School life


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School life

  1. 1. Topic: school lifeBook: Lesson 3, unit 2, English 2 (page: 18-19)Content: (verb +noun combination and present simple – all forms) Teacher: B. Enkhzul
  2. 2. Present simple Use : - to talk about habits and routines. Хэвшил болсон буюу өдөр тутам хийдэг үйлийн тухай ярихад - to talk about things that are always true. Ямагт үнэн бодит байдаг зүйлийн тухай ярихадPositive Negative form Question form Short answersformI I I I IYou work. You you You YouWe We don’t work Do We work? Yes, We do. No, we don’t. they They They They TheyHe He He He Heshe works. She doesn’t work. Does She work? Yes, she does. No, She It It It It
  3. 3. Change the verb Example : I go he goes • I walk • she ___ • I get up • it ___ up • I eat • he ___ • I drink • it ___ • I write • she ___ • I love • it ___ • I clean • he ___ • I dress up • she ___up • I play • it ___
  4. 4. Look and say what children do at school. Use the words in the boxHave lunch,Do sports, go to school, start/ finish classes, have lessons, go to club
  5. 5. Make a sentences using the pictures. What time do you do these actions?• Exapmle: We start classes at 1:30 o’ clock.
  6. 6. Life of Maria. Complete gaps: play, do, ride, lessons, go, are, doesn’t like, writeMy name is Maria Nova. I go to school from Monday to Friday. I usually wakeup at ten past seven, and have a shower. I clean my teeth, dress up and goto the kitchen and have breakfast .Then I take my bicycle from a garageand ___ to school. It takes me a half an hour to get there. My normal ____start at nine o’clock. At lunchtime I eat lunch and talk with my schoolmates.We stay at school till about four o’clock in the afternoon. After school I ____ride home or I do my hobbies. On Mondays I sometimes ____ for a walk orI play on a computer. I usually ____ the piano or read a book to ill people.On Wednesdays I always have German lessons at a language school. Thereare many teenagers and they ____ very friendly. Teachers at my school areyoung and friendly too. On Thursdays I play volleyball or I go for a walk. Atweekends ____ to get up early in the morning.So my Mum says: “Hurry up! There is a lot of housework to do! You can helpme with it.” And I answer : “Oh, Mum, I want to sleep! Go away…” Mumsays: “It is wrong to be rude. Get up now!”….. At weekends I often ____ aletter to my penfriend in Wales. I want to visit him in summer. I can ask aboutthe tickets at a travel agency. There is a small travel agency in ourstreet. Sometimes I’m lazy or bored and I ____ nothing on Sunday.
  7. 7. Look at the sentences and answer these questions. Then you ask your partner the questions. And write down and tell me about your partner.1. What time do you go to school?2. Where do you have your lunch?3. Do you study in the afternoon?4. What do you do after school?5. Do you do your homework?
  8. 8. Homework• Write about your school day.Like this: we start school at 1:30 o’clock. Etc