Dawn Gibbins: Going with the Flow


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The story of Flowcrete\'s owner and founder, Dawn Gibbins

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Dawn Gibbins: Going with the Flow

  1. 1. “Going with the Flow” Dawn Gibbins Prepared as a Leaders we Deserve Present for Dawn’s 50 th Birthday, June 2008
  2. 2. This is the story of Dawn Gibbins and the company she shaped
  3. 3. Once upon a time … A father and daughter started a technical services company in Sandbach, Cheshire … Which was the precursor of ..
  4. 4. Today, Flowcrete supplies innovative flooring systems around the world Coventry FC Stadium, England Nightclubs in Poland Aintree, England Durban, South Africa
  5. 5. Peter Gibbins was the technology wizard, (and Dawn’s father) “ In 1982, I went into business with my brilliant father Peter, an industrial chemist, designing specialist flooring products from a small starter unit on an industrial estate…” That was how Flowcrete was born.
  6. 6. Dawn before becoming a business tycoon …
  7. 7. … had had an unconventional upbringing “ After an early bohemian backpacking lifestyle, Dawn and Peter set up a manufacturing company from home that today has grown to be a world leader”
  8. 8. Real Business wrote about her … “ Real Business magazine wrote about Dawn way before she became famous. We called her the funky Gibbins - and she still is.”
  9. 9. Like many entrepreneurs, Dawn had a gift for promoting her company
  10. 10. Showing interest in a wide variety of experiences .. Business Education Popular culture The mystical
  11. 11. A dynamic team was built at Flowcrete
  12. 12. Headed by Mark Greaves
  13. 13. As for Work-life Balance …
  14. 14. … Opposites attracted Dawn Mark
  15. 15. Dawn always enjoys new experiences…
  16. 16. … Water Divining
  17. 17. … Feng Shui
  18. 18. Intelligent Horsemanship
  19. 19. … Caribbean Beach Parties [In Staffordshire, England]
  20. 20. Flowcrete is built around strong ethical principles <ul><li>“ Environmentally conscious … </li></ul><ul><li>waste-free packaging.. </li></ul><ul><li>strong global product brands .. </li></ul><ul><li>The most innovative flooring company in the world” </li></ul>
  21. 21. … and five production principles * [ *Sort …Streamline …Shine …Standardize … Sustain http://www.infolink.com.au/c/Flowcrete-Australia ]
  22. 22. Flowcrete: A New Adventure
  23. 23. In April 2008, Flowcrete is acquired by RPM RPM is an undervalued world player in the protective coatings market .. constantly changing the mix of companies they own.
  24. 24. RPM: What the investors say “ RPM is an undervalued world player in the protective coatings market .. constantly changing the mix of companies they own.”
  25. 25. Mark and the Flowcrete team surge on
  26. 26. Dawn plans new challenges “ The sale gives Dawn the opportunity to fulfill a life-long ambition to create a social enterprise which promotes, educates and supports the concept of Feng Shui and healthy environments.   She is also set to launch Barefoot, a new company which will provide seamless floorings for the UK’s domestic sector” [www.dawngibbins.com] To go with the flow