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Scool no.10


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Scool no.10

  1. 1.  School of februarie1984 works; The program runs in two shifts:       * Primary School between 8.00 -12.00       * secondary school between the hours of 12.00-19.00
  2. 2.  62 teachers, of which:        * 21 teachers;        * 42 teachers. Most school owners; All qualified; Continuous improvement.
  3. 3.  24 classrooms equipped with modern furniture; 4 laboratories: physics, chemistr y, biology and computer 2; 5 of fices: histor y and European integration, geography, pedagogical suppor t,mathem atics and environmental protection; Two surgeries; Modern librar y - 7600 volumes; Equipped modern gym with latest equipment; Computers connected to the Internet.
  4. 4.  Base material; Qualified teachers; Computer network; Students eager to per formance; Ver y good results at county and national competitions; Par ticipation in extracurricular activities; Carr ying a variety of programs; Large school population; Classes with vocational profile (volleyball); Scout units; Eco-school status; Programs and par tnerships that are involved. COMENIUS-project Herbs and their use in food networks Dulcissime Choir; Circle Theatre; Traf fic patrol
  5. 5.  International Eco-school program; International program "Learning about the forest"; The "Education for democratic citizenship"; The "child of today - the future European citizen"; "Academy parents The "learn to give, learn to be better"
  6. 6.  National Science Competition "Archimedes"; The "And children have rights"; County competition drug "Choose life"; Intercounty contest "A healthy man in a clean environment“ International program "Young Repor ters for the environment"
  7. 7.  COMENIUS-project Herbs and their use in traditional recipes Competition counties - "Dan Barbilian mathe matician and poet"; Literar y creation contest-"I write, therefore I am"