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Facebook Page Guidelines


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Facebook Page Guidelines -How to improve my business using Facebook

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Facebook Page Guidelines

  1. 1. FACEBOOK GUIDELINES<br />Facebook Page<br />FACEBOOK FAN PAGE <br />Unlimited FansBrandingActive CommunicationAnnouncements<br />1. Integrate with RSS <br />2. Build custom Application<br />3. Announce Events<br />4. Explain your business<br />Use the Fan page, it serves as a good tool to introduce people to sections of your website that they might be interested in.<br />5. Interact<br />Giving feedback and word of mouth advertising, it takes a little time to build, once done – it is the greatest asset you can have.<br />6. Relevant Content Inventory<br /><ul><li>Videos
  2. 2. Photos
  3. 3. Audio
  4. 4. Articles
  5. 5. Power Point Slides
  6. 6. Brochures
  7. 7. Blog Posts
  8. 8. Relevant Links</li></ul>7. Send updates to Fans <br />8. Add Find us on <br />FACEBOOK Guidelines<br /><ul><li>Promote your Blog
  9. 9. If you have a company or personal blog, the blog can be imported into your facebook notes.  Your posting will then appear in your newsfeed and that of your friends.
  10. 10. By entering the RSS Feed URL in this link
  11. 11. Ways to promote through facebook – FACEBOOK Channels
  12. 12. Pages (Provide brands and corporations a social presence)
  13. 13. Applications (Custom functionality that can be added to a company Page or personal
  14. 14. Profile Pages)
  15. 15. News Feed (Most valuable on Facebook - primarily furnished with stories about how friends engage with your Pages or Applications)
  16. 16. Profile page (Intended for individuals)
  17. 17. Groups (Facebooks’s version of a discussion forum)
  18. 18. Events (Announce events, collect RSVPs)
  19. 19. Ads/Social Ads (Text based with a small image – highly integrated into the Facebook
  20. 20. Interface – targeting based on users’ Facebook profiles)
  21. 21. Display ads (Low performance traditional banners)
  22. 22. Facebook Platform/Connect (Share Facebook login and social stories with your
  23. 23. Websites outside of Facebook)</li></ul> 3. FACEBOOK PAGES <br /><ul><li>It’s the easiest way to establish a presence within Facebook
  24. 24. You may run promotions, polls and send updates to your Fans
  25. 25. Can be extended with custom applications (your own or 3rd
  26. 26. party) for deeper, branded experiences and marketing programs
  27. 27. User action will push a story to their friends’ News Feed,
  28. 28. potentially generating thousands of free viral ads</li></ul>4. How to drive more traffic to your Page<br />-Provide users with interactive options that generate News Feed Stories:<br /><ul><li> Contests, polls, discussions are great engagement ‘fodder’
  29. 29. Allow visitors to upload pictures and video to your page
  30. 30. Create Events that users can RSVP to within your page</li></ul>-Post messages in related groups about the existence of your page<br />-Email the Page URL employees, customers and prospects and ask them to Fan the page and share the page with their friends<br />- Buy Facebook “Social Ads”<br />- Once in a week send mass “Newsletter messages “to groups to promote your website <br />SUMMARY <br />The following are the Facebook promotion Strategy that we will be implementing <br /><ul><li>Create facebook page
  31. 31. Facebook Applications
  32. 32. Create Community/Groups
  33. 33. News Feeds
  34. 34. Build an active wall
  35. 35. Become a fan
  36. 36. Highlight company sponsorships,
  37. 37. Events
  38. 38. Posting interesting and original Comments
  39. 39. Tell Story
  40. 40. Promote page as a Viral corporate Blog
  41. 41. Discussion boards and community feedbacks
  42. 42. Notify Subscribers
  43. 43. Create Buzz
  44. 44. Update product photos
  45. 45. Related Videos (you tube)
  46. 46. Group Emails to fans
  47. 47. Special offers to fans
  48. 48. Target messages to fans
  49. 49. Polls /poll page
  50. 50. Add to favorites/ requires user details
  51. 51. Link twitter, blog, you tube or other account to facebook
  52. 52. Publish Ads
  53. 53. New Product Announcements
  54. 54. Forums to promote your products
  55. 55. Newsroom (link the page to newsroom)
  56. 56. Promote call to action to recruit fans
  57. 57. Invite friends
  58. 58. Promote Contest
  59. 59. Promote Coupons, discounts, Sweepstakes
  60. 60. Promote fun application
  61. 61. Updating the status after watching your events live
  62. 62. Word of mouth</li></ul>Submitted By<br />Sudha Thangavel<br />SEO and SMM Specialist<br />Payoda Technologies<br /><br />