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Project 7 google ads campaign evaluation complete



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Project 7 google ads campaign evaluation complete

  1. 1. Tuhin Subhra Giri Udacity DMND Student ID/ Campaign ID TuhGirNov-20
  2. 2. Campaign Approach Description, Marketing Objective, and KPI
  3. 3. 1.Approach Description Description Udacity assigned me the following criteria to create a campaign Target Country: India Course to market : Intro to the Design of Everyday Things Link design101 (Free course) Budget: My daily budget was $10 and default bid amount was $3 I created my campaign using Google Ads. Adwords makes thing simple while creating a campaign in a proper format and it includes all essential options to enhance the ad quality, that helps to improve the ranking of a particular ad campaign. My keyword strategy was focused on the objective to attract people who are interested in designing career be it beginners in the field of graphic design, web design, UX or UI design , Fashion or Interior design. To full fill my objective I had to do some extensive keyword research that took days and was very tough work as I had to burn the mid night oil to achieve this goal, fortunately Google Keywords planner and Moz did help me a lot in achieving this goal. Ad copy was the crucial part of my campaign I choose short and quality content for my ad campaign because that’s the main attraction point why people will click on the ad. Before creating ad copy, I kept in mind who is my target audience and what they are looking for in the search engine. I also added a Callout Ad Extension to improve the quality of the campaign
  4. 4. 2.Marketing Objective & KPI Marketing Objective My marketing objective is to collect 10 leads via signups from students in India within 5 days of campaign duration with daily budget of $10 KPI: Number of leads via signups
  5. 5. Ad Groups Ads and Keywords
  6. 6. Ad group name: Design Awareness India Keyword List 1 How to learn Design The principles of design What makes a good design Basic elements of design Beginners design course How to think like a designer How to become a designer How to learn graphic design Beginning graphic design Learn UX design Graphic design classes Fashion design classes Web design classes Design thinking process Fundamentals of design Free online course What is product design How to design Online graphic design course How to design
  7. 7. Ad group name : Design Awareness India Keyword List 1 (continued) What is product design How to design Online graphic design course Website design courses UX design classes Learn graphic design online Graphic design courses Web design courses Learn web design What are elements of design UX design course How to design a project Learn design basics Udacity Free Course Learn Basics of design
  8. 8. Campaign ID or Student ID screenshot
  9. 9. Ad previews from Ad Group 1 named Design Awareness India Ad#1
  10. 10. Ad previews from Ad Group 1 named Design Awareness India Ad # 2
  11. 11. Ad Group name: Design Interest India Keyword List 2 Web design training Web design school Graphic design training Study graphic design Design classes Web design certificate Free web design courses Graphic design schools online Online graphic design programs Online graphic design certificate Graphic design short courses Study graphic design online Web development courses Web designing course details User experience design courses UX training UI UX training UX classes Graphic design classes near me Free graphic design courses
  12. 12. Ad Group name: Design Interest India Keyword List 2 (continued) UI UX design course online UX certification Creative design courses Free online graphic design courses Web design courses online free
  13. 13. Ad previews from Ad Group 2 named Design Interest India Ad # 1
  14. 14. Ad previews from Ad Group 2 named Design Interest India Ad # 2
  15. 15. Ad Extension used screenshot
  16. 16. Campaign Evaluation Results, Analysis and Recommendations
  17. 17. Key Campaign Results (Campaign & Ad Groups) Present the results of your campaign and ad groups by completing the table below. Ad Group Max. CPC Bid Impr. Click s CTR Avg. Cost per Click Conv . CR Cost per Conv. Cost Name $3 1731 55 3.18% $1.01 0 0% $0 $55.79 Name $3 218 8 3.67% $1.30 0 0% $0 $10.38 Total 1949 63 3.23% $1.05 0 0% $0 $66.17
  18. 18. Key Campaign Results (Ads) Present the results of your ads by completing the table below. Ad Clicks CTR Avg. Cost per Click Conv. CR Cost per Conv. Ad Group 1, Ad 1 34 3.39% $1.12 0 0% $0 Ad Group 1, Ad 2 21 2.88% $0.85 0 0% $0 Ad Group 2, Ad 1 6 5.36% $1.20 0 0% $0 Ad Group 2, Ad 2 2 1.89% $1.60 0 0% $0
  19. 19. Key Campaign Results (Keywords) Present the three keywords you consider most successful based on your marketing objective. Keyword Clicks CTR Avg. Cost per Click Conv. CR Cost per Conv. Design Classes 6 6.38% $1.20 0 0% $0 How to design 2 3.28% $0.42 0 0% $0 Web design classes 3 13.04% $0.47 0 0% $0
  20. 20. Campaign Evaluation The campaign was run for 4 days approx instead of the 5 days initially allotted due to budget constraint. The campaign received total of 63 clicks and 1949 impressions. But unfortunately the campaign received zero conversions that resulted in a negative ROI of -$66.17 or - 100%. The average CPC of the campaign was $1.70, which was well under the $3 max CPC bid. However a few keywords did get close to the $3 maximum. For example, the average CPC for “UX design course” was $2.98, again for “UX classes” and “Website design courses” the avg CPC was $2.90 and $2.66 respectively. But fortunately these keywords received one click for each and did not have a major impact on the overall CPC. Although none of the ad groups produced any conversions. But the awareness stage ad group named “Design Awareness India” produced 55 clicks while Interest stage ad group named “Design Interest India” produced 8 clicks. This might be because the keywords in the Desire Ad Group had low monthly search volume. When comparing two Ads in the Ad Design Awareness India Ad Group, the ad that included the words “Learn Basics of Design” in the headline performed much better than “Curious about designs?” in the headline, CTR for them were respectively 3.39% and 2.88%. Based on this outcome, it can be inferred that mentioning of “Learn Basics of Design” was the key differentiator
  21. 21. Campaign evaluation (continued) When analyzing individual keywords, there were 13 that actually generated clicks, among them “Free online course” keyword generated most clicks at 38, and CTR was 3.05% next keyword that generated most of clicks and took the 2nd rank was the keyword “Design classes” this keyword generated 6 clicks but had a higher CTR of 6.38%. These head keywords likely performed best because they had much higher search volumes than tail words in the list.
  22. 22. Recommendations for future campaigns If I were to improve this campaign I would focus on “Design Awareness India” Ad group. Within this Awareness Ad Group, I would A/B test several headlines that mentions “Free Design Course” since that seemed to increase CTR. Although I have already added one callout extension in this campaign, I think I need to add more callout extensions to highlight the various features of the course. Next I would spend more time improving or refining my keyword lists, especially for the “Design Interest India” Ad Group. I had around 25keywords in this Ad Group. I think adding some negative keywords or adding some broad match modifiers or phrase match keyword in the list could have improved the performance. Next time if I get some extra budget and time I would like to try it out. I would also like to see improvements in the landing page. The subject matter in the landing page of course that I was marketing might have seemed vague to the audiences. The page should have explained the usefulness of this course in a practical level real world situation. For ex-the page should have clearly stated what benefits in practical level the audience would get by subscribing or converting, the page should have stated that knowledge gained from this course could help students prepare for Udacity UX course. Lastly more time and money was necessary to reach out to the audience and show them benefits of this design course, unfortunately budget and time constraint was an obstacle. Finally I would focus on improving the landing page by A/B testing radically different designs. One version would be as it is and another would remove the “Principles of Design”and replace with “Absolute prerequisite for all aspiring designers”, this might convince audience to convert
  23. 23. Appendix Screenshots for Reference
  24. 24. Ad Groups
  25. 25. Ads
  26. 26. Keywords List pt 1
  27. 27. Keywords List continued pt 2
  28. 28. Keywords List continued pt 3
  29. 29. Ad extensions screenshots