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Computer aided design (cad)


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Computer aided design (cad)

  1. 1. Computer- aided design (CAD)
  2. 2. Besides the production of DEM and sketched plans, a computerized system survey the final plan can be simple to structure that. the three-dimensional information provides retained in the database to facilitate all necessary data Country of construction completed. Shows use in road planning. Technical Data used in the field explained in civil surveyor course in Rawalpindi. The environmental impact of the design can now easily manufacturing perspective views evaluated, as shown in. On average environmental legislation makes the latter very valuable tool. Some more details of civil surveyor course in Rawalpindi are as under. In the previous sections the basics of the survey are described. Because of its importance now summarized as follows: (1) Recognition is the first and most important step in the survey process. Only after a careful and detailed overview of the range of techniques and instruments surveyors to decide to work economically necessary and meet the accuracy requirements to complete. (2) to localize control networks not only a form of reference the position of topographic detail and mounting structures, but can also for the development of networks are under control a content be used a larger number of stations at shorter distances from one another and from a lower order of accuracy, ie monitoring, a, b, c, d in Figure 1.6. These smaller control stations can better placed for the purpose of locating topographical detail. The master control process at the highest level of accuracy down as a framework what it is to connect the control Moll, in turn, used as a framework to detail It is known as the work of the entire part and forms the basis of all good collection methods. (3) The errors are included in all measurement methods and a constant struggle to be carried out by the examiner to minimize and to assess their impact. It follows that the greater the accuracy specifications, the higher the cost of collection because it results in a plurality of embodiments, taken with greater care for an extended period, and with precision (and therefore more expensive) equipment. It is for this reason that the big tax Networks provide the minimum number of required stations and topographer in economic contribution Working principle with an accuracy no more and no less than necessary. (4) separate controls should be introduced not only in the field work, but also on the back Calculation and data reduction field. In this way, errors can be quickly detected and treated. Data should always be more than once, and preferably measured in different ways. Checkout more The measurements are usually go for error in the measurement process. alternative close agreement of the measurements is indicative of a high degree of precision and generally acceptable range Data, although, as shown below, with high precision does not necessarily mean a high accuracy and also Data processing may be necessary to remove systematic errors which may be present.
  3. 3. (5) In accordance accuracy fall in the measurement process, the angle should be measured the same degree of accuracy as the distances and vice versa. For further information: extends 1mm 1__ bow 200 m. This means that if the distance, measured for example 1: 200 000, the angle to be measured, Leaves 1__, and so on. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad for Pakistani Students who wants to join civil surveyor course in Rawalpindi.