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Electric Market in Korea


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Bee Technologies resarch market of Electric parts and Semiconductors in KOREA.

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Electric Market in Korea

  1. 1. Korea-Semiconductor Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd. Products: Power Semiconductors Diodes & Rectifiers IGBTs MOSFETs Bridge RectifiersDiscrete IGBTsDiscrete MOSFETs RectifiersIgnition IGBTsFull Function Load witches (IntelliMAX™) GBT ModulesMOSFET/Schottky Combos Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Small Signal Diodes Transient Voltage Suppressors Zener Diodes
  2. 2. KEC Products: Mosfet, BJT, Diode, IC, Automotive Device, IGBT, Pressure Sensor, Obsolete Product WISDOMSEMICONDUCTOR INC Products: LED light LED SMPS POWER MOSFET
  3. 3. Seoul Semiconductor Corp. Products: Z-Power LED, Chip LED, Lamp LED
  4. 4. Korea - Passive Parts Apex Intec Co., Ltd. Products: supplier for all passive and active electronic components like MLCC, Resistor, IC, Transistor, Motor, GPS Intenna Module, Bluetooth Earphone etc. Remark: can not go to Please go to the above website for telephone contact.
  5. 5. Digital-Tech Co., Ltd. Products: AC Capacitors, AL Solid Capacitors with Conductive Polymer, ElecCopyboard
  6. 6. Korea – Solar Cell Vina Technology Co., Ltd. Products: Hybrid Capacitor LED Module LED Constant Current Driver for Power LED 10mm RED LED LAMP LED Module RGB Controller for Sign
  7. 7. ITTCOM Inc. Products : Solar Cell, PDP TV, LCD TV, CCTV, Audio, MP3, Voice Recoder, Speaker, CD Player, Earphone, headphone, Battery, Computer, Notebook, PDA, Monitor, Mouse, Printer, Scanner, Refrigerator, Microscope, Antenna, Interphone, Digital Camera, DVD, DVR Remark: can not go to Please go to the above website for telephone contact.
  8. 8. Gold Conn Co.,Ltd Products: Passive Components   >>   Electronic Components & Supplies Gold Conn has been supplying to LG-NORTEL and Samsung Electronics for over 10 years. Remark: None website. Please go to the above website for telephone contact.
  9. 9. Hae Sung Solar Co., Ltd Products: Solar module, solarcells, solar