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  1. 1. 1.That is it that looks like a ball, but stands still and does not fall off its thin andgraceful legs? Children like to turn it around, rivers, mountains, lakes are foundcountries states and their towns can be all around.2. Boys and girls are two-legged creatures and they run about a lot. Mine is differentkind of features and although I am four-legged. I stand still as you can see. Theteacher puts his things on me. The whole day I serve the school and this I am veryproud to do3.The teacher writes on me with chalk, my face is black, I can not talk; Unlike theboys whose voices hum I do my work although I` m dumb.4.What table has no legs?5.I am used to draw lines with; I am long and white and thin; on my face blackfigures shine. Try, you must my name define.6.Look at the lines on my wrinkled old face. The land where you love you can easilytrace and see where each nation has got its own place7.In my house there are a smaller house with windows and doors and only one personliving in it- knowledge.8.It is not a bush, but has leaves; It is not a shirt, but sewn together; it has no tongue,but tells a tale.9.I know everything, I teach everybody. But to make friends with me you must firstlearn10.The field is white. Black is the seed, and the sower who sowed it was cleverindeed.11.He is not French, he is not Greek; He tells us how to write and speak, but in alanguage not our own- which one of us could do alone.12.What word of three syllables contains twenty six letters?13.What is it you keep in your schoolbag and that shows how you learn your lessons?14. What tells you the answers, but gets you bad marks and is not a person?15.What is small and black, with a tail and bent back? It does not bark, it does notbite, but it does not let you pass from one form to the next.16.What is it that gives light to the world although it is black?17.This little traveler is very strong. He takes a drink of water and runs a thousandmiles. Before he starts, he takes off his hat. When he rests, he puts it on18.A black fellow in a wooden cloak, wherever he turns his nose he makes a blackmark.19.What is it that can carry a message to anybody in any town?20.Our little John ha a wooden shirt on and a long sharp nose. He leaves his markwherever he goes.21.My first of anything is half; My second is complete; and so remains until oncemore my first and second meet.22.Fat and gay, on a winter` s day. He came here with us to stay. When he grew bothsad and thin, we brought his younger brother in. People meet eh guest with cheer forhe brings another year.
  2. 2. 23.He came to us before New year a healthy, merry fellow. But every day he losesweight and in a year he will fade away.24.It takes off a piece of its clothing each day, by the end of the year it has nothingleft to wear.25.Why is snow like New Year` s day?26.A little old woman with twelve children; some short, some long, some cold, somehot. What is it?27.There are twelve brothers who march in single file, but can never overtake oneanother.28.Which year of the year is shortest?29.Which is the strongest day of the week?30.Can you name five days of the week without mentioning Sunday, Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday?31.What is it that was tomorrow and will be yesterday?32.What is it that never was never will be and yet is?33.What is it that everybody has seen, but can never see again?34.Nature requires five, custom gives seven, laziness takes nine, and sloth takeseleven.35.My house has four doors. I go in at one. Then I come out at three doors all at once.36.When is an old hat like a deposed king?37.I sit astride but on what I don` t know. I jump off whenever I meet anacquaintance. What am I?38.When you come in, you take it off, but when you go out, you put it on: It is longand is hung on a peg near the door.39.Two little boats without any sails, with ten passengers on board. They do not go onriver or sea, but travel on dry land. All day boats pass to and from, but at night theyare both empty.40.Two deep wells. Full by day, empty at night.41.We are twins we walk together, we never part we make a pair for day – a hoop at night – snake43.two shafts behind the ears, two wheels in front of the eyes, and a little saddle onthe nose44.What do you find easiest to part with?45.What is it that never uses its teeth for eating?46.five cupboards, but only one door47.It is true, I have both face and hands, and move before your eyes; Yet when I go,my body stands, and when I stand, I lie48.What goes without moving from its place?49.I go at night and all the day, and yet I never go away.50.When I go, I do not speak; But when I stop, I lie. What am I?51.I strike each hour, but do not forget, you must not strike me, my good friend.52.Here stands a post; when it burns it makes no smoke53.little Nancy Etticote, in a red nose, the longer she stands the shorter she grows.54.Four legs but not a beast. Full of feathers, but not a bird.
  3. 3. 55.There are two sisters in my house. One says: I wish the day would come. Then Ican lay my burden down. Then other says: For me the night is best. Then it is my turnto rest.56.They stare at one another all the time. But never meet. What are they?57.When you look at it, it is not there, but it is there when you touch it. It is like icethat does not melt, and water that doesn’t flow.58.It is not very big, but it hangs in the middle of the room. In the day time no bodywants it. But at night everyone needs it.59.We are four brothers living under one roof. Do you know us?60.What is it that does not ask questions, but must be answered?61.A flower planted in the hand that blossoms when it rains62.It dressed other people, but goes naked itself.63.A one eyed dragon with a long tail. I has been in and out of many beautifulclothes, and seen many good tailors.64.A steel horse with a cotton tail.65.This old Granny has only one eye and a long thin tail that dances behind, wherevershe dances on the cloth, a bit of her tail is left in it.66.Old mother Twitched had but one eye and a long tail which she let fly. And everytime she went over a gap. She left a bit of her tail in a trap.67.There is one that has a head without an eye, and there is one that has an eyewithout a head; you may find an answer if you try; and when all is said, half theanswer hangs upon a thread.68.It is long and thin, but has a hundred teeth. It nibbles wood that makes its food.69.It grings quickly and chews; it bites, but does not swallow.70.A hundred little brothers, they are all alike guess them be and by.71.He is little round fellow, however hard you pull his tail. You will not catch him.72.It is very small and light but you won` t be able to lift it ny its tail.73.I bought a new one and it was full of holes. What was it74.what goes over the floor and then stands in the corner?75.It swims to and fro on a white sea. It leaves a smooth surface. Quite pleasant tosee.76.A watchdog at your door am I, you turn me round and still I lie. I never bark and Inever bite. I keep your thing quite safe at night.77.A hundred and one brothers standing abreast tired together with a belt.78.Long legs, crooked things, a little head and no eyes.79.Head of iron, tail of wood80.I am a lively worker, I dispise lazy boys. When I see any, I strike then on the head.81.Who is very long and thin with a big and heavy head?82.A box and a disk, but not a simple thing; It can sing, it can speak, it can playlovely tunes.83.What musical instrument will you can not believe?84.I` m long and thin and made of steel I cut the mutton, beef and veal. When not inuse, I lie and wait beside my owner` s round white plate.85.What plate can not you eat off?86.Wooden horses run over the snow without sinking into it.87.They run along the ground with upturned noses.
  4. 4. 88.When it is driven, it goes, when it stops, it falls down89.What is it that resembles a cart, but has no wheels and leaves no track behind it?90.A steel horse drags much behind it?91.what is it that runs so fast making a noise and smoking past, carrying us and givinga blast92.What is it that can reap alone?93.We `re half a tram and half a bus; will you come and ride in us?94.Why should a bus be safe from lighting?95.Four sisters, each one like the other, two run on it front, and two follow behind.96.Six legs, two heads, one tail.97.I am up, and I am down, up and down up and down. I am made of string andwood. Would you like me? Yes you would, so you see I am not shy, now please, tellme, what am I?98.It is always rounded, it can jump and fall, in the air, on the ground we can see arubber…99.What is light as a feather, as round as a ball, yet a hundred men could not carry it?100.What is it which works when it plays when it works?101.A blue box hangs on a wall, people put letters and get tings into it and then a mancomes to take them is an iron house, and the lodgers in it carry he news.103.what is black and white and yet red all over?104.Two brothers live across a bath, but never see each other.105.A little ball can reach the sky.106.The doors are open in the morning but shut at night. If you look into them, yousee yourself inside.107. what has an eye, but can not see?108.These two brothers live not very far apart; one in the left one on the right but theynever see each other.109.a thick forest which grows as fast as it is cut down110.Why are teeth like verbs?111.what kind of teeth can not bite112.thirty two white horses upon a red hill now they tramp, now they champ, nowthey stand still.113.without it you could not say a word.114.It lives behind a bony wall bur heard by everybody115.when is a mouth not mouth116.what goes all over the house, but touches nothing? lives alone between two bright stars.118.Between two little moons I am quite alone.119.What are hands that can not hold anything?120.Two mothers have five sons each and all have the same name. what are they?121.When is a nail not a fingernail?122.when is it dangerous to have an arm?123.whose face needs no washing?124.what has a neck but no throat?125.what is it that no one wishes to have, yet no one wishes to lose?
  5. 5. 126.It always beats and hops; it never sleeps or stops; life long we do not part withour little127.A person looked at portrait and said; sisters and brothers have none, but the manin the portrait is my father` s son.128.My father` s son is not my brother129.My uncle has a brother he is not my uncle.130.If your aunt` s brother is not your uncle, what relation is he to you?131.If Dick` s father is Tom` s son what relation is Dick to Tom132.What relation is that child to its father, that is not its father` s own son?133.Two people are walking along the street. One say: this is ma father` s house, but Iam not his son. Who is the speaker?134.A big German and a little German were walking down the road. The littleGerman was the big German` s son, but the big German was not the little German` sfather. Who was the big German?135.Three taxi drivers had one brother but this brother had no brothers of his own.Why?136.137.There lived three workers, who had a brother called John. However John himselfhad no brothers. How do you explain this?138.A blue sheet which covers the whole world what is it?139.It looks like peas scattered on a path.140.Higher than house, higher than a tree, oh, whatever can that be?141.I have a little sister, her name is Pretty Peep, she wades in the waters Deep, Deep,Deep She climbs up the mountains High, High, High; My poor little sister, she hasbut one eye.142.We are very large though we seem small, we float on high and never fall, weshine like jewels in the night, but in the day are hidden from sight.143.Two sisters fair and bright always running, never meet.144.Who am I that shine so bright with my pretty silver light, peeping through yourwindows grey? Tell me little boy, I pray145.What is it that has always been an yet is only a month old?146.It is very old and still it shines. Just four weeks old and never will be five.147.Hick a more. Hick a more. On the kitchen floor; all the horses, all the men, couldnot drive hick a more, hick a more, off the kitchen floor?148.You see him under the sun, and under the moon and the lamplight. He followsyou whenever you go, But never says a word.149.On a sunny day I have one, and you have one too, and the oak in the field and thefish in the sea also have one.150.what falls on the water and never gets wet?151.Nobody saw it, but everybody heard it.152.Footless and handless, it knocks at the door and wants to be let in.153.Water frowns at it. Trees shake their heads at it. Flowers bow to it. Clouds runaway from it.154.What is without hands and without feet, without head or body, but can open adoor?
  6. 6. 155.A thousand threads ten thousand threads, they fall in to the river and are neverseen again.156.what is it that makes a noise in the fields and in the garden, but can not get intothe house?157.What is it that can catch me in the garden and make me wet, but can not reach mewhen I am at home?158.I am asked to come, I am waited for, but I make them hide when I come.159.What is white and falls on the top of the roof?160.when is frosty weather like poesy?161.It lands in the evening and lies on the earth all night, but in the morning it fliesaway.162.I am energy and motion. I can fly across the ocean I can hear and I can speak , Ican see and even seek. I eat neither bread nor gruel, I eat energy and fuel. Better say, Inever eat I am transformated heat.163.When I eat, I live but when I drink, I die. What am i?164.What is it always goes with a railway train is not there when the train stops, is nouse to the train, and yet the train cannot go without it?165.What goes quicker than the wind and the train?166.What can you see with your eyes shut?167.It flows, but cannot run out.168.What has a bed, but never lies in it?169.Two brothers look into the water, But cannot meet each other170.It’s so weak that a little wind can move it’s so strong that you can cut with aknife and leave no track.171.It is white, it is cold. You can skate on it. What is it?172.What is it that is not burnt in the fire, And cannot be drowned in the water?173.What tree rustles with out any wind?172. Nobody frightens it, but it is always trembling.174.In winter and in summer they stand both in one colour.175.It is curly, it is white, and it stands at my gate.176.What trees has fire no effect upon?177.In spring you’re glad to see me, in summer keep you cool. In autumn I give youfood, In178. winter I keep you warm.179.Nobody frightens it, but it is always trembling.180.If a tree were to break a window, what would the window say?181.In what tree does a crow sit when it is raining?182.I went to the wood and got it The more I looked at it. The less I liked it And Ibrought it home because I could not help it.183.I went to the fields and I got it. I brought it home in my hand Because I couldn’tfind it. The more I looked for it. The more I felt it. But when I found it. I threw itaway.184.What house is built Without hands or an axe?185.What shoots without a gun?186.It’s a golden sieve with many black houses in it.187.It is not a bee, but stings.
  7. 7. 188.The funny fellow’s on the watch, He hands in our garden And frightens birdsaway189.Take a moustache and leg and three you have a body190.There drew a house in the field, Full of gold grain. The walls of the house aregilded But the shutters are nailed up.191.A child clinging half-way up a little tree, He wears many of green coats, And ahat with a long red tassel.192.This tree has thousands of leaves. It grows bigger and bigger without anybranches Without any root.193.Golden hills grow in summer.194.I met a creature on the road. On its back it had a load. It wasn’t an ass and itwasn’t a cow. Though two horns grew on its brow.195.Who carries his house with him?196.He is not a tailor, But carries needles with him.197.There came a poultry-maid in a red coat To count the poultry198.Who is born with whiskers?199.What has a cat which no other animal has?200.Furry and furry with long whiskers.201.When is it the worst weather for rats and hares?202.Why is a mouse like a hay?203.One rounds downhill like a stream. One is taller when he sits than when hestands, One washes her face, but does not comb her hair.204.Why is a dog’s tail like the centre of a tree?205.What animal sleeps all the winter with its head hanging down?206.It’s grey, but it’s not a wolf, long-eared, but not a hare with hoofs, but not ahorse. what is it?207.The animal that is very timid and is afraid of everything is……208.The animal that has a red bushy tail is a…….209.The animal that sleeps all winter in a den is a………210.The animal that has a beautiful yellow skin with black stripes is a……….211.The animal that has a pouch in which she carries her babies is a……..212.The animal who can go without food and water for a long time is a……..213.The animal that has a horn on its nose is a………214.The animal that has a beautiful white skin with black stripes is a………….215.The anima that can hang by its long tail is a……..216.The animal that has a long trunk is an……..217.The animal that has long hair around its neck is a……….218.Why are crows brave?219.Why do five- day old chicks walk across the road?220.when does a goose look like a snowball?221.not a horseman, but wears spurs. Not a watchman, but wakes people up. What isit?222.A little fellow dresses in grey, hops here and there and there And never goesaway.223.It sleeps in the day-time, it flies at night And frightens passers-by.224.There hangs a sieve, Made bye no man’s hands
  8. 8. 225.A clever workman who builds a house without a brick or beam, Its snow-whitewalls have no windows and doors, but can be pulled down and made into clothes.226.Why is a caterpillar like hot toast?227.This bird has a long sharp nose. When it flies, it sings When it hands, it stings.228.I’m a little country lad in affine red coat, you see. When they meet me, folk areglad And always bow low to me.229.I sit in a tree, round as a ball, red as blood, sweet as honey.230.At first I am green and small, like a little ball. Then grow I red and bigger still.And when I blacken in the sun. you say I` m ripe and eat me up231.A golden girl sits in the darkness, but her hair hangs out in the sunlight. Do youknow her?232.Little old uncle, dressed in brown, take off his coat…233.A hundred shirts and all without buttons. What is it?234.What house has many people inside, but neither windows buttons. What is it?235.Come and drink at my spring. Green walls are all around it, shiny black stonesinside.236.What does one half of an apple resemble.237.Clean, but not water; sticky, but not tar; white, but not snow; sweet, but nothoney. What is it?238.white as snow sweet to all, but when it gets into the mouth, it disappears239.What is white outside and yellow inside?240.They do not eat me alone, but can not eat without me. What am I?241.It is silver outside and golden inside.242.What is bread before it is put into the oven?243.When is coffee like the earth?244.How many peas can you put into an empty glass?245.There is a little green house; and in the little green house; there is a little brownhouse; and in the little brown house; there is a little yellow house and in the littleyellow house; there is a white house; and in the little white house there is a whitelittle heart.246.The outside is a shell, the inside is meat, at grows in a tree, and is good to eat.247.As soft as silk, as white as milk, as bitter as gall. A thick wall and a green coatcover me all.248.what is the word, the first two letters of which stand for a man, the first three fora woman, the first four for a brave man and the whole for a brave woman?249.why is the word “ thousand” like the Sahara desert?250.what is the longest word in English?251.Why is the letter W quarrelsome?252.what two letters make something really rotten?253.why is a selfish friend like the letter P?254.what makes a road broad?255.what words may be pronounced quicker and shorter by adding syllables to them?256.why is the letter K like a pig, tail?257.what is that which occurs twice a moment, once in a minute and not once in athousand years?258.what letter is it?
  9. 9. a. the beginning of evening The end of time and space The beginning of every end And the end of every place b. the poor have two the rich have none, millions have none you have one.259.why is the letter G like the sun?260.why is London like the letter E?261.with D and F I am at home, with O and S I am at the sea; find us?262.Which letter of the alphabet goes all round Great Britain?263.What color were the winds and waves in the storm264.What letter is the most prominent in the alphabet?265.Why is the letter A like 12 o` clock266.Which letter is the most useful to a deaf old woman? could you make a tea-table into a food?268.why is the letter T like an Island?269.what is it that you can keep even after giving it is somebody else?270.What four letters scare a burglar?271.what match can` t be put in a match box?272.How can you keep cool at a football match?273.what star is not seen in the sky?274.what horse needs no food?275.what man can not live inside the house?276.what can you drop without losing anything?277.when is a fool wise?278.why is a cheery like a book?279.what is the difference between a schoolmaster and an engine- drive?280.What is everything doing at the same time?281.what is the difference between a soldier and a young girl?282.what belong only to you, and yet is used more by others than by yourself?283.why is the Atlantic Ocean like a small boy?284.Why are little boys and girls so expensive?285.What is button?286.What question can not be answered with ‘yes’?287.Why is a coward like a leaky barrel?288.why is a fishmonger never generous?289.who is always happiest when he finds everything dull?290.What clock shows the right time only twice a day?
  10. 10. 291.why do we all go to bed?292.what is that gets larger the more you take from it?293.what is it that a man can not live without?294.Two geese before a goose and two geese behind a goose and one goose in themiddle. How many geese in all/295.can you place ten pieces of sugar in three cups so that every cup contains an oddnumber of pieces?296.Ten fish I caught without an eye, and nine without a tail. Six had no head, andhalf of eight I weighed upon a scale. How who can tell me, ask I ask it, how manyfish were in my basket?297.Two persons are standing near one another one is looking southward the othernorthward how can they see each other without turning their heads and without usinglooking glasses?298.I have an equal number of sisters and brothers but my sister has twins as fewsisters as brothers, how many are we?299.Five birds were in the tree. A man shot at them and save two fall. How manybirds were lift in the tree?300.How many apples can you eat on an empty stomach?301.How can you divide six apples among seven hungry people?302.where can you find every word of your last conversation?303.if you saw a lion coming what steps would you take?304.Hump back, smooth belly305.What bird can you find in Africa that has wings but can not fly?306.why do birds fly south?307.what man in the world wore the largest hat?308.What goes up when the rain comes down?309.why is my little sister awfully tires?310.What plate can not you eat off?311.what is the best way to make a fire with two sticks?312.what is it that has two heads, six legs naf one tail.313.what files although it has no wings and sings although it has no voice?314.what man can not live inside of house?315.What falls on the water and never gets wet?316.I go at night and all the day, and yet I never go away?317.what does one half of an apple resemble?318.It is blue and green and red, it bounces higher than my head. It does not want tostop at all. Hat is it?319.I am long and thin made of steel, I cut the mutton, beef, and veal when not in use,I lie and wait beside my owner` s round white plate.320.What goes all around the house without legs?321.what is white and has a chick inside/322.What three letters mean twenty six letters?323.What has every street and every school? is white and blue. It is cold. You see it on the skating- rink. You can skate on it.What is it?325.what can stand and go at the same time?
  11. 11. 326.What is in the middle of the day?327.The teacher writes on me with chalk. My face is black. I can not walk. What amI?328.It` s I have both face and hands and move before your eyes; Yet when I go, mybody stands, and when I stand, I lie.329.What is full of hopes, but holds water?330.What is the best way to carry water in a sieve?331.what is it that you have at every meal, but never eat?332.When a man falls into the water, what is the first thing he does?333.When Columbus discovered America, where did he first stand?334.What is too much for one, very good for two, but nothing for three?335.What does everybody give and only few take?336.Whats is it which never uses its teeth for eating?337.What is that every man once was?338.Why is your shadow like a bas friend?339.What can pass before the sun without
  12. 12. Answers1. A globe2. A table3. A blackboard4. Time-table5. A ruler6. A map7. A bookcase8. A book9. A snowman10. A shadow11. A clock12. The other half13. It is my ball14. A knife15. A broom16. An egg17. The ABC18. The letter19. Ice20. A clock21. The letter A22. A sponge23. Father24. Tom is his grandfather25. The sky and the stars26. A star27. The sub and the moon28. The moon29. Sunshine30. Your shadow31. The echo32. The wind33. The rain34. Show35. A haystack36. Ricks or stacks37. A snail38. Hedgehog39. A fox40. A kitten41. A cat42. A bat
  13. 13. 43. An ass,donkey44. Hare45. Fox46. Bear47. Tiger48. Kangaroo49. Camel50. Rhinoceros51. Zebra52. Monkey53. Elephant54. Lion55. An appetite56. A secret57. Advice58. A comb59. A boy60. Time61. Five62. A fountain63. A letterbox64. A newspaper65. Eyes66. A needle67. Two ears68. Hair69. The teeth of a comb70. A tongue71. A nise72. Fingers73. A bottle74. A bald head75. Heart76. I myself77. My father78. A saw79. The centimeters in a meter80. A ball of wool81. A sieve82. A broom83. An iron84. A lock85. A fence86. A pair of tongs87. An axe88. A hammer
  14. 14. 89. A gramophone90. A lyre91. A knife92. An empty one93. Skis94. A Bicycle95. A boat96. A locomotive97. A tractor98. Trolley-buses99. Because it has a conductor100.Wheels of a cars101.A horseman102.A swing103.Ball104.A bubble105.The dew106.Electricity107.Fire108.Noise109.Thoughts110.Dream111.A river112.The banks of a river113.Water114.Ice115.An aspen-tree116.A fir-tree and a pine117.A birch118.A thorn119.A briar120.A nest121.A plant122.The sunflower123.A nettle124.A scarecrow125.An ear of corn126.An ear of maize127.A cock128.A sparrow129.An owl130.A web131.A silkworm132.A gnat133.A wild strawberry134.A cherry
  15. 15. 135.A carrot136.An onion137.A head of cabbage138.A cucumber139.A water-melon140.The other half141.Milk142.Sugar143.Salt144.An egg145.Dough146.A nut147.A walnut148.A heroine149.A coat150.Shoes151.High boots152.Boots or shoes153.A belt154.Spectacles155.A comb156.A glove157.A watch158.A clock159.A candle160.A bed161.A bed and door162.A lamp163.A telephone164.An umbrella165.A needle166.A needle and a thread167.A pin and needle168.A saw169.A book170.A page in a book171.A teacher172.Alphabet173.Your day-book174.A crib175.A two176.Ink177.A fountain-pen178.A pencil179.A letter180.A pencil
  16. 16. 181.Semicircle182.A calendar183.A year184.12 months185.May186.Today187.Yesterday188.House of shleep189.A shirt190.When it has lost its crow191.A hat