How to Obtain New Clients Online


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This presentation will give you the key elements to building a solid online marketing strategy utilizing the best practices for Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising and social media marketing. This will include what critical pitfalls to avoid and a road map of steps for a successful online sales program.

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How to Obtain New Clients Online

  1. 1. How to Obtain New Clients Online Gustavo Lucardi, COO, Trusted Translations, Inc.
  2. 2. Do you Obtain Clients Online? • How do you obtain clients online? • Interactive Session • Participative Session • Learn from everybody • Feel free to ask any questions or to provide comments during the presentation
  3. 3. • Suspects or Just Visitors (Impress) • Prospects (Educate) • Leads (Engage) • Opportunity (Persuade) • Sale (Return) • Recurrent Client (Keep returning, Add value, Submit Online) Your Website Visitors Could Be
  4. 4. Content Sites (Lead Generation Sites) Suspects Prospects Leads Ecommerce Sites Suspects Prospects Leads Opportunity Sale Objective of your Website
  5. 5. • How many of you have a Lead Generation Site? • How many of you have an Ecommerce Site? • Advantages of Ecommerce Sites • Advantages of Lead Generation Sites Objective of your Website
  6. 6. Traffic • Not just any traffic! • Quality Traffic • Convert into Leads • And later into Sales
  7. 7. Play on Google’s Side!
  8. 8. Play on Google’s Side!
  9. 9. Play on Google’s Side!
  10. 10. • How many of you use Webmaster Tools? • How many of you have Analytics? • How many of you use AdWords? • Interaction between Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google AdWords Play on Google’s Side!
  11. 11. Google in Detail: Hummingbird
  12. 12. • In September 2013, Google announced that it had rolled out a brand new algorithm – "Hummingbird" – the month before • The name was chosen with care – the Hummingbird is very fast, and extremely precise • Through Contextual and Conversational Search, Google is getting better at understanding the “search intent” of the user and producing matched search results – quickly and accurately Google in Detail: Hummingbird
  13. 13. Example of Contextual Search Google in Detail: Hummingbird
  14. 14. Example of Conversational Search Google in Detail: Hummingbird
  15. 15. Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and "bounce" (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site. A visitor may bounce by: • Clicking on a link to a page on a different web site • Closing an open window or tab • Typing a new URL • Clicking the "Back" button to leave the site • Session timeout Google in Detail: Bounce Rate
  16. 16. Monday: Page A > Page B > Page C Tuesday: Page B > Page A > Page C Wednesday: Page A > Exit How many pageviews for each page? Which is the Bounce Rate for each page? Which is the Exit Rate for each page? Page A: 3 pageviews, 50% bounce rate, 33% exit rate Page B: 2 pageviews, 0% bounce rate, 0% exit rate Page C: 2 pageviews, 0% bounce rate, 100% exit rate Google in Detail: Bounce Rate
  17. 17. • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) • Social Media Marketing (SM) • Have a Strong Online Presence • Play on Google’s Side (Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Adwords) Online Sale Strategy
  18. 18. • On Site SEO - Off Site SEO • Local SEO - Niche • Responsive Design • Landing pages • Snippets • Long Tail Keywords vs Vanity Keywords • Bounce Rate! Online Sale Strategy: SEO
  19. 19. • Adwords is 90% of your PPC strategy • Adwords is the short way to do Keyword research by iteration (try and error) • Remarketing: Similar Audiences is the most interesting tool in Adwords (and in Analytics!) • Find the best remarketing combinations (AdWords/Analytics) • Adwords Relation with SEO: More Impressions > More Organic Traffic Online Sale Strategy: PPC
  20. 20. Know the Value of your Website Visitors • 100 Suspects, 20 Prospects, 10 Leads, 2 Opportunities, 1 Sale • And the value of a Sale is 100 USD (Gross Margin) and the Lifetime Value of a Client is 200 USD (Gross Margin) • Which is the value of a Suspect, a Prospect, a Lead, an Opportunity and a Sale? • Suspect (Visitor) 2 USD, Prospect 5 USD, Lead 20 USD, Opportunity 100 USD, Sale 200 USD • The value of a Visitor tells you how much you could
  21. 21. • SMO (Organic) vs SM PPC vs Social SEO • You must have a strong Online Presence • Facebook • Twitter • Linkedin • Blogs (No guest posting on other blogs) • PRs Online Sale Strategy: SM
  22. 22. For a Successful Online Sales Program… • Use Webmaster Tools, Analytics, and Adwords and interact with them • Integrate SEO, PPC and SM in a comprehensive Online Strategy and interact with them • Have a Strong presence Online • Know the value of the Suspects, Prospects, Leads, Opportunity, Sale, and Lifetime of a Client by Channel, in the most detailed way you can, even by keyword
  23. 23. Bonus Track • There are still opportunities out there • 25% of searches have never been seen before • There is still no content for some google searches • For example, before this presentation, there was no content online for the exact phrase: “How to Obtain New Clients Online”
  24. 24. Thank you! Gustavo Lucardi