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Driving Your Digital Transformation With Manufacturing Apps


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Manufacturing apps capture and integrate data from people, machines, devices and tools on the shop-floor to
provide real-time visibility into operations.

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Driving Your Digital Transformation With Manufacturing Apps

  1. 1. Driving Your Digital Transformation With Manufacturing Apps © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc.
  2. 2. Table of Contents What are Manufacturing Apps? Why Should Manufacturers Care? A new approach for Manufacturing Technology Manufacturing Apps Use Cases Real World Case Studies from Tulip Customers About Tulip
  3. 3. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Apps that turn your workflows into instrumented, data collecting, digital processes What are Manufacturing Apps? SHOP-FLOOR IOT MANUFACTURING APP LIVE DATA Read more: Manufacturing apps capture and integrate data from the people, machines, devices and tools on your shop-floor, to provide real-time visibility into your operations as well as actionable insights for continuous improvement opportunities.
  4. 4. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. What are the business drivers for adopting Manufacturing Apps Why should manufacturers care? The most successful digital transformation initiatives are those implemented to achieve business goals. Some of the business results you can achieve with Manufacturing Apps are: INCREMENTAL REVENUE COST REDUCTION Operator Productivity Reduction of Quality Defects Lower IT Costs Faster Launch of New Products Reduction of Training Costs Faster audits Real Time Kaizen Savings from reduced rework Safer workplace Enable Customization Faster Error Resolution Increased Compliance Higher Throughput Higher Machine Uptime Lower Maintenance Costs
  5. 5. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Lean manufacturing has stayed away from IT - until now A new approach to Manufacturing Technology Traditional Manufacturing IT is hard and expensive to deploy. This required executives removed from the operations, rather than end users, to scope and impose systems on the shop floor. This results in long development processes and systems that are always lagging behind the needs of the business. Bottom Up Manufacturing IT such as Tulip, takes a radically different approach - it is Self-Serve. This means Process Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers and other end-users of the software are empowered to drive the digital transformation of their organizations for the first time. Empower End Users Agile IT = Lower Cost Faster Time to Value SELF-SERVE MANUFACTURING APPS BENEFITS
  6. 6. Manufacturing Apps Use Cases
  7. 7. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Enhance Operator Performance QUALITY Quality Image Catalogue Rework Management In-line Audit Prep to Ship Visual Quality Inspection Defect tracking and analysis Root Cause analysis Kitting Responsive Checklist with real-time quality alerts Take pictures of parts for quality inventory Define dynamic rework loops for different defects Perform quality inspections before shipping a product Take pictures of parts for quality inventory Collect all defects and deviation and generate a pareto chart Identify and solve quality root causes in real-time Ensure quality on kitting activities along your operations
  8. 8. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Ensure Operator Compliance AUDIT Layered Process Audits Machinery Audit Compliance Audit Workspace Audit ISO CFR Environmental Health and Safety Safety Audit App to perform compliance audits App to ensure high risk processes and error proof devices App to perform machinery audits Perform workspace audits by station, line, factory, office Verify that SOPs are in place, current and being followed with actual completion data Confirm compliance and version control in highly regulated industries App for checking the work space for health and safety compliance App to ensure your safety procedures are standardized and met Product Genealogy & Traceability Track lifecycle reports to see who built a product, what SOPs were used and what quality issues resulted
  9. 9. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Reduce Operator Training Costs TRAINING New Task Training New Product Introduction Machine Maintenance Real-time targeted feedback Skill Level Monitoring New Employee Training Machine Turnover Guide operators through troubleshooting procedures Train operators on new tasks, processes and SOPs Train your workforce on new product assembly Use real-time data to provide timely and objective feedback to operators Check if users are trained on skills needed to run certain processes Train and monitor new employees through their learning curve Guide complex procedures with multimedia and sensors
  10. 10. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Maximize Operator Productivity INTERACTIVE WORK INSTRUCTIONS Flow Work Instructions Customized Products Gamified Work Instructions Sorting Personalized Work Instructions Compliance Instructions Kitting Randomized steps on your work instructions to increase engagement Sensor triggered instructions that automatically engage with user Guide operators as they build low volume, high variability products Guide the sorting of diverse materials and items Adapt work instructions based on the skill level and training of operators Require user input and explicitly create a traceable record Guide grouping, packaging, and supply of separate items
  11. 11. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Provide Targeted Feedback JOB TRACKING & VISIBILITY Production Ahead or Behind Schedule Job Tracking Tool Tracking Work order routing First Pass Yield Cycle Time Track tools, WIP, rework through maintenance, value chain and refurb workflows Gain visibility on what has been produced up to a certain time App that tells you if production is keeping up with scheduled jobs and alerts you otherwise Catalog of tools tracked through production Track which operator is doing which job and how long it takes them Track first pass yield by lot, operator, asset, plant or shift See if operators are above or below target cycle times Machine Shop Visibility Part tracking Know which machine produced which part and who was involved with it Track parts as they move along the production line Mobile line supervision See what goes on the shop floor from your mobile or tablet
  12. 12. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Unlock Real-Time Continuous Improvement LEAN MANUFACTURING Time Study Audio Visual Andon Error Proof Manual Work Live Root Cause Analysis Digital Andon Cord 5S Operator Suggestions Guide manual operations using sensors and pick-to-lights Perform live time studies on single or multiple stations with analytics Replace andon light with a digital dashboard that gives you plant level visibility Standardize 5 why practices, collect data and results from analysis Replace your andon cord with digital alerts such as SMS and Email notifications Create 5S audits, display/share results, assign responsibility and track resolution Let operators provide real-time feedback on SOPs to enable continuous improvement Digital Kanban Perform just in time digital inventory control
  13. 13. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness MACHINE MONITORING Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) See if the expensive new asset is being used 100% of the time / if not, why not? Machine Setup at Startup App that collects data from the machine to ensure it is within expected range for startup
  14. 14. Real World Case Studies from Tulip Customers
  15. 15. DEVICES USED APPS Fortune 100 Case Study TRAINING AUDIT & QUALITY VISUAL WORK INSTRUCTIONS BARCODE SCANNER CAMERA“You can depend on Tulip to show you what to do” - Carolyn , MFG Operator 87% Training Time 99% Defect Rate 11% Cycle Time Pick To Light LEAN APPS © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc.
  16. 16. DEVICES USED APPS AUDIT & QUALITY VISUAL WORK INSTRUCTIONS BARCODE SCANNER CAMERA “Now we have real-time insights that let us optimize even low volume production runs” - Quality Engineer TABLETS 60% Quality Issues 10% Production Yield 4 Weeks Time-to-value © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc.
  17. 17. DEVICES USED APPS “Tulip captures a lot of ancillary Data” - Jerry Megaro, Global Head Advanced Analytics VISUAL WORK INSTRUCTIONS TRAINING AUDIT & QUALITY BARCODE SCANNER CAMERA SMART TOOLS 92% Training Time 57% Training Cost © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc.
  18. 18. DEVICES USED APPS 75% Training Time 1 Bn Combinations “Tulip makes it impossible to make a mistake” - Geno , MFG Operator VISUAL WORK INSTRUCTIONS AUDIT & QUALITY BARCODE SCANNER CAMERA Pick To Light © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc.
  19. 19. Proprietary & Confidential, Shared Under NDA © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Tulip Company Overview AWARDSPARTNERS COVERAGE Tulip is the leader in self-serve manufacturing apps. Founded in 2012 as a spin off resulting from more than 10 years of research at the MIT Media Lab, the company has several Fortune 500 customers across more than 10 countries. Based in Somerville, MA, it also has offices in London, UK. INDUSTRIES PHARMA APPAREL A&D AUTOMOTIVE HEAVY INDUSTRY ELECTRONICS MEDICAL DEVICES © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc.
  20. 20. © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc. Tulip Empowers Everyone on Your Team to Create the Manufacturing Apps they Need The use cases grow every day as more people use Tulip to digitize their operations OPERATORS Use apps and provide feedback to improve them as they discover better ways to do things PROCESS ENGINEERS Build apps to digitize their processes, collect the relevant data they need and gain actionable insights OPERATION LEADERSHIP Create apps and dashboard to keep track of operations and perform continuous improvement in real-time © 2018 Tulip Interfaces, Inc.
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