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Project 3 Create a Facebook Campaign



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Project 3 Create a Facebook Campaign

  1. 1. Student Name: Tuhin Subhra Giri DMND program
  2. 2. Campaign Approach . Identify target audience by location,age,interest and behavior based on following: 1.Location: I chose India and US as preffered location as these are some of the countries with the largest user base on Facebook(~2.4M daily active users),which gives me a wider reachability 2. Age group: I chose age limit from 25 to 35 because at thise age, people mostly complete their higher education and look fro specific skills to establish themselves professionally. 3.Interest and behavior: Based on age limit I target people who are interested in marketing and have completed their higher education .Budget for the campaign and scheduling the campaign As per Udacity’s norms I set the budget of $100 and scheduled the campaign for 5 days .Create the content for the campaign While creating the content I chose concise text line to attract the target audience. It’s very important to keep the text unique and short because that’s the main attraction point why people will click on the link. Also the most essential part is “Image” that shows about what you are talking about your brand. I keep in mind that the ad copy matches the image and the content of my landing page
  3. 3. Target Persona Background and Demographics Subham Bhattacharya Needs Hobbies Goals Barriers -Male: Early 30s -Single -Working as a Consultant in tech sector -Undergrad in Physics -HH income of Rs150K -Lives in Kolkata -Experts in the field to help learn of new technology -Help outside of work -An online community to support education needs -Cheap and time friendly resources - Photography -Gardening -Reading -Travel -Surfing The web -Change career into a different role in a different industry within 1yr -Expand knowledge of digital marketing foundations,and other new areas relevant to future career -Start a new business -Lack of relevant educational resources at work -Companies don’t value digital marketing as much as traditional marketing -Limited time and budget for education
  4. 4. Marketing Objective Attract the prospective candidates for the DMND program and encourage them to download our free eBook and gather 100 email id’s and I have marketing budget of $100 and in a time frame of five days
  5. 5. KPI Here are few KPIs for my marketing objectives: . The number of likes,shares .Number of eBook download counts .Number of clicks. .Email addresses collected .Total conversion value with collected email id
  6. 6. Campaign Screenshots
  7. 7. 1.Campaign Summary Campaign & Ad Set: Sample .Campaign name screenshot .Ad Set screenshot
  8. 8. 1.Campaign Summary continued ● Demographics, Locations , Interests , and Behavior screenshot ● Budget and schedule screenshot
  9. 9. 2.Ad Summary Ad name screenshot
  10. 10. Ad Summary continued ● Ad text , headlines and destination URL screenshot
  11. 11. Ad Summary continued .Ad creative screenshot
  12. 12. Ad Images 1
  13. 13. Ad Image 2
  14. 14. Ad Images 3