ) Bradenton, FL  Created informative poster on multiple sclerosis March 2014  Created informative poster on autism Emma Elementary School Bradenton, FL Guest Speaker January 2013  Consulted on topics of nutrition  Educated students on healthy life style management FUNDRAISING EVENTS Bradenton, FL April 2014 Juvenile Diabetes Research Funding (KΨ)  Sold baked goods to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Funding PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION INVOLVEMENT  Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Incorporated (KΨ) LEADERSHIP ROLE  Chaplain (KΨ) SUMMARY OF SKILLS  Fluent in Vietnamese and English  Customer service & Professionalism  Ability to multitask and work with computers  Ability to work proficiently under stress COMMUNITY SERVICES Beach clean up (Kappa Psi) Bradenton, FL May 2015 Be the Match (Bone Marrow) Bradenton, FL October 2014 SCHOLARSHIP AND AWARDS 2012-2015- LECOM Academic Scholarship 2009- President’s list for academic excellence 2010- Dean’s list for academic excellence REFERENCE Hieu Khuc Walgreens Pharmacy Manager 941-218-3088 Victor Rosales, PharmD Walgreens Pharmacist
  6. 6. 915-256-7782 Ashley Nazareno, PharmD, BCCP Sarasota Memorial Hospital 410-530-8019 Pamela Lewis, PharmD, Med Safety Specialist Sarasota Memorial Hospital 941-400-8030

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