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Turner Legacy Homes Universal Home Presentation


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Doug Turner, of Turner Legacy Homes in NW Florida, has a new speciality with Universal Design and Agining in Place homes that is rapidly growing in popularity. This is a presentation that he made on behalf of the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and the AARP on the prototype Universal Home that Turner Legacy Homes built in ccoperation with the Department in 2012.

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Turner Legacy Homes Universal Home Presentation

  1. 1. Turner Legacy Homes & The Universal Home “Building for Life’s Transitions”
  2. 2. DOEA’s Call to Turner • Baby Boomers are aging and their needs are changing. • Baby Boomers prefer to remain in their own home rather than live in restricted residential living facilities if the home provides accessibility and mobility options for them so they can remain active and connected. • Larry said “ We must reach out to the grass roots and create “universal adaptable housing within the current market place.”
  3. 3. The Discussion • Baby Boomers have driven markets since their birth with the explosion of market demand for diapers, baby food ,educational facilities, rental housing, first time homes, move up homes, second homes, automobiles, and now smaller empty nester homes that are well appointed. • The notion of creating a Universal Adaptable Home. • Most new home builders and remodelers may not be paying attention.
  4. 4. Physical Considerations • Grade of the home site to accommodate minimal slope on exterior walk ways and entry to home. • The additional retail price a boomer will pay . • What included universal /adaptable features would capture a large share of the market and meet their budget? • Could we plan for future needs in the design of the home spending little today?
  5. 5. Challenges and Myths • Everybody builds a home this way or that way. If you change…you take a big risk. • What if the Universal Adaptable home turns off the boomers? They may be in denial of aging! It may insult them. We could get stuck with this home and have to give it away. • Builders must turn inventory quickly and be profitable today. Many of us are starting all over again and do not have the reserves of the good times.
  6. 6. Turner’s Included Features for the Universal Home • Zero Step at Entry, Garage, and Lanai. • Most door openings 3’-0” with 15” of clearance at door lever for access with a walker. • Hallways width 42” . • Lever handles at all doors. • Lever style faucets. • Kitchen bar at 36” high. • Easy access toilets at 17” high. • Blocking for future grab bars. • Pre wire for alarm. • Install door chime for hearing impaired. • Looped or D shaped pulls on cabinet doors and drawers. • Roll out cabinet shelves and drawers, and trash cabinet. • Roll out dish drawer style dishwasher. • Large roll in shower with curved shower rod. • Custom Height Toilets. • Light Switches and Thermostat at 48” AFF. • Receptacles at 24” AFF. • Peep Home and door chime at 48” AFF. • Located close to transportation, drug stores and doctor’s offices. • Lawn Maintenance provided by HOA. • Green Certified.
  7. 7. Changing the Floor Plan • The typical home has not been designed to deal with universal /adaptable features. • Turner and its design team along with the DOEA and AARP representatives in a closed loop environment worked together on the prototype that was built in Tallahassee, FL. • Adaptable design elements: grade transitions, bathrooms, hall ways, door openings, and a few bells and whistles. • The challenge is to enhance the plan without compromising it.
  8. 8. Master Bathroom
  9. 9. Walk In Master Shower
  10. 10. Pantry and Garage Access
  11. 11. Ceiling and Direct Lighting
  12. 12. Open Plan
  13. 13. Kitchen Cabnets
  14. 14. Garage Door Entrance
  15. 15. Code Variances No code variances have been required at this time.
  16. 16. Market Response • Better than expected. • We are hearing good responses from industry professionals such as brokers, appraisers, and lenders. They concur there is a need and the market can be deep.
  17. 17. Thinking about the future • Turner has opportunities to build in various communities in the Emerald Coast Region of Northwest Florida. • People will always seek to retire in Florida. • Many of our new communities will be desired by boomers. • We plan to offer new homes in those communities to meet those needs and desires.
  18. 18. The Bottom Line • The jury is still out. • Home Values are slowly coming back from the economic real estate recession. • Retail Price to the buyer on the typical home to include universal /adaptable features can be from $2.50 per square foot and up. • Appraisers use past values to predict future values. • Boomers will pay more for the Universal Adaptable Home vs. the typical home.
  19. 19. Is This a Paradigm Shift? • Probably…we will know over time. • DOEA and AARP working with the NAHB and the FHBA will be educating the industry. • More builders and remodelers will offer a Universal Adaptable home, townhome, condominium, or apartment.
  20. 20. Thank you for your interest in Universal Housing! Doug Turner P. O. Box 6719 Miramar Beach, FL 32550 (850) 254-9977