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  1. 1. SPICEPARK 株式会社ビー・テクノロジー スパイス・パーク 2011年 12 月現在 All Rights Reserved Copyright (C) Bee Technologies Inc.DEC2011
  2. 2. CONTENT. SPICEPARK TOTAL = 3,740 No. Description pcs. No. Description pcs. No. Description pcs.Semiconductor Semiconductor Battery S01/ Diode/General 282 S23/ PWM IC 3 B01/ Alkaline Cell 10 S02/ Diode/Schottky Rectifier 486 S24/ Analog IC 6 B02/ Lithium Cell 5 S03/ Diode/Zener Diode 12 S25/ Digital Transistor 95 B03/ Lithium-Ion Cell 30 S04/ Laser Diode 49 S26/ BRT 47 B04/ Nickel Manganese Cell 10 S05/ Light-Emitting Diode 60 S27/ Digital IC 239 B05/ Nickel Metal-Hydride 9 S06/ Junction FET 14 S28/ PUT 6 B06/ Oxyride Cell 8 S07/ MOSFET 380 S29/ Crystal Oscillator 1 B07/ Manganese Cell 8 S08/ BJT 104 S30/ Photo Diode 1 B08/ Solar Cell 160 S09/ Darlington Transistor 9 S31/ PIN Diode 8 B09/ Lead Acid Cell 9 S10/ IGBT 138 B10/ Lithium Polymer Cell 3 S11/ Voltage Reference 3 Passive Parts S12/ Voltage Regulator 64 P01/ Capacitor/Ceramic 96 Mechanical Parts S13/ Shunt Regulator 6 P02/ Capacitor/Electrolytic 53 K01/ Toggle Switch 3 S14/ OPAMP 362 P03/ Capacitor/Film 5 A01/ SPEAKER 42 S15/ Comparator 74 P04/ Choke Coil 28 S16/ Sidac 42 P05/ CM / Choke Coil 1 DC Motor S17/ Photocupler 43 P06/ Transformer 2 M01/DC Motor 11 S18/ Opto Device 2 P07/ Inductor 131 S19/ Varistor 3 P08/ Magnetic Core 74 Lamp S20/ Surge Absorber 184 P09/ Crystal 2 L01/ Filament Lamp 18 S21/ Thermistor 6 P10/ Resistor 167 L02/ Halogen Lamp 3 S22/ Thyristor 123 DEC2011
  3. 3. DIODE /SCHOTTKY RECTIFIERNo. Part Number Manufacturer TC MODEL Remark Update1 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Professional Dec-11 CUS08F302 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Standard Dec-113 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Professional Dec-11 CUS10F304 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Standard Dec-115 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Professional Dec-11 CUS5206 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Standard Dec-117 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Professional Dec-11 CUS5218 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Standard Dec-119 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Professional Dec-11 CUS551V3010 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Standard Dec-1111 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Professional Dec-11 DSF07S30U12 TOSHIBA 25C SBD Standard Dec-11DEC2011