Tune Hopper - Promoting Musicians


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Slide deck describing how Tune Hopper can eventually help promote musicians.

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Tune Hopper - Promoting Musicians

  1. 1. iPhone Game Overview v1.0
  2. 2. What is Tune Hopper?Tune Hopper is an entertaining newiPhone game created to promotemusical learning.Game users play sounds to makesongs using call and responsepatterns similar to Simon Says.
  3. 3. Musical Learning● Sheet music inspired game board● Musical Alphabet scale on sound tiles● Tap sound tiles to create songs● Character centered game-play (Greg)● Ear training, musical alphabet, chords
  4. 4. Songs in Gameplay ● Gameplay focus on song melodies ● Remember tunes to achieve high scores ● Players learn musical notes during play ● Remember melodies to win game ● Customizable Albums for artists
  5. 5. Game Screen Shots
  6. 6. Target Audience ● Children ● Musicians ● Moms & Dads ● Snack Gamers ● Education Institutes ● Fans of Specific Artistsie Classic Rock Parents
  7. 7. Business Model ● Free download with in-app purchases ● Expandable in-app store with additional albums from external sources ● Ring-tones revenue ● Direct connection to iTunes, websites ● Sales of composer application and other applications
  8. 8. Promotional Tools● iTunes Connection = direct sales● Branded Albums and Items● Market Tracking on Branded Items● Social Network Integration● Branded Competitions● Composition and Collaboration through Composer Application
  9. 9. iTunes Connect● iTunes button on every album screen● Purchases only a password away!● Buyers likely to purchase albums after playing songs in game
  10. 10. Marketing &Branding based off original songs ● Short game jingles ● Jingles become possible ringtones ● Themed album graphics, Gregs accessories ● Themed food rewards, floor tiles, character animations, game stories, etc.
  11. 11. Branded Game Board Game Mockup Branded Items Johnny Cash Accessories ● In-game brandingBuy Album on iTunes items ● Links to purchase accessories ● Players are buying while having fun
  12. 12. Market Tracking● Track gameplay (how players learn songs)● Track user feedback on specific songs/albums● Leaderboards track social network virality● Survey players, reviews
  13. 13. Social Marketing● Custom branded leaderboards● Open API to track potential customers● Social connectivity to share favorite artists song● Share high score, song ratings & other competition on Game Center, Facebook, Twitter● Testpad for pre-release marketing campaign
  14. 14. Branded CompetitionBranded Leaderboards: ● Create custom Facebook updates with a standalone scoreboard for your albums ● Allow gamers to rate songs and gameplay ● Customize and/or create game versions of songs ● Winning game cover wins a backstage pass ● Free MP3 Downloads
  15. 15. Artist Sponsored CompetitionA social media contest to create the best gamecovers of either a song or an entire album!can judge on: ● best rendition of song ● best game play ● best artwork (icons, gameboard, Greg, treats etc)Rewards like MP3, backstage passes...
  16. 16. Composing App● Create Ringtones used for gameplay● Fast melody creation without sight reading● Educational tool● Promotes fan-artist collaboration through voting, requests, rating.
  17. 17. Contact UsReuel Meditz (Game Founder)Reuel@tunehopper.com512-300-5671@tunehopperSilona Bonewald (Game Producer)Silona@tunehopper.com512-750-9220@silona