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  1. 1. Human Resources Referee Report R2 Record of reference check for applicant for a position REFERENCE CHECKS Use these questions as a guide when conducting a referee check. References from 2 or more referees are required prior to offering a candidate a position. If 2 referees are not currently available for reference checks or the checks are inconclusive, obtain further referees from the applicant. APPLICANT DETAILS Name of Applicant Date Name of Referee Title and Company Applicant’s Position at Company Period referee worked with / knew applicant GENERAL QUESTIONS FOR REFEREE 1. Are you aware that you have been nominated as a referee for ? 2. To your knowledge, did the applicant satisfactorily perform their duties? Any particular strengths or weaknesses? 3. Did they meet the required objectives, set tasks? 4. How well did they relate to firstly their customers, and secondly, their co-workers? (etc. as applicable) 5. How did they cope under pressure? 6. What was their attendance record like? If unsatisfactory, why? 7. If you had the opportunity, would you employ/re-employ? If not, why not?Swinburne University of Technology, Human Resources, 30 January 2006 1
  2. 2. R2 – Referee Report KEY SELECTION CRITERIA: Check the referees views on how well the applicant meets the Key Selection Criteria Key Selection Criteria 1 Key Selection Criteria 2 Key Selection Criteria 3 Key Selection Criteria 4 Key Selection Criteria 5 Key Selection Criteria 6 Key Selection Criteria 7 ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS Any matter/s for clarification / further examination arising from the interview CONFIRMATION OF PERSON CONDUCTING REFEREE CHECK Name Position Signature DateFOR FURTHER INFORMATION: HR Coordinator, see: COMPLETION OF RECRUITMENT PROCESS RETURN ALL RELATED DOCUMENTATION TO HUMAN RESOURCES:BY MAIL: HR Mail No. H14. IN PERSON: Hawthorn, SPW Level 2Swinburne University of Technology, Human Resources, 30 January 2006 2