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Upgrading your Private Cloud to Windows Server 2012 R2


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Learn about the functionality and processes that are available to enable you to move your private cloud deployments to Windows Server 2012 R2 with zero downtime. Understand the options that are available to you and the considerations that need to be made as you determine the best path for continuing to keep your environment on the best technology available for private clouds today. This session covers the end to end approach including Hyper-V, Clustering, Storage and SCVMM.

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Upgrading your Private Cloud to Windows Server 2012 R2

  1. 1. Microsoft Summit 2014the ultimate business and technology conference Track: IT Professionals
  2. 2. Resource Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Improvement Factor Host Logical Processors 64 320 5× Physical Memory 1TB 4TB 4× Virtual CPUs per Host 512 2,048 4× VM Virtual CPUs per VM 4 64 16× Memory per VM 64GB 1TB 16× Active VMs per Host 384 1,024 2.7× Cluster Guest NUMA No Yes - Maximum Nodes 16 64 4× Maximum VMs 1,000 8,000 8×
  3. 3. Resource Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V VMware vSphere Hypervisor VMware vSphere5.5 Enterprise Plus Host Logical Processors 320 320 320 Physical Memory 4TB 4TB 4TB Virtual CPUs per Host 2,048 4096 4096 VM Virtual CPUs per VM 64 8 64 Memory per VM 1TB 1TB 1TB Active VMs per Host 1,024 512 512 Guest NUMA Yes Yes Yes Cluster Maximum Nodes 64 N/A 32 Maximum VMs 8,000 N/A 4,000
  4. 4. SANFCEthEthFCFCFC HOST1 HOST2Failover ClusteringFailoverClusteringLUNLUNLUNEthEth Client Network Heartbeat NetworkAppAppFailover
  5. 5. Feature New or improved Cluster scalability(64 nodes and 8,000 virtual machines) Improved Management of large-scale clusters by using Server Manager and Failover Cluster Manager New Management and mobility of clustered virtual machines and other clustered roles New Cluster Shared Volumes Improved Support for Scale-Out File Servers New Cluster-Aware Updating New Virtual machine application monitoring and management New Cluster validation tests Improved Active Directory Domain Services integration Improved Quorum configuration and dynamic quorum Improved Cluster upgrade and migration Improved Task Scheduler integration New Windows PowerShell support Improved
  6. 6. SANFCEthEthFCFCFC HOST1 HOST2LUNLUNLUNEthEth Client Network Heartbeat Network C:ClusterStorageVolume1 C:ClusterStorageVolume1RunningVMMemory syncCopyVMVHD
  7. 7. move your virtual machine storage while your VM is running
  8. 8. HOST1 HOST2RunningVMEthEth TCP/IP NetworkVHDVHDVHD Stack
  9. 9. moves the virtual machineleaving the storage in the same location
  10. 10. HOST1 HOST2RunningVMEthEth TCP/IP NetworkVHDVHD StackAllocateResourcesVHD StackRunningVMMemory sync
  11. 11. iSCSISANSwitchSwitchEthEthEthEthEthEth HOST1 HOST2iSCSIInitiatoriSCSIInitiatoriSCSITargetLUNLUN
  12. 12. provides asynchronous replication of Hyper-V virtual machines
  13. 13. EthEth HOST1 HOST2VHDVHD TCP/IP NetworkRunningVMOfflineVMReplicationInitial replicationChangesVSS
  14. 14. SAN Production Site Disaster Recovery SiteSANVMVMVMVMReplicationVHDVHDHyper-V Replica Broker
  15. 15. •Hyper-V network virtualization •Windows Server Gateway
  16. 16. VMVM NetworkLogical networkLogical Switch(Hyper-V Host) VM NetworkLogical Switch(Hyper-V Host) VMPhysical network vNICPort Profile Network Virtualization Gateway Network Site Definition Uplink Port ProfileVMVM Virtual Fabric Network SiteIP Pool Source: Microsoft
  17. 17. VMRedBlueVMVMVM Tenant 1 Subnet: IP Pool Tenant 2 Subnet: IP Pool IsolationNetwork SiteIP PoolNetwork SiteIP Pool
  18. 18. Logical networkNetwork SiteIP PoolNetwork SiteIP Pool Site: Cluj Subnet: IP Pool Corporate Site: Bucuresti Subnet: IP Pool
  19. 19. Physical network adapterLogical SwitchNative PortProfileNative PortProfileUplink PortProfile
  20. 20. •Uplink Port Profile •Native Port Profile
  21. 21. Logical networkNetwork SiteIP PoolNetwork SiteIP Pool Site: Cluj Subnet: IP Pool Datacenter Site: Bucuresti Subnet: IP Pool Tenant 1 Subnet: IP Pool Tenant 2 Subnet: IP Pool IsolationNetwork SiteIP PoolNetwork SiteIP Pool
  22. 22. Red1 Datacenter NetworkBlue1Red1Blue1Red1Blue1NetworkVirtualization GatewayCisco Nexus 1000 VPN VPN Red VM Network Blue VM Network Hyper-V Hyper-V
  23. 23. •Block storage •File storage
  24. 24. Manufacturer/Series Model Protocol Minimum Controller Firmware SMI-S Provider Type Provider Version Maximum # of Arrays/Provider Dell/Compellent Storage Center iSCSI/FC SC 5.5.4 and later, EM 5.5.5 and later Proxy 1 Not applicable Dell/EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI Firmware v6.0 or above and HIT Kit v4.7 or above SMP v4.7 Not applicable DotHill/AssuredSAN 4004 Series iSCSI/FC SAS GL101 and later Embedded Not applicable EMC/Symmetrix VMAX 10K, 20k 40K FC Enginuity 5875 or later Proxy 4.5.1 5 (64-bit provider, 8 GB RAM) EMC/VNX VNX iSCSI/FC Flare 31 or later Proxy 4.5.1 5 (64-bit provider, 8 GB RAM) EMC/CX4 All iSCSI/FC Flare 30 Proxy 4.5.1 5 Fujitsu/ETERNUS DX80 S2/DX90 S2/DX410 S2/DX440 S2/DX8100 S2/DX8700 S2DX100S3/DX200S3/DX500S3/DX600S3 iSCSI/FC V10L40 or later Embedded V04L00-0000 1 HP/3PAR StoreServ 7000 (7200/7400), StoreServ 10000 (10400/10800) iSCSI/FC HP 3PAR InForm OS 3.1.3 Embedded 1.4 1 HP/3PAR T-CLASS F-Class P10000 F200/400T400/800V400/800 iSCSI/FC HP 3PAR InForm OS 3.1.1.P10 Embedded 1.4 1 HP/P2000 G3 iSCSI/FC TS240 Embedded 1.5 Not applicable HP/P6000 P6300/P6500 iSCSI/FC 1000 0000 Proxy 1.4 10 HP/P9000 P9500 FC 70-04-xx Embedded 1.5 Not applicable HP/StoreVirtual StoreVirtualAppliance StoreVirtualVSA 2014 iSCSI/FC LeftHand OS 11.0 Embedded 1.4 1 IBM/XIV 2810/2812 (Gen 3) iSCSI/FC Embedded 11.1 and later 1 IBM/SVC 2145 iSCSI/FC Embedded 6.4.1 and later 1 IBM/Storwize V3700 2071/2072 iSCSI/FC Embedded 6.4.1 and later 1 IBM/Storwize V5000 2077/2078 iSCSI/FC Embedded 7.1.0 and later 1 IBM/Storwize V7000/Flex System V7000 2076/4939 iSCSI/FC Embedded 6.4.1 and later 1 NetApp/FAS All iSCSI/FC 8.0.1 (7-mode) Proxy 4.1 40 Hitachi Ltd. / Hitachi Data SystemsVSP VSP FC 70-05-02 Embedded 6.0 1
  25. 25. SMI-S ProvideriSCSITarget WMI ProviderSCVMMWindows Storage Management TCP/IPMicrosoft Standards- based Storage Management ServiceiSCSITarget PowerShelliSCSITarget ServiceVHDVHDVHD
  26. 26. Scalable Web application platform Infrastructure Services (IaaS) The power of Software Defined Networking Database VMs and Database as a Service Reliable messaging
  27. 27. microsoft-cloud-platform-system-powered-by-dell.aspx
  28. 28.
  29. 29. v-jump-start with-windows-server-hyper-v-and-system-center infrastructure-as-a-service-jump-start
  30. 30. Let's make impact together @ MsSummit2014!