Sochi summer activities


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Sochi summer activities

  2. 2. SOCHISochi is a city in KrasnodarKrai, Russia. Sochi is thelargest Russian resort city. Itsprawls along the shores ofthe Black Sea and against thebackground of the snow-capped peaks of theCaucasus Mountains. At145 km (90 mi), Greater Sochiclaims to be the longest city inEurope. Sochi is all abouthealthy climate, beautifullandscapes, different kinds ofrecreation, great resorts andhospitality. Here you will findeverything to relax and forgetabout the daily activities andrelax in comfort.
  3. 3. KRASNAYA POLYANAKrasnaya Polyana("Beautiful (or Red) Glade") isan urban-type settlementunder the jurisdiction ofSochi, Krasnodar Kray,Russia. It is home to a skiresort located in the WesternCaucasus, at an altitude of600 meters (1,970 ft). Theresort is slated to host thesnow events (alpine andNordic) of the 2014 WinterOlympics in Sochi.
  4. 4. SOCHI SIGHTSEEING TOURThe resort city of Sochi has long beencalled a gem of the Black Seacoast of the Caucasus. It hasevergreen parks with lush subtropicalvegetation,historical and architectural monuments,and, most importantly, a warm andmild sea.You will visit a tower standing at thetop of Mt. Akhun that offers amagnificent view of mountains and thecoast, walk through one of the citysparks, see architectural monuments,and learn a lot about the citys history.
  5. 5. KRASNAYA POLYANA TOURThis is a trip that will take youback into the past and tell youa lot of interesting facts aboutthe history of the town,including the Caucasian Warof 1817-1864, which endedthere. You will learn abouttribes that lived in this areamany centuries ago, theircultures and traditions. Theguide will also tellyou about the future ofKrasnaya Polyana and aboutprospects for its developmentas a mountain resort.
  6. 6. SUMMER ACTVITIES: RAFTINGRafting - descent on aninflatable raft in a mountainriver. Can be made as an excursionformat, adventure, pleasure, andrecreation on the water.There is a wisdom: “You can notenter the same water twice” , thiswisdom works for rafting, sincetrips never repeat itself. Andeach time a mountain river givesnew sensations. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011
  7. 7. SUMMER ACTVITIES: RAFTINGRafting trip can be arranged in the middle ofthe river from the gorge Mzymta Oh-Tsu upto the trout farm. Transfer from KrasnayaPolyana to the launch pad takes about 20-30minutes. From the finish point backto Krasnaya Polyana 30-35 minutes.Length of route: 10 km.The duration of the alloy: 50 - 60 minutes.Non category route: the river is calm, withno rapids, barrels and barriers. Specialtraining of participants is not required.Capacity: 10-12 people per boat.Equipment provided: vest, paddle. Helmetson this site do not exist, because it isabsolutely safe.To have with you: bathing suit, towel,shoes for rafting, cloth and footwear.
  8. 8. SUMMER ACTIVITIES:TRINITY & ST.GEORGE CONVENT & AKHSHYR CAVE You will be told about the history of the area, hear the Argonauts legend, visit a land that was populated by primitive man, and go inside the Ashkhtyr Cave, which goes 160 meters deep into the mountain. At the Troitse-Georgiyevsky Convent, you will visit churches built in honor of famous icons, “The Mother of God of Seven Arrows,” “Assuage My Sorrows,” “The Holy Martyr Ouaros,” and “The Sand Icon of the Mother of God.” The Sand Icon church keeps relics of 80 saints.Then you will drive through the Psakho River valley, cross several fords,and visit a wonderful canyon on whose bottom the Psakho flows. The Psakho forms waterfalls, stone cisterns and small lakes as it makes its way through the karst terrain covered with moss and lichen.You may finish the tour with a barbecue picnic that we can organize at your request.
  9. 9. SUMMER ACTIVITIES: GOING DOWNHILL ON MOUNTAIN SCOOTERIf you are looking for a new form of activerecreation, try riding a mountain scooter down aPsekhako Range slope.It is a real adventure but our experiencedinstructors can teach anyone tocope with it.Tour Plan10:00 a.m. Meeting with the guide in the hotellobby, receiving a scooter from the rental center10:15 a.m.-10:20 a.m. Walking to the cable carstation, a briefing on safety techniques10:20 a.m.-10:35 a.m. Ascent to the PsekhakoRange by cable car10:35 a.m.-Noon. Scooter riding to the LauraRiver valley down a dirt road passing throughforestNoon-1:00 a.m. Walking to Grand Hotel Polyanathrough the valley,bringing the scooters along
  10. 10. SUMMER ACTIVITIES: MOUNTAIN BICYCLE TOURThese are rides down dirt roads runningthrough forest on bicycles specially designedfor rough mountain terrains. This active andecological form of recreation will give you alot of pleasure and leave you with a wealth ofimpressions.You will see entrancing mountain sceneryand acquire some adrenaline that will makeyou a zealous traveler. All the routes followforest roads and paths in the vicinity ofKrasnaya Polyana.They all stay within the Sochi National Parkand the Caucasus State Nature BiosphereReserve. Tourists are taken to the startingpoint of the tour by offroader or a cable car.Lunch or a picnic finish the tour.
  11. 11. SUMMER ACTIVITIES: POLIKARYA WATERFALLThe route to the waterfalls lies along atortuous mountain path running through abeech forest to a point nearly 2,000 metersabove sea level. Just 30 minutes drive onan offroader, and you are there. ThePolikarya Waterfall is astonishing for itsunique virgin beauty. It is also a spot thatoffers a marvelous view of the GreaterCaucasus Range.The Polikarya Waterfall, the highest in theSochi area, is located in a subalpinemeadow zone on the northern slopes of theAibga Range, 6 kilometers from the villageof Esto-Sadok. The waterfall is 70 metershigh. Nearby is a snow patch that almostnever melts, being there even in June andJuly.
  12. 12. SUMMER ACTIVITIES: HORSEBACK RIDESOne of these rides will give you achance to see Caucasus wildlife:forest paths, mountain rivers,waterfalls, gorges, alpinemeadows, snow-cappedmountains. The routes run throughthe Caucasus State NatureBiosphere Reserve and the SochiNational Park. An experiencedinstructor will teach you riding skillsand tell you a lot that is interestingfrom the history of the westernCaucasus. You will visit thewild animal cage complex, whereyou will see animals living in theCaucasus reserve.
  13. 13. SUMMER ACTVITIES: REGATTAExciting sea walk sailing along theBlack Sea coast with the ability to getthe basics of managing a sailing yacht,and take part in the sailing regatta,which appoint the winner of thecompetition who will receive the grandprize.Cruising sailing-motor yachtaccommodates up to 10 people,equipped with all the most necessary -modern navigation systems, awning,galley, toilet on board and the fishinggear is available. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011
  14. 14. SUMMER ACTVITIES: REGATTAProgram:• Transfer to boats (1,5 - 2 hours). Tour on theroad.• Arrive at the yacht club. Participants meet theleaders of the program, the music accompanieseverything. Participants are dividedinto five crews of 10 people whowill compete. Embarking on a yacht: 5 boats,each has a captain who performs clericalduties and guide who works with the team andgives the path information.• Learning the basicsof managing sailing vessel (1 hour).• Match Racing (1 hour). A special track witha buoy, a boat with the judges.• Rest in the sea (1:00): swimming in the sea, alight buffet on board (champagne, fruit, water).Return to the port. Summing up, awarding thewinners.
  15. 15. SUMMER ACTVITIES: PAINTBALLAs an option players can compete, inteams or individually, to eliminateopponents by hitting them with capsulescontaining food coloring. A game field isscattered with natural terrain.Program: 10:30-11:00 Transfer to the place of thegame - a platform in the Imperial Lodge11:00-13:00 Game: - Equipment provided (marker,camouflage, mask) - Familiarization with the rulesof competition - War against the instructors withdifferent scenarios13:00 - announcement and award of thewinners.14:30 – 15:00 Return to the Hotel. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011
  16. 16. SUMMER ACTVITIES: TROUT FISHINGFish at the coast of the mountain lake with the viewto thefive-domed beauty Aibga, a rock Achishkho, andin the close distance - snow-capped peaks ofPseashkho."Rainbow” trout," "Amber" or "Brook" - all of this,guests can catch in 15 minutes! Caught fish will beimmediately prepared according to a special recipe.It is a 30 minutes off road drive to get to the fishingplace.Program:11:00 – 11:30 Transfer to the Rybino complex11:30 – 12:00 Arrival to the complex, instruction onfishing12:00 – 12:30 Fishing (caught fish is weighed andgiven to the kitchen for preparing)13:00 – 14:30 Dinner-picnic. Relax on the territory.14:30 – 15:00 Return to the Hotel.
  17. 17. SUMMER ACTVITIES: TROUT FISHING: LOCATIONComplex “Rybino” is situated in afantastically beautiful place – in thewood, right at the foot of theAchishkho Range.The complex has pavilions fitted withtables, benches, charcoal grills, awarm room with a fireplace for 24persons and a terrace for 40persons.There are three small lakes in thecomplex, two of them for trout fishingand one for carp fishing. Guestsreceive all the fishing equipment inthe complex. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011
  18. 18. OUR CONTACTSTSAR EVENTS DMC & PCO — Head officeVisiting Address:7, 6th Krasnoarmeyskaya Street,office #302 190000 St. Petersburg, RussiaPhone: +7 (812) 332 95 66Fax: +7 (812) 332 95 66Emergency 24 hrs: + 7 (921) 972 80 98E-mail: info@tsar-events.comURL: