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Office to the Max- Tips for Optimizing Employee Productivity

Office to the Max- Tips for Optimizing Employee Productivity

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Office to the Max- Tips for Optimizing Employee Productivity

  1. 1. OFFICETO THE Of the 250,000 employees surveyed, just 57% AGREE that their workplace enables them to work productively. Did you know that your office design and layout can have a profound effect on the well-being and productivity of your workers? Here are 10 things to consider when planning your new office or updating your current one: SCRAP Open Office Plans RAISE The Ceiling Height CONSIDER The Wall Color GROW Office Productivity IMPROVE Air Quality LOWER The Noise Level BRIGHTEN Lighting Levels INVEST In Good Seating ADJUST The Temperature PROVIDE Meeting Rooms Individual offices, partitions and access to conference rooms improve productivity by increasing privacy and reducing interruptions. Higher ceilings (above nine feet) foster increased creativity and abstract thinking. However, a ceiling that is too tall can make workers less comfortable. • Blue encourages concentration and focus • Red is ideal for physically demanding work • Yellow fosters creativity • Green promotes harmony and calm Green plants • reduce stress • decrease sickness and absentee rates • clean the air • reduce noise • improve creativity • make the office more attractive to job applicants Install an air purifier to help keep employees healthy. Set your humidifier to a level of 40% to: • increase comfort • improve well-being • reduce absenteeism If you have an open office, provide quiet work spaces, too, so employees do not have to wear noise-cancelling headphones and/or stream music to tune out noise. Exposure to daylight combined with bright, glare-free ambient, task and accent lighting can: • lower blood pressure • improve mood • increase productivity Ergonomic desk chairs with adjustable seat and armrest heights, lumbar support and well-padded seats are the optimal choice for working at a desk for hours. Rooms that are too cold or too hot negatively impact productivity. An office temperature setting of between 70 and 73 degrees is ideal for most people. Encourage face-to-face collaboration with a sufficient number of variously sized, sufficiently furnished, comfortable meeting rooms and “huddle” spaces. TIPS FOR OPTIMIZING EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY MAX Source: