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Case Study - Volvo Ocean Race


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The ultimate sailing race needed the world's best global mobile solution.

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Case Study - Volvo Ocean Race

  1. 1. Volvo Ocean Race The ultimate sailing race needed the world’s best global mobile solution
  2. 2. Volvo Ocean Race is sailing’s biggest, most extreme offshore race in the world, covering four oceans and five continents, eleven countries and nearly 80,000 kilometres. The racing team needed a communications partner who could ensure the highest standards regardless of where they were in the world.
  3. 3. The Business Challenge The core of the Volvo Ocean Race team effort is the design and implementation of the race, and also to broadcast 24 hours per day. Prior to using Truphone, the teams managed between five and twelve devices per person. Ensuring continuity of communications and managing costs were a major concern.
  4. 4. Truphone was the only provider who could address the challenges of the racing team, providing a single shared plan that could be used across all users, all the race locations, working in five continents and managing the fluctuating requirements of different parts of the crew. Each user had one SIM, one voicemail and eight international numbers, regardless of the destination, meaning everyone was in control of their mobile communications - critical to the smooth running of race operations. The Truphone Solution
  5. 5. Truphone Benefits Close to 300 race employees experienced Truphone’s ground-breaking solution for the duration of the eight month long race. This was a total game-changer for the racing team. Truphone also had local technical and service support in most of their key stop- overs: Spain, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Portugal, and the Netherlands.
  6. 6. Previously, costs were so unwieldy it required two fulltime employees just to manage the costs and the suppliers. Bill shock was inevitable. With Truphone, low monthly shareable bundles with additional global add-ons meant costs became manageable and predictable, month on month. Cost Predictability
  7. 7. Jordi Neves, Technology Director of the Volvo Ocean Race “We have always sought to have a mobile with multiple international numbers, sharing a voice plan and data between team members. Truphone not only provides the solution but also significant cost savings and a support team dedicated to meet our needs, wherever we are.”
  8. 8. UK: +44 (0)20 3006 4300 | US: +1-888-996-6245 | AU: +61 (0) 2 8999 4206 | NL: +31 (0)30 7600 556 | PL: +48 732 400 907 | DE: +49 (0)6171 8976 555 | HK: +852 8101 2102 | ES: Want to know more? Get in touch