How to Improve Your Body Language and Body Attitude


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A slight changes in body language can increase improve your body attitude and personality

How to Improve Your Body Language and Body Attitude

  1. 1. Better Body Language Better Communication Better Relationships
  2. 2. Very little eye contact will make you seem insecure. Don’t give too much eye contact, people will feel like you are staring.
  3. 3. Show some nonverbal gestures like leaning forward or nodding to show that you are paying attention. Don’t pay attention to other things like texting, checking time etc. While someone is talking to you…
  4. 4. A genuine smile comes on slowly, crinkles the eyes, lights up the face, and fades away slowly. Most importantly, smiling directly influences how other people respond to you.
  5. 5. Keep your voice down Talking in an optimal pitch will make you sound authoritative To find the optimal pitch, keep your lips closed and make the sound “um hum, um hum” before the speech.
  6. 6. Stand and Sit Straight Straight means keep your neck straight along with your back Your spine ends in the back of your head not where the neck begins so make sure to keep your spine straight by keeping your head up.
  7. 7. Give Everyone a Personal Space Every one will feel discomfort with close talker, so do not invade into others personal space.
  8. 8. Keep Good Attitude Keep Positive, Open and Relaxed attitude. Your body language will automatically affect with how you feel.
  9. 9. You need to act like yourself and try to express what you mean.
  10. 10. Stay Around We’d love to share more tips and info on Healthy Lifestyle Review & Share: Lose Fat Faster & Easier