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Low cost smart board


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Low cost smart board

  2. 2. WHAT YOU NEED (HARDWARE) • Computer • Bluetooth adapter • Projector • Video cables • Wiimote(s) • IR LED pen
  3. 3. HOW IT WORKS An infra-red sensor is in the wiimote HID(Human Interface Device) inside the wiimote makes the pen control the pointer It detects the orientation of the controller from x- y- z- axes A bluetooth connection is set up to computer When the pen emits infra-red in different positions, wiimote receives the signals and sends it to computer
  4. 4. ITEMS AVAILABLE • Projector • Video cable • Computer • White board
  5. 5. ITEMS REQUIRED • Wii Remote • Bluetooth adapter • IR Pen • Stand for Wii remote (Optional) • Smoothboard software (Already downloaded)
  6. 6. WHERE TO FIND Technical Details:  IR Push button Pen USB Bluetooth Adapter Wiimote mounting system Wii Remote Controller Licensed Copy of Smoothboard software
  7. 7. COST OF KIT Cost of full kit • Rs 7800/- + delivery Charges Cost of Individual Items IR Pen – 1200 Wii Remote – 2200 Bluetooth Dongle – 200 Stand - 900 Total - Rs 4500/-
  8. 8. CHALLENGES • Use of Bluetooth dongle • Compatibility of the system with thin client. • Installing software in Thin client • Integration of hardware if brought from different sources