Draft Mersing Local Plan 2


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Another example and more detail on the local plan for Mersing. This work been done by the student in planning studio.

This silde is only for education purpose only

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Draft Mersing Local Plan 2

  1. 1. SURIA
  2. 2. This core focus on three major sector : BP 1 BP 2 BP 3 BP 1 BP 4 BP 2
  3. 3. “1 Malaysia Plaza” which consists of Art and Cultural Center, Hotels, Food Center, Sport activities and modern shopping complexes to attract tourists while promoting Malaysia as a multi-racial country. Expanding the existing commercial areas to cope the population growth. Night market to create a lively environment within the neighborhood. Commercial BP 1 : Mersing
  4. 4. Diversify the commercial activities by using various types of fishery products. A seafood center which offers “Fish and Eat” services for the customers so that they are able to experience the excitement of fishing and enjoy their own products. Revitalize the existing commercial areas by renovating the old premises and replacing the temporary buildings with permanent structures. Commercial BP 2 : Endau
  5. 5. E-mart supermarket which sell various types of products such as foods, daily goods, electrical appliances and outfits with good quality and reasonable price. Hotel offers the accommodation for the outsiders. The vacant buildings are renovated to attract new investments and the temporary premises are replaced with permanent structures. New commercial areas . Commercial BP 3 : Jemaluang
  6. 6. Proposed Use Class / Category, Activity, and Type of Building BPK Class / Industry Category Proposed Activity Building Type 2.1 Class 3 (a) Services Industry Shipping ( ship repair) Single 2.3 & 2.4 Class 3 (a) Services Industry Class 3 (b) Light Industry Class 3 (e) Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) •Collecting and processing of source of marine products. •Paddy Factory •shipping ( ship repair) Workshops Single Detached Terrace Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) at this area can be carried out here because there is also food processing activities, especially source of marine products. Paddy factory are proposed at this area because Endau have existing and proposed paddy field. Develop a proposal for making and repairing small boats damaged will also be established in this area.
  7. 7. Ship's service & repair area Proposed development for Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) and support Industry Proposed development for Paddy factory at Endau. Detailed Plan of Industry (BP 2)
  8. 8. Propose to apply One Village One Product (OVOP) approach (roselle) and propose cooperation with tourism centre to promote the agro tourism in Kampung Air Papan Propose to upgrade the productivity of paddy in Air Papan Propose as Swiflet farming zone roselle
  9. 9. This core focus on two major sector :
  10. 10. TOURISM IN MERSING DISTRICT 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 Category Attraction Natural forest Taman Negara Endau-Rompin Taman Rekreasi Gunung Arong Islands Pulau Besar Pulau Sibu Pulau Aur Pulau Tinggi Pulau Tinggi Pulau Rawa Beaches Pantai Air Papan Pantai Penyabong Pantai Teluk Buih Pantai Tenglu Pantai Tanjung Leman Tourism development in Mersing are focused on beaches, island, and natural resources as main attraction to make Mersing as world class tourism center.
  11. 11. Develop a recreational park based on water sport or beach activity Development Proposal of coastal area Propose to built more accommodation Upgrading the facilities, landscape and the road access Proposed water sport activities Develop the seafood restaurant and souvenir shop. Proposed of accommodation like chalet and resort Upgrade beach landscaping MERSING BEACH
  12. 12. Focused on three nearest island which are Pulau Sibu, Pulau Tinggi and Pulau Besar. Provision of daily tourism package to the nearest island Proposed Scuba Diving Center and comfort accommodation for tourist Proposed of floating chalet , jetty and view tower MERSING ISLAND
  13. 13. Proposed of fishermen wharf project Beatification of river side and bus station of Mersing by providing and upgrading the facilities and landscape elements (Detailed plan 1) Proposed of River walk and new bridge gateway (Detailed plan 3) Proposed streetscape of Jalan Pesisir Pantai Beach recreational area. Upgrading the landscape elements and provision of gazebo and kiosk for resting area and selling souvenir, craft, snack, and beverages Commercial area. Redevelopment of commercial area and maintenance the old building that have interesting view Proposed of Mersing hill Park Creating a view of Mersing towns from top of Mersing hill.Proposed track to the Mersing hill and tower view (Detailed plan2) Roundabout of Mersing. Upgrading and provide more interesting design and landscape to enhance the identity of Mersing town
  14. 14. Centralize the fisherman boat landing for creating nice Redevelopment of existing bus station Wooden jetty and stall for local businesses and tourist Proposed pocket garden D E T A I L E D P L A N 1 Fishermen Wharf Project
  15. 15. Proposed round-shaped park to view Mersing town from top of the Harimau Tarom hill Top view of round–shape park of Harimau Tarom Hill Surrounding landscape around view tower D E T A I L E D P L A N 2 Mersing Hill Park
  16. 16. Proposed pedestrian walk at the riverside of Sg. Mersing Proposed new platform that link to the pocket garden Proposed bridge gateway D E T A I L E D P L A N 3 River Walk and Bridge Gateway
  17. 17. This core focus on three major sector :
  18. 18. Housing Type / Categories Total (units) Low Cost Terrace 2,271 1 Storey Terrace House 1,489 2-3 Storey Terrace House 369 1 Storey Detached House 165 2-3 Storey Detached House 2 Single House 1,643 Total 5,939 HOUSING IN MERSING DISTRICT PROPOSED HOUSING SCHEME
  19. 19. Projection of housing BP 2018 2020 9 3873 3992 Proposing the housing scheme as a FELDA Jaya FELDA to support more population in the future Felda Jaya Scheme
  20. 20. PULAU TINGGIPULAU BESAR PULAU SIBU Centralized Sewerage System Individual Septic Tanks INFRASTRUCTURE AND UTILITIES
  21. 21. BPK Types of Social Facilities Proposal 1.2 Health Distict of Mersing · Increase of number of specialist doctor ·Increased medical equipment sufficient to use the state of modern medical technology 1.4, 1.5 Public Hall · Make variety activities to encourage people use public hall and to closed relationship between residents. 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 -College Giat Mara -Primary school -Secondary School -Religious School -Kindergarten · HUB Educational ·Provide proper and adequate education according to the increase of students . · Applying learning using ICT SOCIAL FACILITIES • Upgrading existing secondary school and Pusat GIAT mara with applying technology educational and provide more courses • Proposed primary school with provide enough facilities to give conducive learning and comfortable EDUCATIONAL HUB
  22. 22. Development proposal of forestry Promotion of Endau National Park Upgrading Tanjung Leman as tourism service center Preserve and conserve forestry and wildlife reserve Preservation and conservation area Forest reserve Hutan Simpan Kekal Gunung Arong Hutan Simpan Kekal Semberong Hutan Simpan Kekal Labis Hutan Simpan Kekal Mersing Hutan Simpan Kekal Lenggor Hutan Simpan Ulu Sedili Hutan Simpan Tenggaroh Hutan Simpan Jemaluang Protection of wildlife reserve Taman Negara Endau Rompin Rizab Hidupan liar Endau- Kota Tinggi Rizab Hidupan liar Kepulauan Empat LEGEND
  23. 23. ROAD NETWORK
  25. 25. Mersing Bus & Taxi The new jetty, near the Cawan Island, Centre bus stop for route Coastal, and Express Bus Bus Endau-Rompin Forest Reserve. It also provides services para- transit to rural areas. The new jetty near the Cawan Island