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гэрийн даалгавар

  1. 1. Гэрийн даалгавар11-1- с ба 11-2-с мөн 11-1Т ангийн болон 11г ангийн сурагчдадOn your winter holiday please work on the following General English Examination.You can either print it out or work on your computer and send me back.Good luck.Variation APart one Task 1. Grammar (20 items* 1mark each= 20)1. Once upon a time there was _____________ wise lady. __________ wise ladywas a fortuneteller.a. a/an b. the/the c. a/the d. the/a e. _/_2. The doctor asked him to take ____________ pill _____________ day.a. the/a b. the/the c. _/a d. a/a e. a/the3. When the door ___________, Frank was very surprised.a. opens b. is opened c. was opened d. shuts e. open4. These houses _____________ by settlers many years ago.a. are maid b. were built c. built d. made e. making5. We have been working in terrible conditions _______________ May.a. for b. since c. by d. until e. during6. My radio doesn’t work very well, but I don’t know what is wrong ___________It.a. for b. to c. on d. with e. from7. I’m going to ask a few questions ______________ that old gentlemen.a. to b. up c. from d. _ e. at8. Susan will probably work ______________ six.a. for b. under c. until d. by e. over9. James wants to by a new car; ______________ , he doesn’t have enoughmoney.a. therefore b. however c. moreover d. but e. consequently10. If I ________________ perfect English. I _____________ In this class.a. Could spoke/won’t be b. can speak/would be c. can’t speak/will not bed. could speak/will not be e. could speak/wouldn’t be11. Sorry I’m late. ________________ for a long time.
  2. 2. a. Did you wait b. Have you waited c. Have you been waitingd. Did you waiting e. Did you waited12. I travel a lot in my job, _________________ to Europe.a. exactly b. nearly c. really d. mainly e. fluently13. He came late because he can’t run _________________ the others.a. As fast as b. faster c. the fastest of d. quickly as e. fast14. A: My father plays chess very well.B: ___________________a. So does my father b. Nor does my father c. Neither my fatherd. My father is, too e. Either my father15. When you ____________ the furniture, please tell me.a. will finish to move b. finish to move c. will finish movingd. have finished moving e. finished to move16. The teacher asked her pupils ____________________ .a. where are their textbooksb. where their textbooks arec. where there textbooks wered. be quiet, please, listen to mee. why they open the textbooks17. It was late but the pupils _______________ stay at school for an additionallesson.a. Could b. must c. had to d. needed e. might18. ______________________ he wasn’t hungry, he ate a big meal.a. Although b. In spite c. Unless d. Even e. Even though19. How long ago did you ________________ ?a. have painted your houseb. had your house paintedc. have your house paintd. have your house paintede. had your house paint20. Besides _______________ I like ____________________ swimmingcompetitions.a. swimming/to watchb. to swim/to watch
  3. 3. c. swimming/watchedd. to swim/watchinge. swimming/watchTask 2 Vocabulary exercises (20 items*1 mark=20)21. While they were on holiday their house was broken ______________ andsome valuable paintings were stolen.a. down b. into c. about d. away e. up22. He spoke so quickly that I didn’t ______________ what he said.a. receive b. accept c. listen d. take e. catch23. He offered to ‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗ her a hand as the suitcase was too heavyfor her to carry.a. lend b. help c. show d. loan e. borrow24. That cupboard must always be __________________ carefully locked.a. guarded b. shut c. closed d. kept e. held25. I ________________ what her name is; I’m sure I know her face.a. remember b. wonder c. guess d. suspect e. suppose26. She wanted to buy a modern dress, she didn’t want an old-________________ one.a. styled b. formed c. looked fashioned e. shaped27. To get your illustrated guide to great Britain just fill in the _________ andsend it with 50p to the Tourist Board.a. cheque b. note c. coupon d. bill warrant28. He was smoking; I could see the tip of his cigarette ___________ In thedarkness.a. shining b. sparkling c. gleaming d. glinting e. glowing29. These cars originally had two doors but the latest ____________ has four.a. brand b. mark c. model d. pattern e. trade30. His shoes were so old that his ______________ were sticking out of them.a. ankle b. fingers c. thumbs d. tips e. toes31. What food doesn’t belong to this food group?a. chocolate milk b. cream cheese c. ice cream d. salad dressing e. yogurt32. Someone who makes or looks after machines is _________________ .a. economist b. worker c. teacher d. engineer e. member33. If you _____________ to be a friend, never borrow, never ______________ .a. want/lend b. wanted/lend c. wants/lends d. will want/lend e. want/lent
  4. 4. 34. The new magazine about car maintenance ______________ tomorrow.a. comes down b. comes off c. comes on d. comes out e. comes round35. Have you any _______________ where you left your car keys?a. knowledge b. information c. notion d. idea e. thought36. I have got to get up early tomorrow so I must remember to _________ myalarm clock.a. time b. set c. fix d. turn e. point37. Peter’s car __________ in the country so he had to walk to the nearestvillage for help.a. broke up b. broke down c. broke away d. broke off e. broke open38. Most people think they pay too much _______________ tax to theGovernment.a. income b. salary c. wages d. earnings e. money39. I don’t think you’ve ______________ Mrs. Walker before I’ll introduce you toher.a. discovered b. found c. known d. met e. presented40. She looked everywhere for her book but ____________ had to return homewithout it.a. lastly b. at the end c. in the end d. in the finish e. at the lastTask 3. Word formation (5 items* 2 marks each=10)Choose the one word that best completes the sentence.41. After failing his driving test four times, he finally ___________ trying to pass.a. gave up b. gave away c. gave for d. gave off e. gave in42. To be so excited that you lose control is to get _________________ .a. carried off b. carried over c. carried away d. carried on e. carried up43. To make someone stop talking is to _________________ .a. shut in b. shut out c. shut up d. shut down e. shut on44. To think of a suggestion, a solution or plan is to __________________ .a. come out with b. come over c. come down d. come up with e. come on45. To visit somewhere for a short time when you are going somewhere is to_________ .a. stop away b. stop off c. stop on d. stop in e. stop overTask 5. CommunicationRead choose the one best answer.51. Your
  5. 5. 40. She looked everywhere for her book but ____________ had to return homewithout it.a. lastly b. at the end c. in the end d. in the finish e. at the lastTask 4. CommunicationRead choose the one best answer.51. Your English is perfect. How long have you been studying it?a. All my life, since I remember myself.b. Sure, English takes much time.c. Quite so, I also admire her English.d. No wonder, she lived in England for 5 years.e. English is spoken by half of the world.52. Where did you stay when you went to the South.a. To the South.b. Yes, I did.c. At the hotel.d. For two weeks.e. I stayed there a month.53. Nick is not so stupid as you think.a. So is Ann.b. So has Ann.c. Neither is Ann.d. Neither are we.e. Ann did so.54. Do you think we’ll have good weather?a. I hope so.b. Yes, he does.c. I hope, it does.d. I so hope.e. I did.55. How did you find the play?a. Oh, I don’t think it was a success.b. I could hardly get the tickets.
  6. 6. c. My sister was also at the show.d. Yes, the day is nice.e. There was a sign “sold out”56. What do you think of “The Three Friends”.a. They are friends.b. It’s an amusing game.c. It’s sad news.d. It’s a very interesting play.e. They’ll come soon.57. I’m looking forward to showing you round the city.a. This is a great city.b. That’s certainly very nice of you.c. I’ve read very much about your city.d. It’s not very cold here in winter.e. There are a lot of places of interest in this city.58. Who usually has lunch at school.a. Pupils and teachers haveb. Teenagers and teachers havec. Teachers and headmasters haved. Teachers and children havee. Teachers and pupils doPart twoTask 6. ReadingA. Read the text and choose the one best answer.When Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492 from Spain, his destination wasnot America. In fact, he did not even know that the huge American continentsexisted. His purpose in sailing west was to reach the Indies faster than othershipswhich used a route around Africa. The Indies were a source of reaches forEuropeans during those days. The treasures of spices, skills, etc. were greatlyvalued by Europeans but were extremely difficult to obtain. When Columbusreachedislands that are now known as the West Indies, he believed he had reached Asiaand he called the people living there “Indians”.59. In 1492 Columbus ____________________ .a. wished to go to America.b. started travelling towards Asia.
  7. 7. c. traveled by way of Africa to Asia.d. wanted to become rich by sailing to America.e. was looking for the treasures of America.60. Spices, skills and other treasures ___________________ .a. were found around the world.b. were taken to Asia to be sold.c. were from the West Indies.d. from Asia, were brought to Europe.e. from Spain, were taken to the Indies.61. Columbus believed ___________________ .a. the destination for Europeans was Asia via America.b. Europeans should become rich.c. the riches of the West Indies were better than those of Asia.d. Spain could be reached via the Asian route.e. he was headed for India.B. Read the text and choose the correct form of the word to complete thegaps.AdvertisingAdvertisement are everywhere, from columns of small ___62___ advertisementsfor houses, jobs cars etc. in newspapers to big ___63___ on walls and enormousadvertisement on ___64___ by the side of the road. The job of the advertising___65___ is to ___66___ the products of the firms who employ them. Theydesign eye- ___67___ advertisements and make television ___68___ topersuade us to buy, buy, buy.62. a. classical b. class c. classified d. classic e. classes63. a. hostels b. posters c. commercials d. agencies e. agency64. a. hoardings b. commercials c. hostels d. agencies e. photos65. a. centers b. agencies c. commercials d. agents e. hostels66. a. produce b. stick c. classify d. publicize e. agency67. a. persuading b. keeping c. holding d. catching e. accept68. a. classical b. agencies c. commercials d. documentaries e. produce10-Ж ангийн сурагчдадhttp://www.englishexercises.org/makeagame/viewgame.asp?id=6098http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2C6v9mGuR0
  8. 8. хаягаар орж даалгавруудыг гүйцэтгэнэ үү.9-2Т-ий ангийн сурагчдадRead a fairy tale called The Snow Man and draw the main events. 5-6 pictures andwrite a paragraph it within 50 words.The Snow ManIt is so delightfully cold, said the Snow Man, that it makes mywhole body crackle. This is just the kind of wind to blow life intoone. How that great red thing up there is staring at me! He meantthe sun, who was just setting. It shall not make me wink. I shallmanage to keep the pieces.He had two triangular pieces of tile in his head, instead of eyes,his mouth was made of an old broken rake, and was, of course,furnished with teeth. He had been brought into existence amidstthe joyous shouts of boys, the jingling of sleigh-bells, and theslashing of whips. The sun went down, and the full moon rose,large, round, and clear, shining in the deep blue.There it comes again, from the other side, said the Snow Man,who supposed the sun was showing himself once more. Ah, Ihave cured him of staring, though, now he may hang up there,and shine, that I may see myself. If I only knew how to manage tomove away from this place, I should so like to move. If I could, Iwould slide along yonder on the ice, as I have seen the boys do,but I dont understand how, I dont even know how to run.Away, away, barked the old yard-dog. He was quite hoarse,and could not pronounce Bow wow properly. He had once beenan indoor dog, and lay by the fire, and he had been hoarse eversince. The sun will make you run some day. I saw him, last winter,make your predecessor run, and his predecessor before him.Away, away, they all have to go.I dont understand you, comrade, said the Snow Man. Is thatthing up yonder to teach me to run? I saw it running itself a littlewhile ago, and now it has come creeping up from the other side.You know nothing at all, replied the yard-dog, but then, youveonly lately been patched up. What you see yonder is the moon,and the one before it was the sun. It will come again to-morrow,and most likely teach you to run down into the ditch by the well,for I think the weather is going to change. I can feel such pricksand stabs in my left leg, I am sure there is going to be a change.I dont understand him, said the Snow Man to himself, but Ihave a feeling that he is talking of something very disagreeable.The one who stared so just now, and whom he calls the sun, isnot my friend, I can feel that too.Away, away, barked the yard-dog, and then he turned round
  9. 9. three times, and crept into his kennel to sleep.There was really a change in the weather. Towards morning, athick fog covered the whole country round, and a keen windarose, so that the cold seemed to freeze ones bones, but whenthe sun rose, the sight was splendid. Trees and bushes werecovered with hoarfrost, and looked like a forest of white coral,while on every twig glittered frozen dew-drops. The many delicateforms concealed in summer by luxuriant foliage, were now clearlydefined, and looked like glittering lace-work. From every twigglistened a white radiance. The birch, waving in the wind, lookedfull of life, like trees in summer, and its appearance waswondrously beautiful. And where the sun shone, how everythingglittered and sparkled, as if diamond dust had been strewn about,while the snowy carpet of the earth appeared as if covered withdiamonds, from which countless lights gleamed, whiter than eventhe snow itself.This is really beautiful, said a young girl, who had come into thegarden with a young man, and they both stood still near the SnowMan, and contemplated the glittering scene. Summer cannot showa more beautiful sight, she exclaimed, while her eyes sparkled.And we cant have such a fellow as this in the summer time,replied the young man, pointing to the Snow Man, he is capital.The girl laughed, and nodded at the Snow Man, and thentripped away over the snow with her friend. The snow creakedand crackled beneath her feet, as if she had been treading onstarch.Who are these two? asked the Snow Man of the yard-dog. Youhave been here longer than I have, do you know them?Of course I know them, replied the yard-dog, she has strokedmy back many times, and he has given me a bone of meat. Inever bite those two.But what are they? asked the Snow Man.They are lovers, he replied, they will go and live in the samekennel by-and-by, and gnaw at the same bone. Away, away!Are they the same kind of beings as you and I? asked theSnow Man.Well, theyWell, they belong to the same master, retorted the yard-dog.Certainly people who were only born yesterday know very little. Ican see that in you. I have age and experience. I know every onehere in the house, and I know there was once a time when I didnot lie out here in the cold, fastened to a chain. Away, away!The cold is delightful, said the Snow Man, but do tell me tellme, only you must not clank your chain so, for it jars all throughme when you do that.Away, away! barked the yard-dog, Ill tell you, they said I was apretty little fellow once, then I used to lie in a velvet-covered chair,
  10. 10. up at the masters house, and sit in the mistresss lap. They usedto kiss my nose, and wipe my paws with an embroideredhandkerchief, and I was called "Ami, dear Ami, sweet Ami." Butafter a while I grew too big for them, and they sent me away tothe housekeepers room, so I came to live on the lower story. Youcan look into the room from where you stand, and see where Iwas master once, for I was indeed master to the housekeeper. Itwas certainly a smaller room than those up stairs, but I was morecomfortable, for I was not being continually taken hold of andpulled about by the children as I had been. I received quite asgood food, or even better. I had my own cushion, and there was astove it is the finest thing in the world at this season of the year. Iused to go under the stove, and lie down quite beneath it. Ah, Istill dream of that stove. Away, away!Does a stove look beautiful? asked the Snow Man, is it at alllike me?It is just the reverse of you, said the dog, its as black as acrow, and has a long neck and a brass knob, it eats firewood, sothat fire spurts out of its mouth. We should keep on one side, orunder it, to be comfortable. You can see it through the window,from where you stand.Then the Snow Man looked, and saw a bright polished thingwith a brazen knob, and fire gleaming from the lower part of it.The Snow Man felt quite a strange sensation come over him, itwas very odd, he knew not what it meant, and he could notaccount for it. But there are people who are not men of snow, whounderstand what it is. And why did you leave her? asked theSnow Man, for it seemed to him that the stove must be of thefemale sex. How could you give up such a comfortable place?I was obliged, replied the yard-dog. They turned me out ofdoors, and chained me up here. I had bitten the youngest of mymasters sons in the leg, because he kicked away the bone I wasgnawing. "Bone for bone," I thought, but they were so angry, andgnawing. "Bone for bone," I thought, but they were so angry, andfrom that time I have been fastened with a chain, and lost mybone. Dont you hear how hoarse I am. Away, away! I cant talkany more like other dogs. Away, away, that is the end of it all.But the Snow Man was no longer listening. He was looking intothe housekeepers room on the lower story, where the stove stoodon its four iron legs, looking about the same size as the SnowMan himself. What a strange crackling I feel within me, he said.Shall I ever get in there? It is an innocent wish, and innocentwishes are sure to be fulfilled. I must go in there and lean againsther, even if I have to break the window.You must never go in there, said the yard-dog, for if youapproach the stove, youll melt away, away.
  11. 11. I might as well go, said the Snow Man, for I think I am breakingup as it is.During the whole day the Snow Man stood looking in throughthe window, and in the twilight hour the room became still moreinviting, for from the stove came a gentle glow, not like the sun orthe moon, no, only the bright light which gleams from a stovewhen it has been well fed. When the door of the stove wasopened, the flames darted out of its mouth, this is customary withall stoves. The light of the flames fell directly on the face andbreast of the Snow Man with a ruddy gleam. I can endure it nolonger, said he, how beautiful it looks when it stretches out itstongue?The night was long, but did not appear so to the Snow Man,who stood there enjoying his own reflections, and crackling withthe cold. In the morning, the window-panes of the housekeepersroom were covered with ice. They were the most beautiful iceflowersany Snow Man could desire, but they concealed the stove.These window-panes would not thaw, and he could see nothing ofthe stove, which he pictured to himself, as if it had been a lovelyhuman being. The snow crackled and the wind whistled aroundhim, it was just the kind of frosty weather a Snow Man mightthoroughly enjoy. But he did not enjoy it, how, indeed, could heenjoy anything when he was stove sick?That is terrible disease for a Snow Man, said the yard-dog, Ihave suffered from it myself, but I got over it. Away, away, hebarked and then he added, the weather is going to change. Andthe weather did change, it began to thaw. As the warmthincreased, the Snow Man decreased. He said nothing and madeno complaint, which is a sure sign. One morning he broke, andsunk down altogether, and, behold, where he had stood,sunk down altogether, and, behold, where he had stood,something like a broomstick remained sticking up in the ground. Itwas the pole round which the boys had built him up. Ah, now Iunderstand why he had such a great longing for the stove, saidthe yard-dog. Why, theres the shovel that is used for cleaning outthe stove, fastened to the pole. The Snow Man had a stovescraper in his body, that was what moved him so. But its all overnow. Away, away. And soon the winter passed. Away, away,barked the hoarse yard-dog. But the girls in the house sang,Come from your fragrant home, green thyme;Stretch your soft branches, willow-tree;The months are bringing the sweet spring-time,When the lark in the sky sings joyfully.Come gentle sun, while the cuckoo sings,And Ill mock his note in my wanderings.And nobody thought any more of the Snow Man.