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"Activating the Social-Search Dynamic." Presenting at the SES Conference, Nick Beck, Managing Director of Tug, explained how brands that seek performance from social media must embrace the dynamic between social and search.

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  • GWRWhat is Social Search in terms of online media Where does it crossover in campaignsHow can an agency/in house team deliver it
  • The holy grail they sold us
  • Some short case studiesEvolution of our thinking at Tug
  • Spectacularly out of businessSpotify competitor – embed player into devices – manufacturers pay for musicF8 announcement – but their not involvedWant to be part of the conversation
  • Optimised all assets around 3 key phrases3 day burstInterview, video tagging, PR distribution, tweeting, FB landing page, FB ads, PPCTimely, news announcements can be hijacked – Google wants to be seen as timely….Agency delivery: PPC AM & SEO AM – muck in
  • Agency delivery: 3 teams SEO PPC Social, 3 separate objectives – working to same goal
  • Basic model of channel integrationYet very powerfulSEO includes content distribution, online footprintSocial includes blogsPPC includes remarketing
  • Internal test
  • Started with me buying a BBQ for the office‘buy weber spirit online now’Highly engaged consumer – ready to buy4th position is Facebook notes page – affiliate super spammy
  • Wrote an articleLong tail keywordNo link buildingOnly mention on FB and Tweet about it
  • The authority of a Facebook page!Can tweeting replace link building?Agency Delivery: SEO AM
  • Integration between paid advertising and social media still basicSocial Search currently refers to SMM + SEOAgency Delivery: Biddable Media team
  • This is what people are talking aboutAgency Delivery: Social Media AE
  • Content calendar: Topics, link types, keywords, by monthConversation calendar: Topics, audience, platforms, by weekAgency Delivery: Social: content/conversations in houseSEO: outsource article writing
  • Importance of social signals for link buildingShort livedMost effective on long tailAgency Delivery:Social: community management, social posting, influencer researchSEO: content distribution – videos, articles, infoG, blogger outreach
  • Social Search SES 2013

    1. 1. WE BIG TRAFFICSocial SearchWhat is it?How do you deliver it?Presented by Nick Beck, SES London 20/02/13@tugagency#socialsearch
    2. 2. Is this the right definition? “ Social search is the increased connection and overlap between search engines and social networks and the behaviours that their users share. ”
    3. 3. Where did social search come from? Since 2003 there has been a huge volume of social media data Social networks internal search engines to find people/profiles not good enough Now search engines make sense of this data
    4. 4. Social search for Travel? Social Search: Social Search: PPC ad has Search: Paid Search: Travel ad links to article, where Articles multiple +1s or website to go? recommended by likes friends Typical travel consideration Search: Online cycle Search: Aggregator reviews and sites e.g. experiences Expedia Social Search: Social Search: Search: Flights Friends holiday and hotels Pages linked or reviews and liked by friends or suggestions followers
    5. 5. Big Players can’t agree! Platform Current state of play Where they are headed Social Search integration Google+ as social lead into search listings using matched with search internal search engine results Social column and Roll out social column in integrating Facebook other territories Facebook Graph Future search products Search, paid ads, Bing and paid ads integration integration Developing itself as a social Develop internal search and search platform engine and paid ads Not in favour of how social Continue to develop search influences its results internal search engine
    6. 6. BoincSeptember 2011Is this Social Search?
    7. 7. We ‘hijacked’ the F8announcement forboincSocial Search used to positionboinc as part of the conversation
    8. 8. Tria BeautyJanuary 2012Is this Social Search?
    9. 9. Tria Beauty – integrated SEO/SMM/PPC  Tug launched a “social search” campaign for laser technology company Tria Beauty alongside UK product launch  The approach was to combine PPC, SEO and social media to drive organic traffic and sales on the e-commerce site  Objectives of the campaign 1. Brand awareness 2. Establish a digital presence 3. Sell products
    10. 10. Integrating SEM & SMM channels AWARENESS Top of the funnel While all channels can influence your audience at SEO each stages of the ‘purchase Target finds content through research and surfing cycle’ Each of the 3 chosen digital CONSIDERATION channels has its core strength Social Prospect engages with Integrated they can amplify content, shares/reviews with friends your message and drive your audience down a chosen ACTION consumer journey PPC Consumer searches or surfs related, clicks to site, signs up or buys
    11. 11. Tug Facebook Notes testJuly 2012Is this Social Search?
    12. 12. Two monthslater – with nolink building –we still rankedno.5 for thislongtailkeyword
    13. 13. +1s in PPC, Facebook Ads2010-2013Is this Social Search?
    14. 14. SES tweets about me!February 2013Is this Social Search?
    15. 15. Twitter interactions and relationships aid SEO On Twitter, building relationships with authoritative, industry relevant accounts aids SEO efforts.Google recognises the Twitterrelationship between accountsthrough reciprocal mentions andre-tweets These interactions, including other social rankings: followers, tweets, re-tweets and direct links to the Twitter account, contribute to producing a higher account search rank.
    16. 16. OK…Social Search is evolving So… How do you deliver Social Search now?
    17. 17. Problem 1 Content creation overlap Content is king! SEO Objectives: Relevance & Depth Conversation is king! Social Objectives: Interest & Engagement Workflow questions: Who defines the purpose of content? Conversation Calendar Who creates content? Can we kill two birds with one stone?September Guest Post 1 holidays to Florida 2013, multi centre holidays, florida villa holidays [Best Family Holiday Destinations in 2013 and 2014]September Guest Post 1 Cheap holidays 2013, multi centre holidays usa, Disney florida holidays [5 Best Holiday Destinations for Kids and Big Kids]September Guest Post 1 orlando holidays 2012, twin centre holidays usa, holidays to florida [Things To Consider When Renting Florida Villas]SeptemberSeptember Guest Post Guest Post 1 1 Holidays to orlando 2014, Villas in Florida, Holidays in Florida Orlando holidays 2012, Multi centre holidays 2012, Disneyworld holidays Whats New in Florida?] [The Best Beaches In Florida] Content CalendarSeptember Guest Post 1 Holidays to florida, disney holidays, holidays to orlando 2012 [A Guide To Floridas Best Villas, Theme Parks and Restaurants]September Guest Post 1 Holidays in Florida, Disney holidays 2014, Orlando villas [5 Things To See In Disney World]
    18. 18. Problem 2Content distribution overlapAuthority is queen!SEO Objectives: link from relevant highauthority siteInfluence is queen!Social Objectives: mention, like etc.from influential blogger, tweeter etc.Workflow questions:Who identifies influential sites, bloggers?Who approaches influencers?Who distributes content on social platforms?Who distributes video content, info graphics?
    19. 19. Create strong internal processes? Media strategy Social strategy Technical strategy Social teamPPC team SEO team Targeting strategy Convo strategy KW strategy Search ads Profile manage Content strategy GDN ads Influence identify Site research Display FB updates Content creation Facebook ads Tweets Content distribute LinkedIn ads LinkedIn Groups Link acquisition
    20. 20. Create a hybrid workforce? JOB AD: SOCIAL SEARCH MANAGER Conversation expert Content marketer Influence seeker Social Search strategist PR expert Media planner Journalist Impersonator Copywriter Data analyst Online expert Skilled researcher …and an ability to do repetitive tasks with a smile 
    21. 21. Or just hire younger people?
    22. 22. Nick Beck, CEO, Tug @tugagency #socialsearchGo on Like us on Facebook, you know you want to!