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Enterprise project structure

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Enterprise project structure

  1. 1. Enterprise Project Structure
  2. 2. The Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) forms the hierarchical structure of your database of projects. Technical Data used in the field explained in primavera p6 training in Islamabad. Each EPS node can be subdivided into multiple levels to represent the work that needs to be done in your organization. The number of levels and their structure depend on the scope of your projects and how you want to summarize data. You can use the EPS to Perform top-down budgeting and resource and cost analysis Organize work breakdown and organizational breakdown structures into one common structure Manage multiple projects from the highest levels of the organization to the individuals that perform specific project tasks Implement coding standards for flexible reporting Maintain appropriate security throughout the enterprise All projects in the enterprise exist within the EPS hierarchy, a graphical representation of your project structure. A root node is automatically created for the hierarchy during installation. Some more details of primavera p6 training in Islamabad are as under. The levels and structure of your company‘s EPS depends on the scope of your projects and how you want to summarize data. You can use the Admin Preferences, Data Limits tab to define one or multiple root nodes, up to 50 combined WBS/EPS levels and as many projects as necessary to complete the required work set forth by the operations executive and project managers in your organization. Before you begin defining your company‘s EPS, you should become familiar with the structures and procedures established for your enterprise, such as codes, calendars, and other company-wide standards. Once the EPS hierarchy is defined, you can begin to develop projects by adding information, activities, and resources. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad for Pakistani Students who wants to join primavera p6 training in Islamabad.