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Ms dos windows – basic operations


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Ms dos windows – basic operations

  1. 1. MS -DOS Windows – Basic Operations
  2. 2. As we have mentioned earlier, one of the principal functions of operating system is File Management Operations of creating Folders and Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, of files and folders, and running various application programmers. Technical Data used in the field explained in computer courses in Rawalpindi. The other functions include installing devices, e.g., Printer, Network, and application programs; Configuring the system with devices and software by initializing in System Registry; and System Mainte nance, like formatting disk, disk cleaning by deleting unnecessary files, re -arranging the files stored in hard disk in a scattered manner (fragmented) to optimize the space allocations and thereby operation, etc. There are also functions like creating Fill e Back-ups and System Restore through disk imaging. Some more details of computer courses in Rawalpindi are as under. Let us first familiarize with the Windows Menu. The Desktop Icons (also called shortcuts) shown in the first display screen are created and kept for only the most frequently used programs or files. To view all other programs and features as kept under various groups, click the Start button to see the Menu. Depending upon what are stored in your computer you will see a screen like above, as you select the Program group, and then keep the mouse cursor over Microsoft Word program. If you want to run the program, Microsoft Word, now just click it or press Enter key in the Keyboard. We have already discussed earlier how to quit a program and come back to the initial screen to shut down the computer. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad for Pakistani Students who wants to join computer courses in Islamabad. .