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TuleapCon 2019. PLM in a software world-Dassault Systemes


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Nowadays' complex products increasingly require the integration of hardware and software development processes. This makes ALM-PLM coherence one of the hot topics of industrial companies.

To discuss this big challenge, Karine CAUSSE-GOBINET from Dassault Systèmes gave a talk at TuleapCon 2019. She explained how PLM and ALM can collaborate, share why Tuleap is a good ALM and how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can be connected to Tuleap.

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TuleapCon 2019. PLM in a software world-Dassault Systemes

  1. 1. #tuleapcon2019 PLM in a software world Karine Causse-Gobinet, Dassault Systèmes
  2. 2. PLM in a software world Agenda • A PLM Story • What modern PLM is about • How software is transforming industry • What PLM brings to Software • tuleap & PLM
  3. 3. PLM in a software world A PLM Story 1989 3D DMU Digital Mock-up 1981 3D
 Design 1999 3D PLM Product Lifecycle
 Management 2012 3DEXPERIENCE®
 platform Business Experience
  4. 4. PLM in a software world The 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform Social & Collaborative Apps 3D Modeling Apps Simulation Apps Information Intelligence Apps Real time 3DEXPERIENCE
  5. 5. PLM in a software world What modern PLM is about Unified user experience Across all Process & Industries Social collaboration For social innovation Extension to any Discipline Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Finance Business Dashboarding Aggregate multiple data sources Designed for Cloud Fast deployment to SMBs and new industries Packaged by Roles Built from customer needs per industry
  6. 6. PLM in a software world Software is changing products Software makes products: • Smart: products can react to situations • Adaptable: products can evolve real time • Innovative: products offer new features at a very fast pace • Communicating: all objects can communicate with one another: internet of things Software is becoming: • The biggest part of the products innovation • The biggest part of products’ value
  7. 7. PLM in a software world So PLM has to change too -> Deliver more innovation, faster at reduced costs while product complexity is getting higher, with intertwined hardware and software. • Master HW/SW complexity and compatibility (at the source today of some of the largest product recalls : Fiat Chrysler recall of 1.4M vehicles, Toyota recall, Airbus A400M crash AND most advanced innovations e.g. Ericsson SDN • Streamline product innovation (through platform based SW Product Lines) -> Allow software teams to work in a rapid nimble manner, using their best in-class development tools (commercial, open source, home grown,…), but be able to organize work, monitor progress, trace IP (internal and external, manage security and protection of critical data, guarantee quality.) • Connect to existing Software tools • Manage Software assets
  8. 8. PLM in a software world Why PLM for Software A Product Portfolio view: • Organize products in product lines • Reuse features and platforms, configure your software • Evolve from a one-shot application build to a product assembly approach from common reusable building blocks. A Software Component approach • Maximize software modularity and software reuse • Organize and classify software in a software component library • Control your software content, manage licensing of SW components, have a white-box approach. A Supply Chain Management capacity • Manage software sourcing • Subcontract software components • Manage open source components Software Certification processes and IP protection (alarm raising, encryption schemes, open source usage declarations, patent declarations) Our Best reference: DSX R&D
  9. 9. PLM in a software world 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for Software - Openness PLM – 3DEXPERIENCE Platform ALM team enterprise SCM Defect & Activity Requirements MBSE Architecture CI/CD Delivery IDE Authoring User Dashboards, Product Intelligence Organizations, roles & security SW Products, variants, documents, enterprise defects & change, libraries & platforms, 3PP 1/ traceability 2/ OSLC 3/ RESTful APIs
  10. 10. PLM in a software world One PLM for System, HW, SW and Service
  11. 11. PLM in a software world Tuleap and 3DS • A new collaboration • Looking for a common customer • Demo of a prototype