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Backlinking plan blog


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Link Building Plan for website or Blog- Backlinking Plan

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Backlinking plan blog

  1. 1. BLOGSubmitted By Sudha ThangavelSEO Specialist Payoda Techno0logieswww.sudhaseo.blogspot.comBack linking Plan <br />BLOG COMMENTS<br />1. Top Commentator Backlinks<br />2. Brand Identity <br />3. More Exposure and Traffic.<br />4. Do comment on dofollow blogs<br />5. Research and comment on relevant industry related blogs and blogs with significant centers of influence.<br />6. Always respond to comments on your blog <br />7. When you detect a mention of your blog on another blog, thank that blogger in the comments of the post.<br />DIRECTORY LISTING<br />1. Free blog directories-it can be an excellent source for building links<br />2. Paid blog directories-it will provide you with much high-quality backlinks and quality traffic to you<br />SHARING POST ON TWITTER<br />1. Get Re-tweets <br />FEED POST TO FACEBOOK<br />1. Use networked blogs to feed posts to Facebook page.<br />UPLOADING VIDEOS ON YOU TUBE<br />1. Drive more traffic to your blog,<br />JOINING BLOG COMMUNITY<br />1. Meet other bloggers and help others get their information out there.<br />REQUEST FEEDBACK<br />1. Request feedback or reviews of your blog in relevant forums, discussion threads. <br />2. If you have a resourceful post that will help others, point to it.<br />POST REGULARLY<br />1. Regular posts will get you links, visit, comment and share your posts. <br />2. Each post must be unique and high value<br />ARTICLE DIRECTORIES <br />1. Publish content for directories such as eZine Articles, Go Articles, etc.,<br />USE KEYWORDS<br />1. Use keywords in the blog post title, in the body of the post<br />2. Use anchor text when you link to previous posts you’ve made.<br />FORUM POSTING<br />1. Post your link in forums, and your forum signature.<br />2. Many Forums provide Dofollow link via signatures of signed up users.<br />SOCIAL BOOKMARKING<br />1. Social media is very popular source of backlinks. At least bookmark yourself.<br />2. Create good content on your website, other members will eventually bookmark you and you’ll get a free back link. <br />3. A good example is and<br />STUMBLE UPON<br />1. Stumble upon is an Internet Community<br />2. This will help bring traffic to your website beyond expectations.<br />SQUIDOO PAGE <br />1. Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects of interest.<br />2. Get solid backlinks and a chance to get quality traffic too.<br />3. Set up a Squidoo lens with good content and link to your site from it.<br />PRESS RELEASE <br />1. Submit press release about events in your business and website. Of course include the link to your website.<br />BLOG CARNIVALS<br />1. Blog carnival is a type of blog event<br />2. Submit posts to blog carnivals.<br />YAHOO ANSWERS <br />1, Answer a question on Yahoo Answers and reference your site.<br />