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SPICE Model of 2SK1244


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SPICE Model of 2SK1244

Published in: Technology
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SPICE Model of 2SK1244

  1. 1. 25MAR2015 Tsuyoshi Horigome 1Copyright(C)Tsuyoshi Horigome 2015 SPICE Model of 2SK1244 MOSFET SHINDENGEN
  2. 2. 2Copyright(C)Tsuyoshi Horigome 2015 .MODEL M2SK1244 NMOS(Level=3 Kp=10.1u L=2.5u W=0.293 Tox=0.13u + Vto=3.6 Rs=34m Rd=1.88 Rb=1m Rg=1 Rds=500MEG Cbd=291.5p + Cgdo=98.9p Cgso=0.76n Is=154.2f) Netlist of SPICE Model of 2SK1244