Electric Companyin in China


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Bee Technologies resarch market of Semiconductor and Electric. This document is infomation of Electric Companyin in China

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Electric Companyin in China

  1. 1. China-Semiconductor Shenzhen Jie Rong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. http://jierong.en.alibaba.com Products: IC, transistor, zener diode and more. Greegoo Electric Co., Ltd. http://www.greegoo.com/products/products.htm Products: power semiconductors, power supplies & switchgears, IGBT
  2. 2. Shanghai Zifine Industrial Co., Ltd. http://www.zifine.com http://zifine.en.alibaba.com Products: Frequency Inverter, others, Power Modules for Welders , Rectifier Modules, IGBT, IPM, PIM, Switching Power Supply, Bridge Rectifier Modules Diode Modules, Semiconductor Chips, Transistors, MOFET etc. Huzhou Yifan Electron Co., Ltd. http://www.hzyfdz.net/ Products: Transistor, power transistor, switching transistor,TO-3P Triodes,13003 Series transistors, IC transistor, transistors, semiconductor, Electronic Components, dip transistor, semiconductor device, component transistor, darlington transistor
  3. 3. Shenzhen Leading Chips Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.hjysz.com http://cypress-oem.en.alibaba.com Products: Cypress,radio module,OEM,USB-hub,GHZ wireless module,ATMEL,IC CHIPS , Semiconductor Weifang Huichuan Electric Co., Ltd. http://www.huichuandianzi.com http://huichuandianzi.en.alibaba.com Products: LF large power transistor,LF high voltage power transistor,YZ power Darlington transistor,Audio power transistor, SCR
  4. 4. Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd. http://positioning.en.alibaba.com/aboutus.html http://www.pst888.com Products: Transistor, ballast, diode, housing, cap, header, electronic, components, electronic components, CFL Vole Technology Co., Ltd http://www.voletechnology.com/enhome.htm Products: Diode, Triode Transistor, Audions, Triac, Dynatrons, Thyristors, LED, Optocoupler, Silicone Bridge, power Module and Surge arrester, Ect.
  5. 5. NINGBO SHITONGDA ELECTRIC CO.,TD http://www.stde-chip.com Products: Diode, transistor, capacitor, electronics components, integrated circuits , transistor, varistors. Shanghai Saishe Semiconductor Device Co., Ltd http://www.saishe.com/en/company.asp Products: power semiconductor devices, Rectifier modules
  6. 6. Yueqing Sanshe Semiconductor Factory http://www.saishe.com/en/index.asp Products: electric power semiconductors, Rectifier modules
  7. 7. China – Passive Parts Kingtronics International Company http://www.kingtronics.com/products.htm Products: Rectifier & Diode, Tantalum Capacitors, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors - Mono Capacitors Xiamen Xinpulong Semiconductor Co., Ltd. http://www.xmxpl.en.alibaba.com http://xmxpl.en.alibaba.com Products: LED lights, LED spotlight, switch power supply , Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors
  8. 8. Wanming Electronics Co. Ltd (WMEC) http://www.wanming.com/index.htm Products: production capacity , R&D and production of ceramic disc capacitors Zonkas Electronic Co., Ltd http://www.zonkas-cap.com.tw/ Products: Manufacturer of electronic parts and components , ceramic disc capacitor, electrolytic capacitor
  9. 9. Funshion Electronics Co. Ltd http://www.funstronic.com/htmfiles/aboutus.html Products: power inductors, common mode chokes, current sensor transformers, and other inductors and transformers Shenzhen Codaca Electronic Co., Ltd http://www.szcodaca.com/Index_en.asp Products: SMD inductors,power inductors, peaking inductors, high current power inductors
  10. 10. Dongguan Zhongkai Electronic Co., Ltd. http://www.dgzhk.com/ Products: inductors, coils, high-frequency transformers, current mutual inductors, EMI, SMT etc Changzhou Southern Electronic Element Factory Co., Ltd. http://nfdq.en.alibaba.com Products: Inductor, Resistor , RFC AUTOMOBILE FAN RESISTOR
  11. 11. Dongguan Ceramic Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. http://shiruimei.en.alibaba.com Products: LED, resistor, capacitor, Accelerator pedal position sensor, throttle position sensor HIC for TPS Huzhou Keda Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd. http://www.kdm-mag.com http://kdm.en.alibaba.com Products: Iron Powder Cores,Sendust Cores/Kool Mu,Mpp Cores,High Flux Cores,Si-Fe Cores,Transformers,Inductors,Chokes,Coils
  12. 12. Dongguan Chipsen Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.chipsen.cn Products: Inductor,filter chock,chip inductor,high current transformer,chip bead,toroidal coil,smd inductor,fixed inductor,peaking inductor,transformer,power inductor,air coil,spring coil,toroidal inductor,power transformer Brightking (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd http://enbrightking.en.ec21.com/ Products: protective devices including MOV, ESD, GDT, SPG, TVS diodes, PTC and thyristors.
  13. 13. China – Solar Cell Chiko Solar Industry Co., Ltd http://chikolar.en.ecplaza.net/ Products: solar panel, solar light, solar LED light, solar charger Remark: Chiko is a China-South Korea joint-venture high-tech enterprise . Nesol Limited http://www.ne-sol.com/About.asp Products: production and sale of PV & Optoelectronic devices and related application products
  14. 14. E-Stars Int'l Tech. Co., Limited http://www.estarspower.com/ Products: Switching Power Supply, Battery, Ni-MH battery, Ni-Cd battery, lithium battery, LiFePO4 Battery and solar cells Zhejiang SunMaster Solar Energy Co., Ltd. http://www.chinasunmaster.com/ Products: solar cells, solar modules, solar lamps and solar applications
  15. 15. Ningbo Shining Shell Solar Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.ss-solar.com/en/index.asp Products: mono solar cells, solar modules and other applied PV products development Rich Solar Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.richsolar.com/ Products: Monocrystalline solar panle, polycrystalline solar panel
  16. 16. Ningbo Qixin Solar Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd http://www.nbqxsolar.com/en/index.php Products: mono-crystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar energy components Zhejiang Trunsun Solar Co., Ltd. http://www.trunsunsolar.com/ Products: R&D, production and sales of photovoltaic (PV) cells, modules and systems
  17. 17. Ningbo Ever Sunlight Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.ever-sunlight.com/ Products: solar panel from 0.1W-200W Tianjin Iris International Trade Co.,Ltd http://tjirisgroup.com/2/index.asp Products: wind power generators and solar panels.