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Sample Circuit


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Sample Circuit

Published in: Technology
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Sample Circuit

  1. 1. R2 100MEG N0001 V_sol C:VBHN120SJ21_Case1_PSpicecsv G1.csv 0 0 R3 0 N0002 100MEG V_temp1 IN1 IN1 C:VBHN120SJ21_Case1_PSpicecsv T1.csv 0 OUT IN2 ( V(%IN1) +V(%IN2) ) OUT IN2 ( V(%IN1) +V(%IN2) ) OUT+ IN R4 OUT- 1m (V(%IN) ) 0 V(N18428) IN1 IN2 IN3 IN2 ( V(%IN1) +V(%IN2) +V(%IN3) ) -45.25 IN1 OUT OUT IN1 0.0534 OUT IN2 OUT IN2 OUT OUT OUT IN1 IN1 2.3125 OUT OUT IN2 ( V(%IN1) +V(%IN2) ) IN1 -0.01169 OUT IN2 OUT IN2 OUT IN1 IN2 OUT IN1 0.0068784 OUT IN1 0.00033984 OUT IN1 IN2 IN3 IN1 9.9008E-5 OUT 75 OUT IN2 OUT IN1 -4.2208E-6 OUT IN2 OUT ( V(%IN1) +V(%IN2) +V(%IN3) ) OUT IN2 OUT