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TuleapCon 2019. Opening Keynote. Enalean


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Laurent CHARLES and Manuel VACELET, co-founders of Enalean, remember us how software changes the way industrial companies create value products and shares news about Tuleap and Enalean.

Published in: Technology
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TuleapCon 2019. Opening Keynote. Enalean

  1. 1. #tuleapcon2019 Opening keynote Laurent CHARLES, ENALEAN, CEO & co-founder Manuel VACELET, ENALEAN, CTO & co-founder
  2. 2. Opening keynote Thanks
  3. 3. Opening keynote 1980-1990... software is here
  4. 4. Opening keynote 2000... software hurts Inadequate ! Late ! Expensive !
  5. 5. Opening keynote 2010... we are agile We are SCRUM We are Kanban We are XP We are 7 people Tout est au mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possibles © evolucium 2018
  6. 6. Opening keynote Meanwhile, the industry... ✓ Core business changes ✓ Development processes change ✓ Business models change "We are no longer an airline, we are a software company with wings." CIO of a US airline "Every business is a software business."
  7. 7. Opening keynote Software changes enterprises Building software is different How to do (good) software ?
  8. 8. Opening keynote Industry challenges with software ✓Long-term maintenance ✓Large-scale development ✓Collaboration vs Safety & Confidentiality ✓Control software production
  9. 9. Opening keynote ✓ALM ✓Agile development Il faut cultiver notre jardin
  10. 10. Opening keynote Tuleap Roadmap 2019 Agile at Scale - SAFe Baseline DevOps for all
  11. 11. Opening keynote Competing worldwide Source: HTF Market Intelligence “Global Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Software Market Analysis 2012-2017 and Forecast 2018-2023”
  12. 12. Opening keynote One more thing
  13. 13. Opening keynote Thank you