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20120717 role of dna to promote cdm


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20120717 role of dna to promote cdm

  1. 1. Ms.Tsendsuren Batsuuri, Ministry of Nature, Environment and TourismRole of DNAs in promoting CDM
  2. 2. Contents1. DNA roles and responsibilities in the CDM2. What does promoting the CDM means?3. Potential role of DNAs to promote CDM in their countries4. Current status of CDM in Mongolia and some experience5. Conclusion6. Some additional information for Asia- Pacific DNAs
  3. 3. 1. DNA roles and responsibilities in the CDMClean Development Mechanism has 2 objectives:1. To help developed countries to fulfill their commitments to reduce GHG emissions2. To assist developing countries in achieving sustainable developmentFormal role of host country DNAs in the CDM1. To assess sustainable development contribution of CDM projects (to ensure that the CDM project is contributing to sustainable development)2. To issue letter of approval In accordance with the CDM modalities and procedures, Parties participating in the CDM shall designate a national authority for the CDM. The registration of a proposed CDM project activity can only take place once approval letters are obtained from the designated national authority of each Party involved, including confirmation by the host Party that the project activity assists it in achieving sustainable development.
  4. 4. 2. What does promoting CDM mean?PROMOTE-[def] to encourage the popularity, sale, development or existence ofsomething. (Cambridge dictionary) PROMOTING CDM Facilitating CDM project Increase awareness on CDM Improving the CDM process implementation Workshop and Legal and regulatory Improving the CDM seminars environment rules and regulations Information dissemination Capacity building Decreasing cost and through media, news and training time required and publications Supplying Consultation and standard/default Standardization advice values such as GEF To decrease burden To inform about on developing a CDM To improve existing existence of CDM project CDM
  5. 5. 3.Potential role of DNAs topromote CDM in their countries
  6. 6. 3.Potential role of DNAs to promote CDM in their countries (2) PROMOTING CDM Facilitating CDM project Increase awareness on CDM Improving the CDM process implementation -Clear, transparent rules and regulations for LoA DNAs can provide Workshop and -Recommendation and regulatory Legal on Improving the CDM input, and share seminars environment rules and regulationsDNAs can identify automatic additionality their experience to the target group -SB proposal ( further improve theand communicate operationalizing QA mechanism Information with them dissemination system) Capacity building Decreasing cost and through media, news and training -Other (GEF, Benchmark) time required effectively and publications Supplying Consultation and standard/default Standardization advice values such as GEF To decrease burden To inform about on developing a CDM To improve existing existence of CDM project CDM
  7. 7. 3.Potential role of DNAs to promote CDM in their countries (3)FIRST AND FOREMOST1. To be able to carry out the formal responsibilities in an efficient and transparent manner.2. To help project developers to utilize opportunities provided by the EB in full (SB, GEF, loan scheme, automatic additionality etc.,)EXTRA ROLES DNAS CAN/SHOULD TAKE1. Cooperate with professional organizations to build capacity on CDM by assisting in identifying stakeholders and local needs2. Facilitate cooperation and communication between different stakeholders3. Give feedback on practical problems for implementing the CDM
  8. 8. 4.1 CDM in Mongolia 3 conditions forimplementingCDM projects Mongolia ratified UNFCCC in 1993 (non-Annex 1 party) Mongolia ratified Kyoto Protocol in 1999 Law on air revised (2010) CDM National Bureau establlshed under MNET as CDM DNA of Mongolia in 2004 MNET IN CHARGE OF: 1.coordinating and implementing NAPCC 2. CC related policy formulation 3.Coordinting CC CCCO adaptation and mitigation established activities in Mongolia Feb.2011 4.Fulfillling responsibilities under the UNFCCC and Kyoto protocol 5.Supervision of CDM National Bureau CDM National Bureau
  9. 9. 4.1 CDM in Mongolia (2) Approved project type 1, 14% Project Status Num. CDM projects registered at CDM executive 4 board Renewable Energy efficiency CDM projects approved by DNA 7 Biofuel CDM projects at or after the validation stage 2 2, 29% 4, 57% Registered CDM Projects Num. Average annual Amount of Rejected Total ERs by Review of emission issued CERs 2012 (tCO2) Conducted projects reduction(tCO2) (tCO2)Hydro Power 2 30,000 302,173 15,354 0 0Wind Power 1 178,778 0 0 0 0Energy Efficiency 1 11,904 83,328 0 0 0Total 4 62,670 385,501 15,354 0 0
  10. 10. 4.1 CDM in Mongolia (3)Approved projects from Mongolian DNA Name of CDM Type of Supplemen Approval Annual PPs PPs Project Activity Project tal Date (Y/M/D) ER (Host Country) (Others) Status Info. (tCO2/yr) Mitsubishi Energy Issued CERsDurgun Hydropower New UFJ Hydro Power 2006/10/2 30,400 Authority, are 14,468Project in Mongolia reservoir Securities Co., tCO2 Ltd. Mitsubishi Amount of 1stTaishir Hydropower Hydro New Energy UFJ and 2nd issued 2006/10/02 29,600Project in Mongolia Power reservoir Authority Securities Co., CERs are Ltd. 886tCO2 Prokon NordA retrofit programme Energiesystemfor decentralised Energy Supply side 2006/04/27 11,904 e GmbH Registeredheating stations in Efficiency Mongol ZuukhMongolia XXI ltd. Wind Total 2011/11/11 Clean EnergySalkhit wind Farm 178,778 Registered Power 49.6MW (reissuance) LLC, MongoliaMaikhan small Hydro Usny Erchim Beforehydropower project in Run of river 2010/12/09 36,377 Power Co.,Ltd. validationMongolia EnBWPellet and briquette Under Biomass Others 2011/03/21 19,436 NTIC Co.,Ltd Tradingplant in Mongolia validation GmbHMicroEnergy Credits- MicroEnergyMicrofinance for Clean Energy Program of Under 2012/04/30 61,656 Xacbank LLC CreditsEnergy Product Lines- Efficiency Activity validation (CME)Mongolia
  11. 11. 4.2 Mongolian experience: To promote CDM in Mongolia Training materials are compiled and available on the website CDM NB has co-organized more than 30 trainings on CDM (in 4 cities of Mongolia) between 2010-2012 in cooperation with World Bank, ADB and IGES
  12. 12. 100 200 300 400 500 600 0 2010.1…2011.1.6 2011.1… 2011.1…2011.2.5 2011.2… 2011.2…2011.3.7 2011.3… 2011.3…2011.4.6 2011.4… 2011.4…2011.5.6 2011.5… 2011.5…2011.6.5 2011.6… 2011.6…2011.7.6 2011.7… 2011.7…2011.8.5 2011.8… 2011.8…2011.9.4 2011.9… in Mongolia(2) 2011.9… 2011.1… 2011.1… 2011.1… 2011.1… 2011.1… Daily Series1hits 4.2 Mongolian experience: To promote CDM email receive updates Members through their notification for
  13. 13. 4.2 Mongolian experience: To promote CDM in Mongolia (3) Grid emission factor for CES has been calculated and uploaded on the website along with underlying data and calculations PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS
  14. 14. 4.2 Mongolian experience: To promote CDM in Mongolia (4)Barriers for implementing CDM in MongoliaBarrier Historical significance Current significanceSize – transaction cost Medium HighbarrierType – methodological High Highcomplication barriersCDM consultant barrier Low LowInstitutional barrier High / prohibitive Very Low / noneDocumentation barrier Medium/low Medium/HighFinancing barrier High Medium/HighAwareness barrier Medium/High Very LowDemand barrier None High Source: Carbon Finance in Mongolia 2011 publication
  15. 15. 5. ConclusionDNAs can play an important role in promotingCDM in their countries in the below field –awareness raising –decreasing some burdens for developing CDM project (GEF, benchmarks) –providing input to improve current CDM (on the ground experience)
  16. 16. ONLINE DISCUSSION FORUM FOR ASIA-PACIFIC DNAs is under operation To be used for: 82 members from i. Experience sharing over 30 countries ii. Input collection for various purposes (EB meeting etc., )
  17. 17. Input from Asia-Pacific DNAs for the next EB meeting (collected through online forum)Validation of National Grid Emission Factors (GEF)Problem: Data confidentiality. How to validate National GEFs calculated by DNAs? DNAs may notbe able to provide underlying data due to data confidentiality issue according to local regulationsother than just give assurances (or show it in office) that the GEF is calculated according to latesttool.But PPs and DOEs claim that according to the latest VVM it is necessary for them to obtain/see thedata and calculation .How to solve this issue (conflict between local and international rules and regulations)?Some of the DNAs in our region requested for clarification regarding whether the VVM/VVS reallyrequires DOEs to do as the above?Some would like to request EB to take this issue into account and propose some solution such asmake an option to allow DOEs to accept emission factors published by DNAs without furthervalidation if there is a statement from DNA that it was calculated according to the latest toolapplicable. Perhaps with a possibility that EB can request validation if they find the number reallydoubtful.Some additional information: Even though this issue had been discussed during 11th DNAforum, seems like there is no related development since then. (Below presentation highlights draftprocedure for validation of National GEF, but it seems there is no approved procedure or guidanceyet.)
  18. 18. Thank you very much for your attention!!!