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YLE and the Future of media - change agents and drivers and YLE strategies.

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  • Organization: In New Media Department, in YLE Vision (the division of YLE that has online services, popular music & culture, children’s programmes and entertainment) Development projects inside YLE: for example Future of children’s content services, future of radio Foresighting, future media environment, audiences’ media use habits, Building innovation strategy for YLE Finding and communicating future possibilities for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, informing the teams who plan YLE New Services of possible future developments Working method: strong networking, online visibility (blogs, podcasts) and co-operations with active users Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • https://journals.tdl.org/jvwr/article/view/861/626 On Money and Magic Edward Castronova Abstract | PDF
  • https://journals.tdl.org/jvwr/article/view/861/626 On Money and Magic Edward Castronova Abstract | PDF
  • http://www.stat.fi/til/sutivi/2009/sutivi_2009_2009-09-08_tau_001.html Tilastokeskus 2009
  • Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Sukellus.fi is a website for diving enthusiasts During the Asian tsunami catastrophe in December 2004 they were the ones to immediately report names or surviving Finnish citizens There were thousands of Finns spending vacation in Thailand who their families and friends were worried about They started publishing immediately because they had people on location, good connections, access to a publishing platform and skills to use it for the public good Officials later said they too had capacity to build websites fast, but they, as well as the travel agenvies, thought it was against privacy protection to publish names of known survivors online Sukellus.fi team was rewarded by the State for their excellent work with ”The State Information Publishing Award” in 2006 Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • A new phenomenon in the digital and networked communications environment is the emergence of one-off-success stories, where or a group of amateurs does a better job informing the public that professional organisations can A team of hobbyists may take excellent care of emergency communications while the authorities still organise themselves (for example the Sukellus.fi case) A blogger may do something as a service to the public, just once, and get publicity for it This kind of content can be raw material live from an event, or carefully crafted piece of political commentary, or light entertainment; a funny remix of media content, a film clip with new subtitles and so on It challenges the mainstream media for several reasons Mainstream media cannot be everywhere, whereas a member of the public may very well be able to start broadcasting facts and eye-witness accounts from an event Publishing unverified information is not possible for established media, but that’s how online works: huge amounts of raw data, information and misinformation it first published by all kinds of people and then the collective filtering sorts out the best content Established media has a code of ethics that binds it, they protect people’s privacy for instant, unlike independent actors online sometimes Unique pieces of content, that may not be part of any journalistic publication or even part of a blog – they are posted somewhere online (such as YouTube) and the links are passed on by the public A beating at a mall, where guards used unnecessary force, leading later to msm attention A veteran’s suicide at a national independence day parade : someone was filming the parade and captured an old man walking on purpose in front of a tank. Finnish Broadcasting Company was broadcasting the event didn’t show it, although we had video material. But this private video was posted to YouTube and the link quickly spread online. Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • There was a city administration renewal where three cities were fusing: Jyväskylä, Jyväskylän maalaiskunta and Korpilahti were to form the new Jyväskylä together. Student Erkka Piirainen wondered why no news medium was planning to cover the historical debate live online. He had been using a mobile videostream device on his cell phone. He decided to go and broadcast the event online himself. He went the the community meeting in Jyväskylän maalaiskunta. The seating for the general publisc was already filled to capacity but he was allowed in the press space. He used his cell phone with Qik application, which is free, consumer product. He was subscribing to mobile broadband with a fixed monthly fee so this didn’t cause extra expences The local newspaper Keskisuomalainen linked to his video stream online, thus generating a bigger audience that he otherwise might have had His blog subscribers also forwarded the link to live broadcast Many of those came online just to see how he did this, not because they were interested in the subject matter Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Many non-professionals now have the means, and many have the skills, to produce broadcast-quality material about exactly the content matter that is interesting to them They can spend an enormous amount of time creating a piece of content – if they choose to (compared to salaried journalist who only has limited time to finish a story) Are these minor sites or services a threat to established media? It doesn’t first appear so, but Attention, time spent watching - Every minute spent wathing peer content is a minute away from mainstream traditional media Motivation for producing content different fromt that of paid professionals Peers have the means, and many have the skills, to produce broadcast-quality material about exactly the content matter that is interesting to them They can spend an enormous amount of time creating a piece of content – if they choose to, compared to salaried journalist who only has limited time to finish a story New players don’t respect old rules Respect of privacy and other ethical guidelines are nonexistent online; when a detail is discovered by one person, it is posted and re-posted all over the web That is on the other hand the power of crowds: together the masses online uncover a lot of facts and get them out fast, which is why a good journalist tries to be as well networked as possible – to be among the first to know Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • We want our staff – journalists, technology experts and other specialists – to feel that they are entitled to a presence online in their professional capacity They are encouraged to engage in online communities in their professional roles Some – more and more – YLE staff will be working online as their main job – journalists and editors and managers are expected to take part in public discussion online and be seen and heard on popular online sites as well as the YLE.fi website Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Sisältöihimme on helppo linkittää eri sosiaalisen median areenoilla Ikiosoitteet Sosiaaliset kirjanmerkit käytössä koko palvelussa Ihmiset voivat ottaa YLEn sisällöt mukaansa RSS-syötteinä Kuva- ja videoupotuksina Kokonaan ladattavina, joko YLEn palvelusta tai muista esim. P2P-tekniikkaa hyödyntävistä palveluista Hankimme oikeuksia, jotta voimme antaa sisältöjämme yleisön muokattavaksi Video- ja audioeditointi Tarjoamme foorumeita myös ihmisten omien tuotosten julkaisemiseen Sekä alkuperäiset tuotokset että meidän sisällöistämme muokatut Sisältöjämme on helppo kommentoida ja niiden ympärille voi kokoontua keskustelemaan Yleläiset osallistuvat myös itse aktiivisesti keskusteluun Seuraamme myös YLEn ulkopuolella tapahtuvia keskusteluita Linkitämme anteliaasti ulos muualla julkaistuihin sisältöihin Tunnistautuminen tapahtuu yhdellä kirjautumisella
  • http://www.finlex.fi/fi/laki/kaannokset/1993/en19931380.pdf http://yle.fi/fbc/pdf/yle_visions2009.pdf Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Tuija Aalto YLE Uudet palvelut Tulevaisuus lab
  • Aalto Media Factory Haikko 9 4 2010

    1. 1. Future Media Change Agents and Drivers Tuija Aalto YLE New Media Future Lab Aalto Media Factory Haikko 2010-4-9
    2. 2. YLE New Media, Future Lab <ul><li>What I do </li></ul><ul><li>Foresighting </li></ul><ul><li>Piloting </li></ul><ul><li>Inspiring </li></ul><ul><li>How </li></ul><ul><li>Networking </li></ul><ul><li>Co-operation with active users </li></ul><ul><li>Online visibility (blogs, podcasts) </li></ul>
    3. 3. Future of Media – Free and Virtual? <ul><li>Virtual goods are used for </li></ul><ul><li>status and identity </li></ul><ul><li>aesthetic experiences, expression </li></ul><ul><li>as means towards ends </li></ul><ul><li>(Vili Lehdonvirta 2009) </li></ul><ul><li>Internet ”eats” money! </li></ul><ul><li>classified ads </li></ul><ul><li>encyclopedias </li></ul><ul><li>(Chris Anderson 2009) </li></ul>
    4. 4. Money vs. Value <ul><li>” Virtual and real economies are overlapping” </li></ul><ul><li>” Media content continues to increase its share of our eyeball time and with it, the share of value being created and transacted through the wires ” </li></ul><ul><li>On Money and Magic </li></ul><ul><li>By Edward Castronova, Indiana University </li></ul><ul><li>Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Volume 2 Number 4 </li></ul>
    5. 5. Real Time Web <ul><li>Ambient awareness </li></ul><ul><ul><li>What are you doing? What’s on your mind? </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Immediacy of status updates </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Pubsubhubbub </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Mobile social web </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Mobile Facebook use growing </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Location-based browsing, play (ie. Foursquare) </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Search </li></ul><ul><li>Collaboration </li></ul>
    6. 6. 41% read blogs 5% write a blog (Statistics Finland 2009)
    7. 7. New Actors <ul><li>Prosumers </li></ul><ul><li>Producer + Consumer = Prosumer </li></ul><ul><li>Pro Ams </li></ul><ul><li>Professional Amateurs </li></ul><ul><li>Bloggers, podcasters, citizen journalists </li></ul>
    8. 8. Blogs <ul><li>Self-expression </li></ul><ul><li>Knitting, fashion, food </li></ul><ul><li>Fun with friends </li></ul><ul><li>Community </li></ul><ul><li>Examples: Fashion blogs </li></ul><ul><ul><li>MouMouMouruaa </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Colour me! </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Since January 2010: Indiedays </li></ul></ul>
    9. 9. Podcasts <ul><li>Small audiences </li></ul><ul><li>Minimal cost of operation </li></ul><ul><li>Experimenting with new business models </li></ul><ul><li>In pictures </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Live at Finnish podcasters´ meeting </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Hessun Kahvila podcast </li></ul></ul>In touch with the audience. Foto: Erkka Piirainen CC-licence
    10. 10. Citizen reporters – case Sukellus.fi <ul><ul><li>Diving website Sukellus.fi received the State Award for Public Information </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Published names of tsunami survivors online when Foreign ministry and the press did not serve citizens with the information they needed </li></ul></ul>Wikimedia Commons masa.net/pics
    11. 11. Eyewitness videos <ul><li>Finnish examples of citizen’s producing and publishing widely interesting material </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Indepencence day parade 2006, veteran commits suicide </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Mall in Helsinki, passer-by shoots with his mobile as guards use unnecessary force </li></ul></ul>YouTube YouTube
    12. 12. Mobile streaming <ul><li>With a smartphone, anyone can setup a tv station </li></ul><ul><li>Erkka Piirainen, a student of University of Jyväskylä, broadcast a local news event just to show he could </li></ul><ul><li>Jyväskylä in February 2008: three municipalities were fusing into one </li></ul><ul><li>Mainstream media or the municipalities did not offer live video from the meetings </li></ul>Erkka Piirainen
    13. 13. New Actors & Mainstream Media <ul><li>Steal attention away from mainstream media? </li></ul><ul><li>More interesting content produced by peers? </li></ul><ul><li>More volume, more depth, more fun? </li></ul><ul><li>There are not only threats, there are possibilities </li></ul>
    14. 14. YLE New Media Strategy Where we stand?
    15. 15. YLE New Media Strategy <ul><li>Content and services for various user motives </li></ul><ul><li>New platforms such as mobile devices and game consoles and offer tools for social TV watching.  </li></ul><ul><li>Developing online journalism and online storytelling </li></ul><ul><li>Personalities </li></ul>
    16. 16. Open Source PSB: The Now <ul><li>Together with their partners the </li></ul><ul><li>public service companies are </li></ul><ul><li>powerful generators and packagers </li></ul><ul><li>of content. </li></ul>
    17. 17. Where we are aiming to be <ul><li>The networked content of public services will be found packaged under various brands throughout the Internet on the websites of various businesses and private individuals. </li></ul><ul><li>Public service content will be adapted to all Internet-based user interfaces. </li></ul>
    18. 18. Open Source PSB: The Future <ul><li>The public service companies will freely release all content on the Internet for use in any manner and for further public domain distribution. </li></ul>
    19. 19. In The Future <ul><li>Special groups will develop their own applications using open source public service products to meet their own specific needs. </li></ul>
    20. 20. In The Future <ul><li>Extensively indexed, public access archives will encourage a more profound historical awareness in society. </li></ul>
    21. 21. In The Future <ul><li>The public service companies will invigorate the networked community and motivate innovation. </li></ul><ul><li>And innovators will invigorate the public service companies. </li></ul>
    22. 22. Journalistic work needs to go online <ul><li>Journalists will be spending more time online both researching stories and publishing them </li></ul><ul><li>New tools, new formats and journalistic innovations are the challenge </li></ul>
    23. 23. Serve smaller audiences <ul><li>We need to start serving smaller niche audiences, using online as publishing medium better </li></ul><ul><li>We need to enable and support those members of the audience who produce content online </li></ul><ul><ul><li>To help and teach storytelling </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>To offer fresh news footage and archive material for reuse </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>To provide a publishing platform for the publics own stories within the YLE website, as a choice for foreign platforms </li></ul></ul>
    24. 24. Social media <ul><li>We understand social media as a process where people – citizens and consumers - engage in interactions and discussions online, informing and entertaining each other, using open public platforms available for all </li></ul>
    25. 25. YLE’s social media strategy <ul><li>YLE the Finnish Broadcasting company is present in social media in three ways: it’s </li></ul><ul><li>1) content </li></ul><ul><li>2) services </li></ul><ul><li>3) employees </li></ul>
    26. 26. Principles of YLE Social media strategy <ul><li>Being active in social media means we accept more openness, more dialogue and less control of out brand and content </li></ul><ul><li>It is about interaction with people, not just publishing </li></ul>
    27. 27. 1. Content <ul><li>Easy to link to </li></ul><ul><li>Easy to gather around to discuss </li></ul><ul><li>Take it away (rss feeds, widgets) </li></ul><ul><li>Rights to give the content to the public to use – to remix and republish - at their convenience </li></ul><ul><li>Offer our audiences a platform to publish </li></ul>
    28. 28. 2. Openness of services <ul><li>We should offer open API’s (application programming interfaces) so that outside developers may utilize our content when developing new services and applications </li></ul>
    29. 29. 3. Our presence online <ul><li>The YLE staff will join online networks as part of their job </li></ul><ul><li>Programme makers have the skills and the guts to use all kinds of online tools in developing journalistic expression </li></ul><ul><li>Programme makers open their work processes and engage in discussion about their programmes. </li></ul><ul><li>Those audiences who are interested in co-operating with our journalists are invited to do so </li></ul>
    30. 30. What journalists can do online <ul><li>Information gathering </li></ul><ul><li>Filtering and distribution of gathered information </li></ul><ul><li>Discussion, engagement in communities, hosting and moderating </li></ul><ul><li>Online content production and publishing </li></ul>
    31. 31. YLE
    32. 32. YLE Channels <ul><li>Four national television channels </li></ul><ul><li>Share of daily television viewing 43,8%, reach 87% (2009) </li></ul><ul><li>Six radio channels (25 regional radio programmes) </li></ul><ul><li>Share of radio listening 52% , reach 62% (2009) </li></ul><ul><li>Yle.fi: News, sports, program guide, science, culture, music Reach: 25,3% (2009) </li></ul><ul><li>Web TV & radio ”YLE Areena” </li></ul><ul><li>TV, radio and online reach 99% </li></ul>
    33. 33. Journalist 2.0
    34. 34. Connecting fans
    35. 35. Sustainable lifestyle with an attitude
    36. 36. YLE TV all over the place
    37. 37. Put it in your pocket: beta.yle.mobi
    38. 38. Drama queen
    39. 39. Creating new worlds
    40. 40. He started on MySpace (Yeah, that long ago)
    41. 41. Archives are alive
    42. 42. Foresight / Piloting / Inspiration
    43. 43. Sharing and dialogue is where it all begins
    44. 44. YLE Social Media Strategy 2009 <ul><li>Content </li></ul><ul><li>Services / API </li></ul><ul><li>People </li></ul><ul><ul><li>YLE employees encouraged to be present online and open their work processes </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Support & training will be provided </li></ul></ul>
    45. 45. The Training & Development Program <ul><li>Innovation in online journalism </li></ul><ul><li>Developing online personalities </li></ul>
    46. 46. Professional Identity Online Work Professional Personal
    47. 47. Thank You! <ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>@Tuija on Twitter </li></ul>