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TuleapCon 2017-STMicroelectronics-Imaging-Division-Case-Study


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Vincent Colin de Verdiere shares how his division configured their Tuleap platform so that they can track the full products life.

Published in: Technology
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TuleapCon 2017-STMicroelectronics-Imaging-Division-Case-Study

  1. 1. My Tuleap Story #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source Vincent Colin de Verdiere CAD Engineer (Imaging division) ST Microelectronics
  2. 2. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story STMicroelectronics, Imaging Division Main Activities • Silicon Design (mainly HW development but also some SW development (Firmware) ) • Sensor based products (camera, range-finder, ..) CAD team activity • Facilitator role on EDA/CAD tools (selection, deployment, training, support) • Define, Improve and deploy development methodologies
  3. 3. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story How do we use Tuleap • More than 100 Tuleap projects inside main Tuleap instance for the IMG division of ST • Few Tuleap projects in another Tuleap instance shared with external partners • Mainly 2 kinds of Tuleap projects: o Technology/Algorithm/Modelling/Generic Activity/IP development (long term project instances – never ends) 50-250 users per projects o Product : one Tuleap project per product (or product family or prototype) 10-50 users per projects (.5 to 2 years) (up to 2 new projects created each month) o Users : all division members : HW & SW developers, project leaders, team leaders, product owner, marketing, quality, engineering, test o Main features: Single tracker per product for full product life (from early prototyping to customer support) (focus on this case only) One or several svn repo, git repo (sw only) Document manager Mediawiki (howto doc, weekly reporting handling, …) File Manager (package deliveries, …) Continuous Integration (source code CI, miscellaneous automations)
  4. 4. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story HW product life-cycle management with Tuleap • 2 Kind of Trackers - Generic trackers (ip, algorithm, …) for development that is shared between products - Single tracker per product for all activities (dev, engineering, Q&A, …) • Original Tracker Usage for IMG/ST division Our work-flow requires automated ticket duplication in 3 different contexts : 1. Ticket duplication within product tracker to handle multi-fix for multiple versions of a product (focus on this case only) 2. Ticket duplication / synchronization between product tracker and generic tracker to ease bug/information sharing between projects 3. Ticket duplication / synchronization between product trackers on 2 Tuleap instances
  5. 5. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story Use case: • One HW product has several releases (named PGs) • One given HW defect can be closed differently between products releases: Root cause fix in HW code, Waived until next version, SW work-around, …… • We need to track for each version of a product, how a given defect was fixed and more importantly guarantee that all temporary fixes in initial versions are properly either maintained or properly fixed in the next version without missing any. • One ticket per defect does not fulfill the objective • Proposal: use one ticket per defect AND per HW product version. Implemented Solution: • Create a new parent/child ticket schema inside single tracker • Develop some automation to create child tickets with minimal effort from user. HW product life-cycle management with Tuleap : Handle multiple product versions via ticket duplication within single tracker
  6. 6. HW Defect Life Cycle Status Stage Genealogy OpenCopied Assigned Parent Open Waived Child 6 Status Stage Genealogy OpenCopied Under Impl Parent Open Temporarily fixed Child Status Stage Genealogy Open Fixed Parent Status Stage Genealogy Open Analyzed Parent Status Stage Genealogy Open Assigned Parent Status Stage Genealogy Open Declined Parent Status Stage Genealogy OpenCopied Waived Parent Closed Waived Child Status Stage Genealogy OpenCopied Temporarily Fixed Parent Closed Temporarily Fixed Child Status Stage Genealogy Closed Fixed Parent Status Stage Genealogy Closed Declined Parent Child creation Implementat ion Proposal New bug submission Bug assigned for analysis Bug analyzed, ready for decision Can be imperfectly fixed In current HW version Proposal Granted by product team Child creation Can be fixed in current HW version Reported issue is not a bug Can be waived in current HW version
  7. 7. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story ST Implementation details : Workflow and Trigger Ticket Workflow for Status field • Attach a Jenkins trigger in ticket workflow (Status: Open -> Request Copy) • Jenkins Trigger executes a script that: • Technically : o Copies source ticket to new ticket o Copy-to field is used to set target product version o Scripts are written in python using REST api. o A full python package was developed to ease Tuleap platform access via both REST api and legacy SOAP api
  8. 8. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story • Tuleap is used for all projects with unique methodology : • Very good tracking of defects during product life • Ticket duplication automation : fast adoption by users Gains of using Tuleap for product life-cycle management Good efficiency No training needed for new projects. High Quality Bug do not silently reappear during product life No extra cost for developers No human errors created by manual procedures
  9. 9. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story Tuleap Items that would improve our efficiency More automation capabilities Full access to tracker data Easier Tuleap project administration for non-site admins • More complete project/tracker template instantiation • APIs : svn service, full tracker configuration (name , dependencies table) • Synchronization between svn/git tags and tracker fields Access to raw data in all charts (cumulative flow charts) Intermediate Tuleap admin role with access to all division projects
  10. 10. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story Thanks for your involvement and for your contribution to Tuleap life
  11. 11. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story BACKUP SLIDES
  12. 12. #TuleapCon2017 @TuleapOpenALM 100 % Agile & Open Source My Tuleap Story ST Implementation details : Tracker setup • Extra fields/Values in tracker Status SelectBox Open/Closed/Request Copy/Open Copied Stage SelectBox Many values including closure values: Fixed/Waived/Declined/Temporarily Fixed/.. Copy To SelectBox SelectBox containing all product versions Genealogy SelectBox Parent ,Child Filiation ArtifactLink List child tickets