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Community radio


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Community radio programs are for public service or for the interests of the community.

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Community radio

  1. 1. Setting up your own Community Radio
  2. 2. I. Planning, ProductionII. Public address system setupIII. Technical setupIV. ProgrammingV. Radyo Pinaglabanan
  3. 3. Planning• Step 1: Know your audience• Step 2: Formulate objectives• Step 3: Determine and allocate resources – Manpower – Materials – Money – Minutes• Step 4: Select the appropriate format• Step 5: Identify your priority messages* From the very beginning, plan with your partnerpeople’s or mass organization
  4. 4. Production• Step 1: Gather radio materials, equipment• Step 2: Write the rundown sheet and/or script• Step 3: Audition talents and prepare music and sound effects• Step 4: Recording segments (support statements, interviews, MOS, etc.)
  5. 5. Public address system setup dividing speakers microphonesunit/driver horn DVD player paired wire amplifier
  6. 6. Setting up your own PA radio Unit Specifications PriceHorn Size: #16 or #20 P 550/P450 100 watts, 16 OhmsDividing unit or 100 watts P 480driverPlayer Any player P1,000 to P3,000 (depending on the optical media or file storage to be used – cd, dvd, data disc, usb, etc.)Amplifier 90 watts P1,800 to P3,000 For public address; not integrated amplifierSpeaker For (mixed) audio out P 500 to P 1,000 Any speaker , karaokeWire Paired wire (red and black); for outdoorMicrophone Anything that works on your amplifier P 400 to P2,000
  7. 7. Technical notes for the PA setup• It is advisable that your amplifier have lower wattage than your horn’s driver• Integrated amplifier cannot be used for public address setup• Paired wire – thicker is better; also find ways to hide it from the sun, rain and rats• If you intend to mix music, plugs and talk, better to have a mixer or more DVD players• Provide an extension cord for the PA setup
  8. 8. Technical notes for the PA setup• If you want your radio to reach more people/homes, set up more horns. You will also need more wires for each additional horn.
  9. 9. Produce your own programs• Community radio programs are for public service or for the interests of the community.• Different program formats: – Talk – News – a pure news program will deliver news of the day/hour – Music – Documentary – Drama – Magazine – combination of talk, interviews, news, music, live music, radio dramas, etc.
  10. 10. Program segments• Divide the hour/program in different segments.• These are done live: – Talk – better to center on ONE topic – Interviews – News reporting• Canned/pre-recorded segments: – Station ID, program ID – Interviews – Support statements – Music – Radio play, drama – Plugs• Essentials for every program: station ID, program ID, greetings, host introduction to self, other plugs commercials or PSAs
  11. 11. Rundown sheetProgram : Usapang KababaihanTime of Airing : 5-6pm Item No. Contents Length1 Standard introduction 01:00 Station ID, program ID2 Host greetings 03:003 Newscast: local and national news 07:004 Plugs 02:00 Time check5 Feature: Talk/interview on Comprehensive RH bill 20:006 Comments and questions from listeners 05:007 Plugs 02:00 Time check8 Feature: conclude/recap feature of the day 05:009 Segment: market price check 10:0010 Goodbyes and Program and Station ID 03:00
  12. 12. Radyo Pinaglabanan• Protest radio of Brgy. Corazon de Jesus residents resisting demolition• Community pooled their own resources and a home is volunteered to become the home of the radio• Timeslots – 4-6pm (timeslot selection based on the time most number of people are in their homes or in SAMANA’s converging area)• Organizations in the community host different programs• A technical director from the community is trained
  13. 13. • Aired from January 21-25• Stopped airing after the January 25 violent demolition when the equipment went missing• Will be set up again this March• Programming – Gabriela CDJ – Usapang Kababaihan – Anakbayan CDJ – Sa Piling ni Corazon
  14. 14. Anakbayan CDJ radio program
  15. 15. Gabriela CDJ’s Usapang Kababaihan