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Opening session of the TuleapCon 2017

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email Keynote Laurent CHARLES, Manuel VACELET (Enalean),
  2. 2. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email 2011 2017 ...
  3. 3. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email TQL Art links v2 Comprehensive import/export Pull requests Multiple SVN Distributed Tuleap Kanban Scrum Planning v2 Mattermost Integration Migration from Jira, Bugzilla, Github, other proprietary tool •21 releases •33044 commits •27 contributors •Communication channels • • •Publications • Weekly webinars • Top 10 open source project management tools in 2016 ( • Wikipedia page • Customer testimonials Burning Parrot UI Tuleap Dashboard Since last TuleapCon
  4. 4. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email More info :
  5. 5. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email Software Engineering in 2017 DevOps Social Coding Code review Continuous Integration Continuous Testing Docker Agile Development Continuous Delivery Cloud
  6. 6. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email Software Engineering in 2017 Time to market Security Business Value Traceability Legacy QualityFeedback loop Delivery cycle
  7. 7. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email One tool to link them all
  8. 8. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email Tuleap Test & Validation Tool
  9. 9. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email Tuleap Ladder Software engineering is a journey Open Roadmap
  10. 10. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email Open Roadmap
  11. 11. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email Open Roadmap 2017 Performances and scalability User experience & User Interface consistency Portfolio Management Scrum v2 Distributed SVN Instrumentation Cross tracker queries Dashboard widgets Artifact aggregation New dashboards New widgets Burning Parrot look & feel Project admin overhaul Flexible data model Velocity Cardwall v2 PHP 5.6 RHEL7
  12. 12. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM email Thank you