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English lesson

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  2. 2. Plan of the lesson: • Quote of the lesson • Vocabulary • Practical exercises
  3. 3. Without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional. by Jahangir Khan
  4. 4. Word Pronunciation actor/actress ['æktə] / ['æktrıs] architect ['ɑ:kıtekt] baby-sitter ['beıbı'sıtə] baker ['beıkə] chef [ʃef] doctor ['dɔktə] journalist ['ʤə:nəlıst] painter ['peıntə] pilot ['paılət] secretary [ˈsɛkrɪt(ə)ri] teacher ['ti:ʧə] waiter/waitress ['weıtə] / ['weıtrıs] writer ['raıtə] Vocabulary
  5. 5. 1) An architect 2) A baby-sitter 3) A baker 4) A doctor 5) A painter 6) A pilot 7) A teacher 8) A writer a) paints pictures b) treats people c) designs buildings d) bakes bread and cakes e) write books and articles f) takes care of children g) operates a plane h) teaches children Match the two lists to make sentences describing certain jobs
  6. 6. Who is this? She is a responsible, patient, careful person. She likes children very much. She takes care of children. She is a … Baby-sitter
  7. 7. Who is this? He is a patient, careful, hard-working person. He cures sick people. He wears white robe. He is a … Doctor
  8. 8. Who is this? He is a creative, hard-working, accurate person. He has wide imagination. He writes a lot of books and articles. He is a… Writer
  9. 9. Who is this? She is a responsible, patient, careful, intelligent and hard-working person, who loves children very much. She spends a lot of time with children. She gives them knowledge. She is a … Teacher
  10. 10. Guess the profession 1)Who helps children to learn? 2)Who helps sick people? 3)Who flies on airplanes? 4)Who works at the restaurants? 5)Who takes care of children? 6)Who bakes bread and cakes?
  11. 11. Guess my future profession 1)-Do you want to be a driver? -Yes, I do/No, I don’t 2)-Are you going to be a doctor? -Yes, I am/No, I am not
  12. 12. Fill in the gaps with the words in the box 1)A teacher helps … to learn. 2)… bakes delicious bread and cakes. 3)An architect creates new … 4)…writes novels and articles 5)A doctor … sick people. 6)A waiter works at … A baker, the restaurant, cures, buildings, a writer, children
  13. 13. Good job!
  14. 14. Home task -ex.10-15 p.45 Workbook -learn new words by heart -write a short composition “I want to be a…”